I Don't Like You

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny. This will have to be more or less an AU due to the show, but hey! It's fun to write stories! Hehehe, anyway set in the time frame of after Gundam Seed Destiny and with Yzak having a lot more paper work to do than usual.



Yzak Jule grumbled as he sat at his desk working on more paper work that he did not want piled on his desk. Dearka Elsman, his best friend, and the man who worked under him however during the second conflict between Orb and ZAFT, he ended up hooking up with his natural girlfriend once again, Miriallia Haww. Yzak shook his head, he should have never given his friend time off to go see her, now he was stuck with mountains of paper work that he did not want. Also requests for him to sit on the council, but he refused every last one of them and sighed in defeat. There was no way in PLANT he could finish all of the paper work before him, but he had to at least try so he could get some sleep.

There was a knock at his door and he rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Come in."

A woman roughly around his age with her brown hair and deep violet eyes entered the room and saluted him. She wore a red elite uniform and chose to stick with the typical uniform; she had chosen not to wear the more feminine uniform they now offered. The two had not gotten along on several different occasions but they respected each other military wise. When Dearka was gone, she was the next one under him.

"At ease Commander Hahnenfuss," Yzak barked in his typical grouchy mood. Shiho lowered her arm and handed him a folder. "What's this?"

"It's today's reports Captain Jule," Shiho answered in her monotone voice. "Also a letter from your mother requesting you go visit her, since she is after all still under house arrest."

"Damn her," Yzak said with a growl. "Write her back, tell her I'm coming this weekend. That is if I can get all of these done without Elsman here."

"Is there anything else you need me to do sir," Shiho asked and Yzak looked up at her as he stood up. He handed her a huge stack of reports, "What am I suppose to do with these?"

Yzak smirked in the irritation in her voice, "I need you to fill some of these out for me. I've already signed most of them, so good luck Hahnenfuss."

"Damn you," Shiho narrowed her eyes. "I can't wait till Major Elsman returns." She said as she turned heel and walked out of the office. Yzak sighed as he sat down back in his chair, it had been hectic as Eileen Canaver was sitting back as chairman until they could vote a new one to the job. He had been promoted higher up to work on certain projects and Acting Chairman Canaver put him as a member of the FAITH. He didn't need more responsibilities he needed a break.

Andrew Waltfeld had returned to ZAFT military and worked along side his close friend, Martin DaCosta. He shook his head, they had it easy. They were war heroes and got all the easy jobs when it came to duties. He however, though considered the same as a War Hero but due to his young age he got stuck with all of the dirty work. Dearka Elsman declined all of the higher up work, even though he still received a FAITH pin. Yzak cursed as he went back to working on his reports. He wasn't looking forward to any of this, Dearka had at least another a few weeks off. And Athrun Zala, he had to laugh. He was going to get married to Cagalli Yula Athha and a very public wedding at that. Well duh, she was the head representative of Orb and he was the Prince of ZAFT.

"Damn idiot," Yzak moaned as he rubbed his temples. Even Kira Yamato had the PLANT songstress Lacus Clyne at his side. Though no announcement on a marriage or engagement for that matter, but the two were obviously a happy couple. Everyone around him were getting married, but Athrun was only eighteen and getting married for crying out loud! But he was happy with her, so who was he to judge his friend.

"I'll just have to keep in contact with him," Yzak said as he went back to reading through reports and reading the letter his mother sent him. He nearly fell out of his chair at the last portion of the letter.

Oh, by the way Yzak. Why don't you bring that lovely Shiho Hahnenfuss with you? I'm sure she is quite a lovely lady, I'm been hearing wonderful things about you two. I can't wait to meet this girl that stole your heart!


"You bellowed," Shiho reentered his office at record time. Yzak had a vein popping out of his head as he handed Shiho the letter. "What?"

"Read the last paragraph!" Yzak barked.

Shiho rolled her eyes and looked at the bottom paragraph and nearly choked, "Wh…what…who…where did she get that kind of information?"

"The hell if I know," Yzak said in a low tone. "I don't even like you."

"News flash, you are not the hottest guy in the PLANTs," Shiho threw the paper back at him. Her hand on her hips, "I am not going, so you should be thankful."

"If I don't show up with you, my mother will have you brought there," Yzak told her with his eyes filled with malice…not directed at her but the whole idea of bringing her with him.

Shiho growled at him, "Fine. What time shall I met you at your home?"

"I'll pick you up eight Saturday morning," Yzak told her.




Hehe, what you think? I had to work on a side project considering there aren't a lot of Yzak and Shiho stories. I'm still working on Not All Pretend, so no worries!