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I Don't Like You

Disclaimer:I do not own Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny. This will have to be more or less an AU due to the show, but hey! It's fun to write stories! Hehehe, anyway set in the time frame of after Gundam Seed Destiny and with Yzak having a lot more paper work to do than usual.

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Chapter Eleven

Yzak adjusted his collar for what seemed the millionth time. There had been no signs of Ruby and Shiho's ex seems to find ways to make his life miserable. He groaned and tried to fix his new uniform that was heavily decorated. He didn't know how he got elected but he did, he was now the new chairman of the PLANTs. It seemed like the past few weeks had gone by in a blur and he was just left to his thoughts. He wasn't displeased by his current situation but he wasn't entirely pleased either. He still felt like he was too young to be given such a responsibility or task but then again Cagalli had been governing a country since she was sixteen. Yzak sighed; he had also served temporarily as a council member and was glad when that was done and over. He wasn't even serving on the council at the time his name was put on the ballot which still confused him on how his name ended up being on the ballot in the first place.

"If you keep scowling like that in the mirror it's going to become permanent," Dearka teased entering Yzak's new office.

"Any news on Ruby," Yzak asked flatly.

"I wish I was the barrier of good news but no," Dearka answered now dressed in a white captain's uniform. "I have to say taking over your command is a huge task but I will have your lovely fiancée as my deputy captain so I guess I can't complain too much."

"You better keep her out of trouble," Yzak growled. "I can't believe you get promoted after I've been elected as chairman."

"Eh, get used to it," Dearka shrugged. "Cagalli and Athrun will be up here next week to officially congratulate you on becoming the new chairman and of course discuss official business about Orb and the PLANTs."

"Great," Yzak grumbled and sighed once more. "Where is Shiho?"

"She's finally getting her deputy captain's uniform," Dearka said casually. "She'll be in here in a minute in her uniform. Don't you worry, you're pretty little fiancée will be here soon enough."

"Shut the hell up," Yzak grumbled as sat down in his chair. He sighed, "I just have a bad feeling about this, about all of it really."

"Why because you can't be by Shiho's side twenty-four-seven," Dearka shook his head. "Listen Yzak, you shouldn't get so damned worried…it'll make your head explode. Ruby hasn't made any moves since the last stunt she pulled so all we have to do is keep on what we are doing and hope the crazy bitch will show her face."

"Easier said than done," Yzak growled and slammed his fist on his new desk. "If she is after me then let her come after me but leave Shiho out of this. It's bad enough her damn ex-boyfriend has been lingering around still making my life miserable. I can't believe he was released from confinement after all the shit he pulled."

"Well, the council didn't want it to look like you were having a power trip over personal matters," Dearka pointed out. He looked over his shoulder to see Shiho now dressed in a black ZAFT uniform. She walked in and Yzak had a smile on his lips, well a small one but it was still a smile.

"Well, look it's my deputy captain," Dearka said playfully and Shiho glared at the blonde coordinator. "Looking good…"

"Shut up," Shiho waved him off and went over to Yzak. She quickly helped him re-button his collar. Dearka shook his head; they were like an old married couple. "There! Much better!"

"Thank you," Yzak said softly and sighed. He grabbed her hands, "Why didn't you go to Orb when you had to chance?"

"What and miss your official announcement of being chairman of the PLANTs," Shiho said with a bright smile. "I'm fine, besides…Dearka is in charge of me now, so if anything happens to me you have all the reason to fire him!"

"True," Yzak nodded as if he was truly considering it.

"I'm still here you know," Dearka arched a brow and crossed his arms over his chest. "Did you forget that I was still in the room?"

"Who could forget a loud mouth like you," Shiho said and walked over to him. "Sorry, I should say captain loud mouth!"

"Chairman Jule," a voice said entering his office. "It's time to meet the press for your official announcement on taking office."

"I'll be right there," Yzak said and stood up from his chair.

"I guess it's show time, mister chairman," Dearka teased only to have Yzak glare at him. Shiho walked in stride with him, Dearka smiled. Before Yzak was announced Chairman of the PLANTs, the Jule and Hahnenfuss family released a joint statement of their children's engagement. Yzak of course was left out in the dark when the announcement was made but didn't utter a word of complaint or disapproval. There was no use in hiding the fact he was engaged with his subordinate, well former subordinate now. Even though there was still a threat with crazed former secretary of his but she had done well in keeping herself hidden for the time being. Dearka had been keeping in touch with Athrun and from what Athrun was able to find on the girl was not surprising. Considering the woman is the obsessive type, it shouldn't take too long before the woman takes action especially now that Yzak will be in the public eye as the Chairman. She would now have to share him with all of the citizens of the PLANTs and not just Shiho.

The waiting game is always the most nerve wracking but it was all they could do at the moment. There was a chance that Shiho was no longer a target for Ruby but there was no way to know for sure. Of course there was Shiho's ex-fiancée still trying to win over Shiho's affections but it was pretty clear that Shiho would not be waivered. Not only are the two of them in love but it just happens they are genetically matched for children. Knowing Ezalia Jule, she will want grandchildren in the future…the very near future if she had her way. Dearka stuffed his hands in his pockets and began whistling following his best friend, now chairman of the PLANTs.


In a dark room sat Ruby watching the television screen of Yzak making his speech on his new position and thanking the citizens for their votes. She fiddled with the necklace around her neck and glaring at the screen, "How could you Yzak? First you choose that bitch and now…you will be spending time with so many people…have you already forgotten about me?" Ruby traced the outline of Yzak's face on the screen and smirked, "Don't worry soon you will be all mine and no one will stand in our way…"

Ruby stood up and walked over to her wall that was decorated in pictures of Yzak. They were all from different points of the man's life but she smiled twistedly at her handy work. Yzak had many friends in the public eye and was often seen at all of those events. She began looking over all the pictures on her wall and had a look of longing. "Soon, you will know the real pleasures of a woman…not from that banshee…she isn't even that pretty…what could you possibly see in her?"


Yzak rubbed the bridge of his nose; he had been stuck in meetings all day over the current issues that needed to be addressed in the PLANTs. He was not cut out to be a politician and yet here was in the chairman's office used by so many others before him. Shiho, however, told him before he had to go into his first official meeting that he will do well and would be fine. Yzak didn't know how Cagalli had done this for so long but now she had Athrun to carry the load with her. He had the council of course but he was the figure head and will have to make all the public announcements, meet with foreign leaders, and etc. He didn't think his personality was meant for such a position but he was voted into it. Dearka and Shiho supported him, so that was enough for him. Ever since Shiho's apartment had been attacked, she had been living with him at his place. He would get to see her at home every night unless the Voltaire was sent out on a long term mission.

He leaned back in his chair for a moment for he knew his office would be raided with his numerous secretaries letting him know what papers needed to be signed. His new position gave him more responsibilities than he wanted to deal with but then again he was happy that Dearka got all of his left over paperwork as captain of the Voltaire. Knowing Dearka probably passed on the paperwork to Shiho and he grumbled at the thought of his best friend abusing his fiancée. Granted she was now Dearka's deputy captain but didn't mean he could get away from paperwork.

"Chairman…" Yzak turned over to the intercom on his desk.

"Yes what is it," Yzak asked.

"Representative Zala is on the line for you sir."

Yzak groaned, "Thank you. I'll answer it." Yzak turned to his video conference screen and hit the button to see Athrun's smirking face, "What do you want bastard?"

"Is that a way to greet your follow politician," Athrun asked with an arched brow.

"Shut the hell up, what do you want," Yzak grumbled.

"I wanted to congratulate you Chairman Jule, after all you and I will be working on maintaining the terms of the treaty between Orb and the PLANTs." Yzak wanted to wipe Athrun's smug grin off of his face. It would seem Athrun had decided to pick up on some of Dearka's habits on annoying him.

"I figured your wife would be the one calling me," Yzak said in his usual grouchy tone. "She is after all the more polished politician unlike you."

"That is true however she is currently in a meeting with the other emirs and some of the prime ministers from various earth nations," Athrun informed him.

"Sounds entertaining," Yzak said uncaring.

"Just a word of advice, because you are younger than the other council members…don't let them take advantage of you," Athrun warned. "Cagalli knows firsthand what that feels like and wanted me to pass along that message to you."

"As long as I don't have to kiss babies, I'm fine," Yzak sarcastically remarked. "I'm well aware of that Zala, I don't need to be reminded. Have you dug up any more information about Ruby?"

"She was a former citizen of Orb," Athrun said taking on a more serious tone. "She was one of the few coordinators that decided to go up to the PLANTs after the first war. Also Ruby isn't her real name."

"She changed her name after coming to the PLANTs or before joining ZAFT," Yzak asked also taking on a serious tone.

"I cannot say for certain when but the question is when did she get obsessed with you," Athrun said and appeared he was typing something. "I'm sending you the file that was here in Orb on her. I hope it will help you and Shiho out."

"Being the object of someone's obsession is worse than being on the front lines of a war," Yzak said as he saw the file pop up on the side of his screen.

"Well from what I can tell you, someone like her is extremely unstable and needs professional help," Athrun sighed. "I can almost confidently say I think Shiho might be out of danger."

"What do you mean," Yzak arched his brow as he opened the file.

"Shiho isn't going to be working with you as closely as she was before," Athrun said matter-of-factly. "She may still be your fiancée but she isn't as immediate of a threat unlike when you two worked together and could openly expression your affection to one another."

"I guess that would make sense," Yzak nodded and began looking over the file.

"If anything, she will more than likely try to find ways to get close to you," Athrun informed him. "I know security around you is tight since you are now a public figure however you can't be too careful."

"Understood," Yzak nodded. "She still has family in Orb?"

"A cousin," Athrun confirmed. "The rest of her family went up to PLANTs, I had Kisaka interview the cousin here and she pretty much told us what we already knew about her. She was obsessed with someone else before you … a celebrity and was even given a restraining order by the celebrity."

"And yet she's an information's expert," Yzak shook his head. "I'll make sure to have security heighten around here but also nearby my home. She is truly unpredictable and I don't need to be surprised by this psycho."

"If we find anything else, I'll contact you."

Yzak nodded and ended the video link. He continued to read over Ruby's file that Athrun had sent him. The more he read the more he shuddered at the mere thought of this woman's mental health. It was frightening and she was no ordinary foe by any means. She was dangerous and unpredictable. She needed to be locked up in an institution and given professional help. However what she did to Shiho was unforgivable in his book and there was no way he could turn the other cheek.


"Here's your damn paperwork!" Shiho slammed down a stack on Dearka's desk. Shiho was glaring at him, "You have gotten lazier since you've put on that white uniform!"

"And? I'm the captain; I can do as I please!" Dearka shrugged it off, "Besides, Yzak isn't around to pick on anymore and since you're his fiancée you will have to do!"

"I am not a replacement for Yzak," Shiho glared at the blonde captain and crossed her arms.

"No you're not but you're just as fun as to pick on as Yzak," Dearka chuckled. "I mean after all, since you two live together I guess some of his bad attitude is rubbing off on you."

"Shut the hell up," Shiho slammed her hands on his desk. "You know something…"

"About," Dearka raised his eyebrow.

"I know you been working on this whole Ruby case without talking to me about it!"

Dearka sighed, "Look. The reason I haven't told you anything because we don't think you're in danger anymore, well not as much as before. Ruby's real target of obsession is Yzak, not you. You were in the way of her getting her prize then but now that Yzak is chairman you aren't her main target."

"What the hell are you saying," Shiho asked looking at the blonde man confused.

"You might be his fiancée Shiho, but you are not what Ruby wants," Dearka said standing up from behind his desk. "I'm sure by now Athrun has already given Yzak the same information that he gave me about Ruby."

"Yzak has been in office for a week now," Shiho reminded him.

"Yes and Athrun has been updating us with all the new information he and Cagalli have been uncovering now that we know Ruby is not her real name," Dearka said picking up a file on his desk. He handed it to her, "There is no point in hiding it from you since you're pretty perceptive about these kinds of things."

Shiho looked up at the captain confused for a moment and took the file from him, "What is this?"

"Just look it over," Dearka told her. "You'll find some interesting information about the girl you thought was your friend."

"Dearka," Shiho looked at him confused.

"Just read over it and you can yell at Yzak later for telling me to not tell you," Dearka went back to his desk and sat down. "He's trying to not worry you, Shiho."

Shiho looked at Dearka concerned as she opened the brown folder. "Did he order you not tell me as his authority as Chairman or as a personal request as his best friend?"

"You'll have to ask Yzak about that."


"Why didn't you tell me!" Yzak winced as Shiho was shouting at him once again. They were eating dinner and she had come ranting and raving about Dearka. He figured the woman would be upset over the fact that Dearka would now be able to pass off his work to others since he was the commanding officer. "How could you not tell me about this? I had to find out from Dearka?"

"Calm down, will you," Yzak grumbled as he try to take another bite of his food. So much for a peaceful dinner, "I would've told you more when we had more information. All we have is that she was from Orb, changed her name, and she really is fucking crazy."

"Fine, but I would have liked to have known that I didn't need to look over my shoulder anymore," Shiho shouted. "Now, Ruby is going to go right after you and you didn't even bother to tell me!"


"Oh don't you Shiho me!" Shiho barked at him, "We've been through a lot of things and you didn't even think that I would want to know this information as well whether she was after me still or not? Yzak…don't you trust me?"

"Shiho, damn it…yes I trust you but this isn't something I figured was a dinner discussion," Yzak shook his head. "You know I've been busy with becoming chairman this week and all the duties that go along with it. You also have been promoted along with Dearka and since Dearka was getting the same information I figured he would've told you…"

"LIAR!" Shiho slammed her hand down on the table, "Dearka told me that YOU told him NOT to tell me!"

"Fuck," Yzak muttered under his breath. "Well I figured the idiot would've told you regardless of what I asked him to do."

"So what, you were hoping that Dearka would just tell me so you didn't have to," Shiho glared at Yzak. "Well?"


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