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Chapter 1

May couldn't have been more excited. She was on her way to earn her third ribbon in the Kanto region.

"May! Watch where you're going!"


Instantly, she tripped over a huge rock that was on the path, the rock she 'didn't see'. May growled as Max helped her get up. He gave her a smug look, and then she wiped it off of his face with a whack to his face.

"OW! May! What did you do that for?" asked Max, clearly annoyed.

"Well, next time, you should watch what your mouth says!"

May grinned with satisfaction, and they were on their way again. Ash and Brock could tell that the tension between the two was as tense as the friction in the clouds above them. Thunder boomed after a bolt of lightening jolted through the sky. May jumped and Max responded, sarcastically.

"What's wrong May? Scared of some thunder?"

"NO!" she snapped back at him, "I'm not scared, it just surprised me, that's all!"

Another crack of thunder resounded within the dark clouds, and then instantly the rain started to pour down on the group. May hunched her shoulders, and gave a long sigh, with a frown on her face. The two siblings wanted to just stay rooted to their place, but Ash and Brock took a hold of each of them and dragged them towards any kind of shelter that they could find.

Wonderful days start off this way… right?


May, Max, Ash and Brock, along with Pikachu, ran into the pokemon center, which was conveniently the first building in the town. Each one of them shook off the excess water that was on their skin, and then the most evident thing happened.

"Nurse Joy! How lovely and bright you are, that through all of the rain and clouds, sunshine spreads right through to my heart!"

And of course, Max pulled him away by the ear.

"Will you ever learn Brock?"

They went to the back of the group, and Brock started to nurse his ear. Nurse Joy chuckled, and then turned serious.

"My! All of you are soaking wet! You could catch a cold! That won't happen on my watch! Come with me please."

All of them followed her into two rooms. The guys went into one, and May and Nurse Joy went into the other. Before entering, Ash asked Nurse Joy, somewhat puzzled.

"Um, what are we supposed to do here?"

"Well, these are the locker rooms to the swimming pool," she replied cheerfully.

"A swimming pool! What are we waiting for? Let's get in there!" exclaimed Max.

"In the locker rooms you will find swimming suits and towels. Leave your clothes for me, and I will dry them for you while you take a nice swim in the pool."

"Thanks Nurse Joy! This is great!"

May changed out of her clothes and into a red two-piece bathing suit, that happened to be just her size. Even before she stepped out of the locker room, she could already hear Max's joyful laughter, and him jumping into the pool. She rolled her eyes and opened the door.

Everyone was already in the pool. May put down her towel on a chair, and slid into the pool. The wetness she felt from the rain dissolved and instantly she felt as relaxed as she could possibly get. She was off in one corner of the pool and away from her annoying, and pesky little brother. This was perfect, especially since she would soon be entering into her third contest, and by getting rid of any kind of tension, she would be sure to win.

The distant sounds of laughter and splashing soon died away, and so May awoke from her dreamy state to see why it had stopped. She looked at the three guys to see what was wrong, but all she saw was the three of them looking straight at her.

"What are you guys looking at?"

And then she figured it out. They weren't looking at her, but to a spot above her. Slowly she turned around in her place, and looked up. If she wasn't in the pool, she would have surely tripped or fallen from the pure shock that greeted her.

"Why hello May. Fancy seeing you here."


She couldn't believe that out of all the places he could be, he was standing right next to her, in a swimming pool, in a pokemon center, which they happened to find out of pure luck. His green hair was a darker shade, and it was matted down. Clearly he had been caught in the rain just like they had. He was wearing the same kind of swimming trunks that Ash, Max and Brock had on, and he had a towel wrapped around the back of his neck.

"What are you doing here?" May asked frustrated.

Drew threw his towel onto one of the lounge chairs, and dove into the pool right next to May. She shrieked and pulled as far away as she could into her corner, but she couldn't escape the wall of water that poured down onto her head.

Drew came up out of the water, and stood in front of May, smirking. She pouted at him angrily, and then, as if she wasn't get wet enough, Drew ran a hand through his hair and shook his head vigorously, sending water droplets in May's direction.

"I was just on my way to another contest. Do you have a problem with that?"

"YES! I DO! And what's the big idea getting into the pool, when clearly I was here first?"

"It's a free country. I can do whatever I want."

And with that Drew dove into the pool yet again. Back at the other end of the pool, Ash, Max and Brock resumed their fun of 'splashing' each other. May rolled her eyes, as she saw Drew swimming laps in the pool. He never stopped working towards achieving his goals. May tried to relax once again, but every time she was almost calm, Drew came zooming by, splashing water onto her. After about the tenth time he did that, May couldn't take it anymore, so she got out of the pool, and went to go get her towel. As she was walking out of the pool and into the locker room, she heard someone shouting to her.

"May! Where are you going?" asked Max curiously.

"I'm leaving this pool, because some people don't have any manners!"

And as she stormed away, Drew stopped swimming and he grinned, watching her until she was gone.


"Nurse Joy? Are my clothes ready yet?"

"Almost dear. But I wouldn't change into them if I were you."

"Why not?"

"Well, it's almost time to go to bed anyways. So I'll be getting the rest of our guests out of the pool now. So you should most likely just change into your sleeping clothes for now. Here's the key to your room. Have a nice night!"

"Thanks Nurse Joy! And you're right, it would be best if I went to sleep now."

Nurse Joy went to get the boys out of the pool, and May changed into her sleeping clothes, and went to go find her room.

Once there, she chose the bottom bunk on the right, and flopped down onto the bed. She had thought that getting rid of the stress she got from her little brother was bad enough, but now she had to think about Drew and his stupid remarks. She put the covers over her shoulder, and without another thought, she fell sound asleep.

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