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Chapter 18

The next few weeks passed quickly and both Draco and Edward had been discharged. Draco was still suffering from the aftershocks of getting strangled. Every time someone got near his throat, he would jump away from them, a look of terror on his face and every time Harry saw that look, he would feel immediate guilt.

"Draco…"Harry went up to the Slytherin. Ever since Voldemort had been defeated, Draco and Edward had been looked down upon by the Slytherin House.

"Yes Harry?" Draco asked calmly. He looked up from the book he was reading. Harry winced when he saw Draco take off a slim pair of reading glasses. One of the side effects of the lack of oxygen had caused some of his visions to deteriorate, so whenever he read he needed glasses.

"I…I…" Harry started he felt the guilt hit him as he saw Draco's eyes focus on him. The two of them had not been left alone since the incident.

"Spit it out Harry." Draco stated annoyed.

"I'm sorry!" Harry exclaimed.

"What?" Draco asked. "What for?" He watched in confusion as Harry started to make weird motions, trying to point out something. "Are you alright Harry? What are you sorry for?" Draco asked real slowly, he was starting to get worried about the bespectacled boy. Taking a deep breath Harry started over.

"I'm sorry I got you strangled." Harry stated. He saw Draco wince and felt horrible.

"It…it wasn't your fault. You didn't strangle me. I was the one who made the choice to stand up to Voldemort. I was the one who wasn't strong enough to control my spell…I've always been awful at Defense, but still. You have no reason to apologize." Draco stated calmly.

"But if…"

"No, I chose to stay with you. I could have left you, but I decided to stay. I put myself in danger, I made the choice and I'll just have to live with it." Draco stated, Harry could see that Draco's hands were shaking. Harry wasn't entirely sure what Draco remembered, but whatever it was, it was still bothering him.

"I still should apologize…I mean, if I listened to you then it never would have happened."

"And if all pigs flew we would never have bacon." Draco replied. "If you live in a world of what ifs, then you will always live in the past. It is only when you live for the future you know that you have moved on."

"I can't help…"

"That's because you have a bloody hero-complex. Listen Potter. I'm not a bloody charity case. I won't be the reason why you tear yourself up. Have someone else be it. You have no reason to apologize to me. I'm fine." Draco stated coldly. Harry glared at him.

"Damn it Malfoy, I'm trying to say I'm sorry. I'm acknowledging that it was my fault." Harry stated.

"There is nothing wrong with me!" Draco stated hotly. His temper flaring just as high as Harry's.

"Nothing huh, then what if I do this?" Harry stuck his hand close to Draco's neck. Draco moved so fast backwards that he toppled over his chair and landed on the floor. There were tears in his eyes.

"Damn you to hell Potter." Draco muttered as he tried to stop his body from shaking. Harry knelt down beside him. Draco couldn't help but try to keep an eye out for Harry's hand.

"I'm sorry…It's my entire fault."

"Your damn right it is." Draco growled. Harry started at him in shock; he thought he would have to continue to argue over this issue with Draco. "It is your fault, who in their right mind does that to someone who has been strangled. Damn it Potter, what the hell were you thinking?" Harry looked at him in shock. "Don't give me that look. The reason I'm on the floor right now is because you were being an insensitive idiot…" Harry engulfed Draco into a hug. Draco tensed before relaxing. "Potter you are a fool."

"Thank you Draco." Harry stated as tears fell from his eyes. He understood now that Draco would never blame him for something that wasn't his fault. He didn't see what had happened to him as Harry's fault, but rather that of his own. Harry figured he would never convince Draco of the results otherwise. But for now, he was just happy that Draco was still the same Draco he had always known, sure he was slightly different, but that didn't matter to him.

The year ended with the Great Feast, which was even greater than any of the other feasts since it also celebrated the death of Voldemort. Several people were sad to see that Professor Mustang had disappeared, although they were mostly from the female portion of the school's population. Rumors had flown around that he had been fired considering that both he and Snape had been against Dumbledore ever since the final battle. The next morning everyone gathered their things and made their way to the train. Getting on board, many students were surprised to see Snape seated in one of the compartments. To make the trip worse for Harry and Ron, they had to sit with him, to say the trip to King's Cross was quiet would be an understatement. Getting off the train, they made their way through the barrier. Ron immediately ran to greet his mother who was there waiting for his sister.

"Ron…I'm glad to see that you are alright." Molly smiled. "Edward…I hear your going back to Amestris…tell me are you returning next year."

"No Molly I'm not. I can honestly say I'm happier being an alchemist then I am being a wizard." Ed smiled as the rest of the group made their way to the Weasley family.

"Oh, that's too bad; I was hoping to see you again."

"Molly, you have been so good to me, I have a wedding that will occur soon, and I'll see what I can do to have you come." Ed smiled. "It would be nice to talk to someone who knows that cutting a vegetable Juliana, doesn't actually mean cutting up a person named Julian." Ron, Hermione and Harry had the curtsy to blush.

"Oh, then I can't wait…is your fiancé here?" Molly asked looking for anyone who might look like they were from Amestris. Ed shook his head.

"No, he's back in Amestris…"

"EDWARD!" A booming voice called out as a man as large as Hagrid came walking through the station.

"Armstrong?" Edward squeaked, before coughing in order to get his voice back to normal.

"It's been a while hasn't it?" Armstrong asked as the pink stars appeared around his face.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was told by the Fuhur to escort you back to Central."

"You didn't need to do that."

"That's what I told him, and then he pulled out a very, very, convincing list of all the times you've been on a train and something happened. I believe the Hijackers had to be my favorite…"Ed blushed.

"How were Al and I supposed to know they were going to be on the train? Besides Mustang told me I had to get on that one."

"Let's not mention…"

"That's enough…"

"I am also told to keep you out of trouble."

"I don't always get into trouble."

"He told me to remind you of the three cities you've leveled." Armstrong replied. "Quite amazing too, three cities in one year."

"It was two; one of them was already sinking." Ed muttered as he blushed. "Alright…everyone, this is Colonel Alex Louis Armstrong IV. He will be escorting us back to central…I guess that means we have to get going. So long Molly. It was nice seeing you again."

"It was nice seeing you too Edward. Harry, Ron, you two behave yourselves. You are his guests. Do you two understand?" Molly asked as she stared at the two boys. They both nodded quickly in fear of facing her wrath. "Good…Now Edward, you take care of yourself. You know you are the son I've always wanted."

"I know Molly," Ed smiled as he let Molly hug him. "Goodbye." With that the group separated themselves from the Weasley family and started to make their way towards another train. The wizards were amazed when Armstrong took it upon himself to grab both Hermione's and Draco's luggage and carry them in one arm. "How have things been at home?" Ed asked Armstrong.

"Well, I guess I haven't really been in Central lately. I been spending most of my time in the East, the restorations are taking a little longer than predicted…although the news from Central is that the First Library is rebuilt. Sciezka's ability has been a great help in the restoration of the books. 95% of all the books have been restored."

"That's amazing, and in little over two years." Ed whistled. "Maes must be paying her good."

"I believe so," Armstrong continued. "While I was in the east I ran into Rose."

"How is she doing?"

"She asked about you." Armstrong said, "I told her you were on a mission. She sends her care."

"How's her son doing?"

"He's gotten big." Ed nodded.

"When was the last time you saw her?"

"About…six…eight…a little over two years." Ed stated. "I had to convert some time." Armstrong nodded. "So are they all wizards?"

"Yeah…I never did introduce you all." Ed stated. "Armstrong, this is Harry Potter;" Harry waved. "Ron Weasley" Ron nodded. "Hermione Granger" Hermione smiled. "Draco Malfoy." Draco nodded. "and Professor Severus Snape." Severus stared. "Everyone, this was a fellow co-worker of mine. He got me out of several scrapes during the war."

"It is a pleasure to meet friends of the famed Elric brothers." Armstrong stated as he posed. Everyone gave him weird looks as Ed just sighed.

"What does he mean by famed Elric Brothers?" Hermione asked as she looked at Edward. Ed sighed again.

"When I said that I was famous back home in Amestris, I kind of smidge the details a little…as you know, I'm an Alchemist…I'm known as the Alchemist of the people…since I generally side with the people then I do with the military." Ed stated. "I'm kind of a hero to the people, as long as I am around, they feel that the military is not corrupt, which it isn't any more."

"So Ed how long should it take us to get there?" Harry asked.

"Umm, give or take three days." Ed stated as the train pulled in. They waited for everyone to get off before piling into a compartment. The next three days passed very slowly.

Getting off the train in Central Ed stretched his arms. He took in a deep breath and smiled. He was so happy to be back home. "Come on you guys, we have to meet with the Fuhur." Ed smiled at them, "Armstrong, do you think you could take their trunks to their place of residence?" Ed asked.

"Where will that be?" Armstrong asked, Ed cast a glance over at the group before taking out a sheet of paper and writing down an address. "This is…"

"I know, but that is where they will be staying, can you ask Samantha to put them in the third, fourth and fifth bedrooms." Ed asked. "I've labeled which trunk goes where." Armstrong nodded.

"See you later young Edward." Armstrong stated as he gathered all the suitcases and took them away.

"How the bloody hell does he carry all of them?" Ron asked.

"He was known as the strong-arm Alchemist during the War." Ed answered.

"By the way Edward, where is Full-Flame?" Hermione asked.

"Oh, he went home with Mustang. I figured since they bonded so well, that he'd keep Mustang company for the way home." Ed stated. "Come on, we have to get to head quarters. Come on. Follow me." Edward then led the group of five wizards down the path. Every so often they would have to stop as Edward greeted someone. "Aw Damn it."

"Well if it isn't Edward Elric?" A voice called out.

"Russell. Fletcher." Ed growled.

"It's been a while."

"Not long enough."

"Been busy?"

"Not really. You?"

"Not really."

"Really? You haven't impersonated anyone lately?" the sparks between Edward and Russell grew.

"Um…guys, can you please try stop and act civil for once?"

"Sorry Fletcher." Ed and Russell apologized together. "We'll try." They responded together, they shot each other a glare.

"Ed…who are these two people?" Draco asked as he looked at them.

"Let me introduce to you Fletcher and Russell Tringham. They are fellow Alchemists." Ed stated.

"Edward doesn't like me because I'm better than him." Russell smiled as he moved closer to Hermione. "Now tell me dear lady, what is your name?" Hermione blushed.

"Back off Russell. She's taken by the red head." Edward stated, ignoring both Ron and Hermione's shouts of denial.

"Everyone, Russell is fifteen while Fletcher is thirteen. But don't let their ages fool you. Fletcher is the more mature one of the two." Ed stated.

"Just as Alfonse is for you two." Russell replied.


"Russell! Know I know why that name is familiar, I can't believe I didn't realize it before." Draco announced. Everyone turned to him. Edward seemed to catch on faster than anyone else. "Isn't your fiancé named Russell?" Draco asked, everyone looked at Edward to see the horrified look on his face.

"Brother since when did you and Edward get engaged?" Fletcher asked, hurt evident on his face. "Alphonse told me Ed's been out of the country for a year."

"I'm…what the hell are you trying to pull Elric…?" Russell asked as he turned towards Edward, both Alchemists' faces were bright red.

"Guys, I lied about his name." Ed muttered. "Russell was just the first name that came into my head. I can't stand this bastard." Ed tried to think of a way to get out of the situation, he couldn't think of anything other than running. "Come on, we've got somewhere to be. Russell, I'll see you next week."

"See you Elric…Fletcher, I'm telling you the truth. I'm not into shorties…plus you would be the first person I told if I were to ever get engaged." Russell explained.

"Come on guys; let's get out of here before it gets ugly." Ed muttered as he pushed them away from the other pair of blond brothers.

"Sorry?" Draco asked when they were well enough away.

"No, I shouldn't have lied about the name; I knew it was going to bite me in the ass." Ed replied. "Will you tell us his real name then?" Hermione asked.

"No, but you'll meet him later on." Ed replied. "I have to get you all to Headquarters. Oh Professor Snape, Russell was the one I was telling you about. He's a woman chaser, but that's just because he's young. He's brilliant when it comes to chemicals, but if you ever tell him I said that, I will personally have to kill you."

"So that little brat is supposed to be a prodigy?" Severus asked as he looked at Edward.

"Funny, that's the same thing that they said about me." Ed mused as he refused to answer Severus's questioned. "Aw, here's Central Head Quarters…let's head inside before Colonel Bastard throws a fit."

Ed led them up several hallways and into the heart of the building.

"Um, Edward?" Ron asked.

"Yeah?" Ed asked as he looked over at the red head.

"Why are they all saluting to you?" Ron asked.

"A long story?" Ed asked. At their disbelieved looks he sighed. "I'm not a researcher…I'm a state Alchemist."

"That doesn't explain the salutes." Hermione stated.

"I'm in the military, entering as a state Alchemist, you are automatically a Major." Ed answered.

"I see." Harry stated. "So you're a higher rank then they are."

"Yes" Ed answered, he then whispered. "Much higher." When they pause in front of a door, they heard several gunshots and several whimpers. Looking at the Wizards brightly, Ed turned and smiled at them. "This is where I leave you. Just walk right in and you'll get to meet with the Fuhrer…oh, his secretary is in there, so treat her with respect, she's a colonel and she has a deadly shot." Ed smiled at them. "Bye." With that Ed left the five wizards alone. Harry hoped he wasn't the only one who felt the sense of impending doom as they opened the door. What awaited them on the inside was a shock. In the middle of the room stood Riza Hawkeye dressed in the same blue uniform they had seen within the building with the tip of her gun smoking. There were several holes in the wall above several people's head.

"Now…is it a time for coffee or is it a time for work?" Riza barked.

"WORK!" Everyone in the room declared as they all quickly took their seats. Riza then walked up to the Wizards. Ignoring their shocked and slightly terrified looks she addressed them.

"It's good to see that you have all made it here safely. The Fuhrer would like to see you." With that they were ushered towards another door. Knocking twice, Riza opened the door and shot one bullet into the air. "Sir, you were not going to set that pile of paperwork on fire were you?" Riza asked calmly. Every male in the rooms felt a shiver run down their spine.

"No Madam…I mean Colonel Hawkeye." Came the voice. Hermione thought it sounded very familiar to her.

"The Guests from London have arrived." Riza announced.

"Good, send them in." Riza nodded, turning she looked at the wizards.

"You all can go in there now." As the wizards walked into the room, they saw a desk with many piles of paperwork and a chair facing the window. Harry caught a glimpse of the same uniform that everyone else in the building was wearing.

"I'm glad to see that you have all made it here safe and sound." The Fuhrer spoke, "So how was your journey?"

"It was alright…" Hermione ventured. "But who are you?"

"Who I am…" the Fuhrer started as he slowly turned in his seat. "I am Fuhrer Roy Mustang, also known as the Flame Alchemist." Roy smirked at their horrified faces. "I'm glad to see that you've all made it here alright."

"You're the Fuhrer?" Ron asked amazed. "Thought you said the fuhrer was 27."

"I'm 27…alright I'm 28." Roy revealed.

"Oh…you don't look it." Ron replied. It was only Riza's glare that kept Roy from flambéing Ron.

"Sir…I believe it would be best if they were escorted to their home. I believe the General has already sent their things to his place of residence." Riza explained. Roy nodded.

"Alright…Everyone, I'm glad you are here…but it is now time for business." Roy stated as his eyes narrowed. "The real reason we invited you here was to get you all out of Dumbledore's thumb. From what both me and Mr. Elric obsevered, he has a stiff control over all of you. This is evident as you all came here with little convincing, as Dumbledore told you to come." Roy continued. "The only one of you that came by his own regard was Professor Snape here, which is why I'm willing to give you a test run. We don't have magic here…yet your skill at potions are exceptional enough that we can give you a position as a chemist in the military. You will be helping other people design and create cures to a number of diseases. The current head of that department is an Alchemist known as Russell Tringham." Roy looked down at a file. "His brother is second in command of the operation, you're knowledge would be a valuable asset, and you won't have to put your life on the line acting as a spy for Dumbledore. The offer is open until the end of the summer. I'll see if the Brigadier General in charge of your stay will set you up with an interview with the Tringham brothers. They are incredibly hard to impress, but if you succeed, we'll see if you might want to become a resident of Amestris." Roy offered. "Mr. Malfoy, with the issues surrounding your family property, you are also welcome to stay. Mr. Elric has seen to it, that should you decide to stay in Amestris, that there is a position within the research and development. Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, You both have much to learn in the ways of tact and of life. I hope that your stay here will be a nice one. Ms. Granger…I have an offer for you as well, but I'm not the one who is offering it to you. If anything, I was against it. I feel that in this situation that Mr. Malfoy would have been better qualified, but Mr. Elric seemed to think otherwise. I offer you a position within our Information Department. The head of Investigations is a dear friend of mine and while most time I do want to kill him. You will learn a lot from him." Roy looked at them. "I know that this is a lot to take in, but enjoy your summer, we are not in a rush to get any decisions just yet. I will be seeing you all soon. Colonel, could you please escort them to the General's mansion."

"Yes Sir." Riza saluted and then motioned the group to leave the room. When they were several spaces away from the door of the office, Riza closed the door. It was then that she visibly relaxed. She gave a glance to her watch and looked to them.

"Let's go. We have to give the General about another hour to set up." Riza announced.

"Set up what?" Harry asked. He glanced at Ron, he couldn't help but wonder just why he and Ron were the only ones not invited to stay longer than just the summer. With their final year left in Hogwarts. Technically they didn't have to go back, since come July, Harry would officially be seventeen years old, but still. It would have been nice to know that Ed had actually thought of a job position to give to him and Ron. He was still wondering where Ed had ran off to.

"The General has been away on a mission lately, so his house is pretty bare, He needs to restock on food before you can arrive. He informed me that he wants to have a small feast for when you all arrive." Riza explained.

"I see." Harry muttered. Riza casted him a glance.

"Don't worry, the General is a very likeable person…he's also pretty young, I believe 21…but he definitely looks younger…I have a feeling you will all get along with him and his fiancé."

"Fiancé?" Hermione asked.

"Yes…the military pays us well, but not nearly well enough to own a mansion. The General lives with his lover. A cute pair when they aren't arguing." Riza smiled.

"Ms. Riza…" Hermione started, "Are you engaged?"

"Why yes Hermione I am." Riza smiled slightly,

"To Professor Mustang?" Ron asked. Riza only laughed.

"I'd be dead if I even tried to put the moves on the Fuhrer. He has his own lover, and that is more than he can handle, besides, I'm really happy with Jean…" she glanced at them. "You might have seen him; he was the blonde smoking in the corner near the window. He was one of the first person to get back to work after I told him to." At their faces she just sighed. "Edward is having a get together later on this week. I think he wants to introduce you all to the rest of the group and then have our usual drinking game. He mentioned something about Christmas the last time I spoke to him." Riza shook her head. Severus winced as he remembered waking up the next morning after Christmas with the largest headache he had ever had before. Roy seemed to be just fine, as all the professors groaned until Severus handed out several hang-over potions. He never did figure out how Roy managed to stay sober when he had even more to drink than he did, and Severus had even pride himself on his ability to drink.

Riza led them to a park in the middle of Central, and motioned towards a bench. Several people waved to her, or gave her a slight nod.

"Things certainly are better than they were two years ago," Riza smiled as she sat on the bench. "We, military personnel would never have dreamed about leaving headquarters alone in our uniform. We would have been attacked. The military was hated, and Alchemists were hated even more, but in the course of two years all that has changed. You have no idea how lucky you all are to see Amestris now, when it is the most beautiful it has been in years…"

"Hawkeye!" A voice called out.

"Alphonse, how have you been?" Riza smiled at him. She motioned him to come closer to them. " You look so much like your brother Alphonse."

"Really?" Al asked he looked down at his outfit. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco had to agree, Al's long golden blond hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, and he was wearing the same gloves Ed always wore. On top of that he had the same red jacket Ed always wore.

"Yeah…I think it's the cloth that does it." Riza smiled. "Where are you going?"

"Well since brother came home today, Winry sent me out to get a few ingredients for the party tomorrow. She wants to try baking a cake. I met up Fletcher and Russell already; they said they would come…although Fletcher seems to believe that Ed and Russell are engaged? I not really sure what he means by that." Alphonse smiled.

"Yeah, Ed told us that his fiancé's name was Russell, and I thought the Russell that was his fiancé was the Russell that we met. Yet, it turned out that Ed lied about the name of his fiancé." Draco replied as he blushed slightly.

"I see." Alphonse nodded. "I'm glad to see that you are all alright. Ed wrote to me about a week after the battle. He told me that some of you were injured. I'm glad it was nothing permanent…so where are all of you guys staying?" Alphonse asked.

"Their staying with the Brigadier General." Riza replied with a smirk.

"Hughes?" Al questioned. Riza shook her head. "The other one."




"Ross is a major."


"I'm a Colonel."

"Then who?"

"The 22 year old Alchemist." Riza stated. "They don't know his name, and we want to keep it that way."

"Oh…I see…when did he become a General?"

"When he came back…they made him one thinking he was dead, seeing as he wasn't then it didn't matter, he just kept the title."

"What do you mean?"

"The military used to have this rule that if you were killed in the line of duty, and say not in battle, you would be buried under a title that was two ranks higher. Since the General was thought to be killed in action, they moved him three since of all the work that he did. So he went from Major to General over night. Then we found out he wasn't dead, so he just got to keep the upgrade." Riza explained. "Alphonse, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Alright, bye Hawkeye…bye guys. I'll see you tomorrow." Al stated as he left them and headed down another street.

"Come on, I can take you to the General's house. He should be there by now." Riza stated as she stood up and walked in the opposite direction that Al had gone.

"Why can't we know his name?" Harry asked.

"Because…you would have asked too many questions and the questions you would have asked can only be answered by him."

"What questions would we ask?" Draco asked.

"I'm afraid that is classified information." Riza replied as she paused in front of a large mansion. Drawing out a key she opened the gate. "Good, he's home." Riza muttered as she led them up a straight path, there were several metal spikes up from the ground; the spikes were a contrast to the general atmosphere of the house. Knocking on the door, Riza waited for the door to open. Moments later the door was opened and a woman with graying black hair.

"Aww Riza…how good is it to see you."

"Samantha, I've brought the guest from England here." Samantha looked at them.

"A strange bunch aren't they?" Samantha stated. A laugh came from behind her.

"That's right Samantha,"

"EDWARD!" Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco exclaimed.

"Mr. Elric, what are you doing here?" Severus asked.

"Actually Professor Snape, I believe you should actually call me Brigadier General Edward Elric..." Ed grinned.

"Wait you mean to say, we're going to be staying with you?" Hermione asked. Ed grinned and nodded.

"Bloody hell mate, why didn't you tell us." Ron exclaimed.

"I told you everything you need to know. I said that I was in the military, I said that Alchemists enter the military as Majors, I said that I had died."

"But your only 16!" Hermione stated.

"That was the only thing…I'm actually 22 years old. On paper I'm 17, but in reality I'm 22…it has to do with a side effect of visiting the Gate so many times." Ed grinned. He then turned to Riza. "Thank you for escorting them here Riza…has Roy mentioned that the party is tomorrow?"

"Yes, but I had thought it was going to be later in the week; Al told me it would be tomorrow, so I'll make sure Jean and I make it." Riza nodded with a smile.

"Good." Ed nodded.

"When do you head back to work?" Riza asked.

"I go back next week." Ed smiled, Riza nodded.

"I'll see you then General." Riza said as she turned and left. Ed waved to her goodbye. He then ushered his guests indoors.

"So…now, I guess that leaves Samantha to finish dusting and I'll be in the Kitchen finishing up dinner…All of your bedrooms are up the stairs, Professor, you'll be room, which is the first one to the left. Draco, Hermione, you two will be in the first room to the right. Harry and Ron you two will be in the second room to the right." Ed stated as he pointed to the rooms. "Each of your rooms have a private bath, so you can all freshen up. Dinner will be done in an hour." With that he left the room.

"Oh do not mind Edward." Samantha stated as she noticed the shocked looks on the wizard's face. "This is his first night home, and I know I'm happy to have the night off, and a room on the other side of the mansion. Edward is going to get him some actions and heavens above know how antsy both of them are."

Harry, Ron and Hermione turned bright red as Draco smirked. Severus sighed and wondered just what he had gotten himself into. Draco turned to look at Samantha.

"So Samantha…how is it that you came to work for Edward and…oh his fiancé's name escapes me."

"Young man, I've been a live longer than your parents…you're going to have to up your games if you want to get anything out of me." Samantha smirked as she moved to the living room and removed several sheets. Everyone then took that time to make their way up to their rooms.

Harry took a quick shower and changed. When he exited the shower, Ron went in to take his. Harry had to admit, the room he and Ron were given was amazing, there were two twin beds next to one another and the walls were painted a blood red. He was curious as to what the other rooms were like. He was going to get Draco and Hermione, but he figured that the two of them were still getting ready, so he decided to head downstairs on his own. He saw that Samantha was still dusting the living room, walking around he looked at the pictures. There were a bunch of pictures of Ed and Alphonse, a couple of Winry and several of Mustang and a whole bunch of people that he had never met before. Then there was one with a brunet woman and two young blond boys. Harry could see that they were Ed and Alphonse.

"That's Ed's mother." Samantha's voice came out. "Poor dear, got sick when he was about 8 and died, left Ed and Alphonse all alone. But Edward still loves her dearly. That picture is one of the few things he kept after he burned down his home in Resembool."

"Where's Resembool?" Harry asked.

"Oh, it's a little town near Eastern Command…that Ed's hometown. Winry's too. Have you met Winry?"Harry nodded. "Everyone thought they were going to end up together…but those were the people who were blind to the truth. Ed always knew Winry belonged to Alphonse, and because of that there were several problems when Ed started to date his boyfriend." Samantha sighed.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked as he looked at her.

"Let me just say the military made several good men hurt innocent people, back when it was corrupt." Samantha sighed. "But that doesn't matter anymore. All the problems are over with and Edward is finally getting married…now come on and help an old woman with the dusting." Harry went over to help her. If he had turned around he would have noticed a man walking in through the door.

Roy noticed that Samantha had gotten Harry to help her. He shook his head; he really didn't see how people were constantly getting trapped into helping her do her housework. He smelt something delicious coming from the kitchen and migrated over there. This was what he missed about being home. He missed Ed cooking dinner for him. He missed seeing Ed in an apron with the thoughtful look on his face as he tried to figure out the missing ingredient to meal. Circling his arms around the blonde Roy just stood there. Thanking whoever was listening that he no longer had to hid his feelings for the blond.

"I'm glad your home." Roy muttered as he laid his head on top of Edwards and smelt his hair.

"So am I." Ed muttered as he leaned back and rested his body against Roy.

"I saw Potter."

"Sam got to him didn't she?"

"Yeah…he was looking at your pictures."

"I see."

"I don't think they've figured it out." Ed muttered. "Sam's been really good about it. I think she's having a little bit of too much fun."

"Let her have it…" Roy muttered as he started to kiss Ed's neck. Ed groaned.

"Roy…the food is going to burn."


"I don't want our guest eating brunt food…" The rest of Ed's protest ended when Roy drew him into a kiss.

"DEAR MERLIN!" Roy and Edward broke apart and looked in the direction of the shout, all they saw was five wizards, four wide eyes, three blushing faces, two smirks and a Ron pointing his finger towards them.

"Hey guys, let me introduce you to my fiancé. Guys, this is Roy Mustang. Roy, also known as Colonel Bastard, these were my classmate at Hogwarts." Ed grinned.

"We've met." Roy stated as a smile appeared on his face.

"Good. So then I know that all of you will get a long." Ed stated as he took the pan off the stove. "That will make this summer all the more easier."

Hope you like.

This is the end of Alchemy meets Wizardry. So please, I'm trying to work on the sequel, but I am fresh out of ideas. I know I said that this chapter will be out on the 17th, but I'm going to be out of the country, and will not have internet access. So I decided to give it to you all a little early.

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