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"Never, never, never believe that any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on that strange journey can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter" Winston Churchill

Chapter 1

It had been a year since what most people believed to have been the civil war, but to those who knew the truth, it was actually a war against the Homunculi. Such people were the Full metal Alchemist, Edward Elric and all those he associated with. It had also been during this time in which Ed had restored his brother back to his proper body, though not with out a price. Ed, having successfully completed a Human Transmutation disappeared for a month. A month in which all his loved ones believed him to be dead. When he had finally reappeared, he came back older, while all those he knew had only aged a month, he had aged six. Although he still was short, he had grown around 3 inches taller; and some of his baby fat had left him. But to those who didn't know he was in fact 21, thought him to be about 14. This irked him to no end.

It had started as all normal days do, Ed had awoken in his lover's arms, ever since he got back, and his lover had barely let him out of his sight. Not that he himself mined; he did spend six years without him, while for his lover it had only been a month. Too long in both their books. Ed gave a small smile as he snuggled closer to the warm body next to him. He was truly happy, after everything that happened when he was younger he wondered if he would ever be happy. He gave a small sigh as he thought about everything. After his brother had gotten his body back he and Winry had hooked up. Ed blushed as he recalled learning of them being together. That had been the last time he ever entered a room without knocking. He shuddered. The arm around him tightened. Ed looked up and saw his lover's dark eyes staring at him, a loving smile tugging at his lips.

"Morning" Ed muttered as he laid his head back on his lover's chest.

"Morning Love," he replied leaning down and giving Ed a chaste kiss.

"We have work today" Ed stated lamely, as his lover straddled him. He was such a horny bastard.

"We don't have to go, we can always call in sick," He smirked, lust burning in his eyes.

"If we both do, then Colonel Hawkeye will come and get us…remember what happened yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that." He saw his lover wince and tried to hide his smirk. With his lover around in the morning, and him being the horny bastard that he was, this was usually what happened in the morning. "Besides I have to visit Winry and Al;Winry is going to check my automail."

"Fine" He pouted. "But you owe me."

"Alright" Ed smiled as he kissed him. After a few minutes the two rolled out of bed and got ready to start the day.

As they both entered headquarters, they were stopped by the Brigadier General.

"Take a look at my dear Elisa. Isn't she so cute? This one is her on the first day of school. Look, she seems so excited." The pair sighed as they listened to Maes Hughes rambling. During the war, he had gotten seriously injured and had nearly died from an attack by the Homunculi Envy, but miraculously survived.

"Maes that's enough, Hawkeye will shot us if we are late"

"Now, Roy, all you need to do is crank up some of that Mustang charm and…" Hughes stopped as he felt some one staring at him. Turning around slowly he saw Edward glaring at him, next to him was Hawkeye, who had overheard what he had said and had gotten her favorite pistol out. "Hehe…I'm got to get going, the military doesn't run itself you know." With that he had disappeared.

"Sir, you're late." Hawkeye said redirecting her pistol at Roy.

"Morning Hawkeye, you see, we, Ed and I got stuck in traffic…and we…um…"

"He wanted to play hooky, but I convinced him it would be a bad idea. So punish his ass fully, just remember, that I want that as still in tack for tonight." Ed stated, as he started to walk away.

"Understood Brigadier General Elric" Hawkeye saluted as Roy's jaw dropped.

"You're supposed to be on my side!" Roy exclaimed

"Yea, but I like Hawkeye more. She's makes me cookies" Ed grinned, "unlike some people who can somehow turn a pot of ice cold water into a fire."

"That only happened 10 times." Roy muttered. So he had tried to be romantic and make Ed dinner one night, he hadn't meant to make all the water he wanted to boil catch flame.

When Ed made it to his office, he was surprised to see an owl on his desk. The cat in him screamed dinner. Now, it wasn't often that the cat instincts in him came out. Actually he wouldn't have had any at all if it hadn't been for a transmutation gone array. All he was doing has helping some towns people by rebuilding one of their houses that had gotten destroyed, when a cat jumped in it at the last moment, catching both himand everyone else off guard. This had happened when he was about 14, They had undone the transmutation, but some of the instinct in him still remained.

Both the owl and Ed shared a glance, and in a moment Ed pounced, he arrived to late and hit the chair of the desk instead. The owl left a letter on his desk as it flew away. Pouting that his would be meal had flown away, he opened his letter.

Dear Mr. Edward Elric,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins September 1st.

Sincerely Deputy Head Mistress,

Professor McGonagall.

P.S. Considering your age, we have decided to place you in the Sixth year. We would appreciate it if you were to learn all the spells in the first five years so that you may be at the same level as your peers. We thank you for this.

"What the Hell." Ed muttered as he re read the letter. First of all he thought magic did not exist for that single purpose of Alchemy, and the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Now Magic did not follow that law, therefore it could not exist correct? Sighing he knew he would have to speak with the Furher. Only hell knew what that horny bastard would do when he read this.

When Roy finally made it to his office, he started on his paperwork. He had upset Hawkeye enough for today, and if he wanted to survive the day he knew better then to slack off on paperwork. Half way through it, a letter dropped on his paperwork. Looking up, he saw an owl. Opening it he read

Dear Mr. Roy Mustang,

My name is Albus Dumbledore, and am the Head Master at a school name Hogwarts. At the moment we are in a current need for a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and I was hoping you would be willing to be that teacher. If you don't already know, Hogwarts is a boarding school in Scotland. You will be asked to stay on campus during the school year, unless there is an emergency you must take care of. I am hoping you will agree to this position I'm offering to you for we are in direr need for your help.


Albus Dumbledore.

"What on Earth is Hogwarts?" Roy muttered.

"That's the same thing I'm wondering." A voice came from the door.

"Don't tell me you received a weird letter like this too Full metal," Roy asked looking at his lover.

"Yeah…they didn't ask you to be a student did they?" Ed asked as he took a seat on the couch of Roy's office.

"No a teacher…You got the student letter?" Roy questioned. Ed nodded. "Let me see." Ed handed him the letter. After a few moments Roy looked up. "We're going."

"WHAT!" Ed exclaimed "Are you crazy, we don't even know magic."

"True…but this could be an opportunity to learn, after all, we could learn something that could help stop an outbreak of any more wars, or even help us kill the remaining Homunculi." Roy reasoned.

"Fine. We will go." Ed sighed. "But who will we get to do our paper work?"

"Easy, Maes." Roy replied.

"Then I guess I can't change your mind on this can I?" Ed smirked. Roy shook his head. "You do know then that I'll be the student and you'll be the teachers." Roy nodded again slightly confused on where this 

is going, " and that we can't have sex together cause that will be against school rules right." Roy started to nod, before he realized what was said, a gasped.

"What?" He asked wide-eyed. Ed just smirked.

"We will just have to make our remaining time before school worth it. Besides, we still need to tell the others" Ed smiled as he kissed Roy on his lips. "Now I have to meet Winry and Al before they kill me for being late. You need to inform Hawkeye and Hughes about us leaving, after all it wouldn't be right if the whole country knew that their Furher will be gone for the next year." With that said Ed left the room.

Ed made it to Al and Winry's apartment just in time for lunch. Winry had opened up her own Automail shop in Central during Ed's month of Absence. Living alone in the flat above her shop, she had invited Al to stay with her. At the time believing Ed was dead, this way made it easier to grieve for him. Although they became a couple a little under a week before Ed returned. As Ed entered the shop Al greeted him.

"Hey Brother" Al smiled as he walked over to him.

"Hey Al, I've got an appointment with Winry."

"She's in the back. Come, I'll take you to her." Al replied. "So how are things with Mustang." Al asked bashfully. When Al had heard about Ed and Al together, he had gone berserk. Although at the time he was still in the armor and Ed had been 14, him only 13. He had marched right up to the colonel, at the time, and started his attack. Mustang had a broken arm by the time Ed was able to interfere and stopped his brother. Ever since Al could never look Mustang in the eye, without feeling guilty.

"He's fine Al, I'm fine to…but I'm going on a mission with him for a year in a few weeks. So I won't be around. But you can't tell anyone besides Winry." Ed replied.

"Oh. Is it dangerous?" Al asked.

"I doubt it…its mostly gathering information and such." Ed replied irritably, he knew his brother meant well, but he always worried too much.

"That's good Brother…just be careful."

"I will" Ed replied as they made it to the backroom. Winry was they're working on something. "Hey Winry, here to get my automail checked." Ed greeted.

"Hey Ed. Take off your shirt and pants, and take a seat on the stool." Winry stated. Ed did as she said, and dressed in only boxers sat down where she said. Winry then started her check up, first looking at the leg, then moving on to his arm. She smiled when she stepped back an hour later. "Tip top shape. You've been taking care of it, I'm glad."

"Yea, well, I got tired of being hit by that wrench." Ed muttered darkly.

"Well keep up the good work on your automail, and Wrenchy the XV won't be needed." Winry smiled sweetly. Ed and Al both shuddered at that smile. They knew what had happened to Wrency I through XIV.

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