Chapter Twenty Eight

Gifts of the World

Kagura sat at the small coffee table across from Kagome. They were on the patio of the Yachtsman facing the ocean.

"Where's Kanna?" Kagura hadn't seen her since breakfast and had the nagging feeling she wasn't in her room.

Kagome answered. "Inuyasha took Kanna and Rin to Broadway at the Beach. They'll have lunch at the Hard Rock and do some shopping."

Kagura was livid. "Kanna runs off, and then almost gets killed and she's rewarded with a shopping spree! I'm putting an end to this right now." She began digging through her purse in search of her cell.

Kagome smiled. "Hey now, relax. I think she's learned her lesson and he did it as a favor to Sesshomaru to give you a break. You'll have the rest of life to make her suffer for this."

And suffer she shall… Kagura leaned back in the chair and looked down at the red tiled table top. "I guess you're right but I don't want her getting the idea that money fixes everything."

Kagome stirred her frappacino. "And pray tell, why would she think such a thing?"

Kagura held up her left hand and the sun glinted off the large sapphire.

Kagome squealed as she reached out and took Kagura's hand in hers. "It's gorgeous! That must be one of a kind. If you punched someone with that rock it'd leave a hell of a mark. Wow. Sesshomaru moves fast huh?"

Kagura shrugged. "Yeah but I didn't see any reason in putting him off. We have our differences but I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather spend the rest of my days arguing with."

Kagome laughed wickedly. "So…then I guess he's a real good debater then?"

Kagura blushed. "You could say that."

"Well I can't say that I'm surprised. I mean it's 90 degrees in the shade and you are wearing a jacket over your swim suit. I could only assume you are hiding something."

Kagura narrowed her eyes at Kagome. "I haven't the faintest idea of what you are talking about."

"But I know ya do. Besides I think we are a matched set."

Kagura's eyes fell on Kagome's flawless exposed collarbone. "No we're not. Stop trying to trick me into telling you everything."

Kagome lifted her brows. "I promise you we are, mine is just someplace else."

Kagura leaned around the table and saw Kagome had two chair cushions between her rear end and hard chair. Kagura sighed and shook her head. "I really don't want to know. Just don't ever tell me."

Kagome laughed and Kagura asked, "Guess you two made up then?"

Kagome nodded and her eyes lit up. "Yeah we made up. Lots."

The busboy clearing off the table beside them suddenly coughed and dropped a whole tray of glasses. They fell to the concrete patio floor and shattered. Kagome turned and saw him giving her an odd look as he blushed beet red. What's his issue? Kagome shrugged and turned back to Kagura.

"How? I thought you were pretty peeved at him?" Kagura leaned forward across the table in anticipation.

Kagome tossed her hair behind her head. "I decided he was worth fighting for. And I fight dirty. He gave in and this morning he was still apologizing." She paused to sip her drink. "We should have a double wedding. It'll be so much fun!"

Kagura was blown away. "That was fast. I wasn't expecting that." She watched as the busboy returned with a coworker who helped him sweep up the broken glass. They both kept looking at Kagome and whispering.

"Well we made up…then he cried, then we made up some more and this morning he wouldn't let me out of the room without a commitment."

He cried? That was something Kagura couldn't picture. "So he was going to face down Sesshomaru for you?"

Kagome answered. "Turns out it wasn't about Sesshomaru, he felt his world was too different for me. Now he's decided he can't live without me and I'm worth any concession he might have to make."

Kagura laughed. "When an Inu falls they fall hard. You know I'm a little worried, this wedding ceremony is very complicated."

Kagome asked. "Sesshomaru's already discussed that with you?"

"Nope but after brunch I visited a private book store." Kagura pulled out a book. Yokai Weddings for Dummies.

Kagome smirked. They really do have a book on everything don't they?" She thumbed through the book and frowned as she read a dog eared page.

"Come on man! I'm sure no one uses bloody hides anymore." She dropped the book on the table. "Maybe we should elope and have a party later. I hear Vegas rocks this time of year."

The young bussers abruptly stopped sweeping and left for no apparent reason that Kagura could see.

Kagura bit her bottom lip. "I'm having a hard time picturing Sesshomaru at a Vegas drive through wedding chapel."

Kagome laughed and choked on her iced coffee.

Kagura added, "What can I say, when we do something we go all the way."

Kagome lifted her plastic cup. "Hell yeah! I'll toast to that. Hey now we are really sisters."

Kagura grinned and lifted her cup, "I didn't need a ridiculous husband to tell you that."

A rich male voice added, "So now I'm ridiculous."

She turned and saw Sesshomaru standing behind her. His hands gripped the back of her chair and his expression was one of mild amusement. She glared at Kagome. "How long has he been standing there?'

Kagome titled her head. "Since you pulled out the book."

Kagura threw her balled up napkin at Kagome. "Baka traitor!"

Sesshomaru leaned over her and Kagura lifted her face to give him an upside down kiss. His nose tickled her chin and she laughed.

Three months later, Charleston South Carolina:

Kagura heard the bell and ran down the stairs. Sesshomaru had requested she allow Gert to get the door but she couldn't stand letting Gert answer the bell when she was so close.

She pushed open the heavy wooden door and found a young man holding a huge flower arrangement of gold and sunset orange roses. His face was hidden by the flowers. Kagura helped him over the threshold and he carefully sat them on the sideboard table in the hall.

He pulled a thick white card from his jacket. "Here ya go Mam." He tipped his hat and left.

Kagura usually didn't open other people's mail but the elaborate arrangement was obvious wedding orientated so she picked up the silver plated letter opener and slid it across the lip of the envelope. Sesshomaru encouraged her to be more involved in all aspects of the family's affairs but sometimes she still felt like an outsider. She pulled out a letter on crisp cream stationary. Her eyes widened as she saw the gold White House seal.

'Congratulations on your up coming nuptials, please accept these flowers and the invitation to the Christmas Ball as a small token of our thanks and esteem.'

It was signed in barley legible scrawl but Kagura was able to make out the name George and below in elegant script was Laura. The signatures were done in black ball point pen and not from a computer laser printer.

Damn! Until now Kagura thought Sesshomaru's mention of the president at the masquerade ball was a vain attempt to impress her. After she left that night she never gave it another thought. Now she was burning to find out what exactly he'd done to endear himself to the highest levels of government. Then she remembered Naraku was on the terrorist watch list. Maybe I'm better off not knowing. But these flowers are gorgeous. I'm going to use them as a center piece at the wedding tomorrow.

Kagura was so insanely thrilled by the flowers she laughed at herself. The doorbell rang again and she threw it open. Who knows, this one might be from Tony Blair!

A tall, thin woman in a white fur coat stood on the stoop on impossibly high heels. She clutched a tiny Chihuahua in her arms that was shivering in the cool fall air. Her long black hair hung freely down her back and a scowl crossed her delicate features. Kagura sighed. Kikyo.

"Hello Kikyo. How may I help you?"

Kikyo frowned and passed the small dog to Kagura who sat it down on the floor. Molly, who was lying at the top of the curving stairs, barked down to the tiny dog who bounced up and down uncontrollably.

Yip! Yip! Woof! Woof! Yip!

"Molly!" warned Kagura.

Molly rolled her eyes and gave a low "Chuff" expressing her pained restraint.

Kikyo barged into the foyer. "So I guess it's true." She snatched up Kagura's hand and studied the ring with a look of disgust. She clicked her tongue. "My, how the low the mighty have fallen."

Kagura bit her tongue and said in her coldest civil tone. "Sesshomaru isn't here."

She waved her hand. "I'm not here to see him, he seems to have quit speaking to me though I cannot imagine why. I suppose that is your fault." Kikyo pointed brightly painted red finger nail in her face.

Kagura was nonplussed. "I'm not speaking to you either. You set me up with Naraku on purpose. There can be no forgiveness for that."

Kikyo frowned. "That was months ago. How can you still be going on about that?"

"Well let me think, you purposely introduced me to a dangerous man who tried to kill my sister. I don't think there is a statute of limitations on that one."

Kikyo's face flushed red and she spat. "Well I never! How was I supposed to know it'd turn out that way?"

"You manipulated me with the expressed intention of causing pain. I really don't like you."

Kikyo sputtered as she tried to find something else to say. Sesshomaru came up the porch steps behind her. The Chihuahua spotted him first. His belly hit the floor and he whined. Sesshomaru ignored him and stepped around his tiny trembling body.

He closed the door, pulled off his long coat and hung it in the tiny coat closet. Then he turned to face Kikyo. The purple stripes on his cheeks and crescent moon on his forehead seemed unusually vibrant. His eyes flashed red and Kagura saw Kikyo gulp.

"Kikyo, you are dead to my family. Please leave and never speak to my wife again." He gestured towards the door. Kagura stood behind his shoulder and shot Kikyo a look of pure triumph. Still twenty four hours to go and he's already calling me his wife? Priceless.

Kikyo raised her well manicured hand palm up. "She's not your wife yet. Sesshou, it's not too late to keep from making a major mistake. You are the Taiyokai you cannot have a human wife."

Kagura asked, "But aren't you human too?" This was a question she'd been dying to ask for months.

Sesshomaru answered without turning his head. "She was, once. Apparently money can buy anything these days including a ticket back from the dead."

Kagura's flesh crawled. Well that explains why she's always so cold…ick! She crossed her arms over her chest to keep out the impending chill.

Sesshomaru continued. "You are never to address me by that name. It's goes against my nature to kill dead women but I'm not beyond it. If you are wise you'd heed my wishes and make yourself absent."

Kikyo's arms shook under her fur coat. She was nearly in tears. "Why are you so cruel? After all these years…"

His voice was cool and controlled. "You should have known better."

He opened the door and Kikyo hung her head as she crossed the threshold to the porch. Sesshomaru glared at the tiny dog that jumped to his feet and followed his mistress. He shut the door hard behind her and locked it.

Sesshomaru paused to admire the large vase of flowers on the sideboard. "Nice."

Kagura replied, "Yeah about those, they're from the president."

He raised a silver brow. "Really? That was thoughtful." Sesshomaru put his hands on her shoulders and bent down to kiss her.

Kagura moved her lips away from his. "Why are you on a first name basis with the leader of the free world?"

He pulled back and studied her face. "Let's just say that radical Muslim terrorists harbor a deep seated hatred for the 'unclean' Inu-yokai. Will you be able to sleep at night if I tell you more?"

Kagura's thoughts pulled out an image of Naraku's bloody beating heart. She sighed, "Probably not."

"Then let's just say I know how to get things done." He pressed his lips to hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands wound around her waist lifting her feet off the floor.

A throat cleared and they turned to find Miroku leaning in the doorway. He laughed and punched Sesshomaru lightly in the shoulder as he passed by. "Better get all that out of your system because after the wedding all the loving is over!"

Sango called out from the kitchen. "Perverted preacher! I can hear you! I don't know what I was thinking when I married you. I can't take you anywhere."

Kagome chortled. "I know what you were thinking."

Sango looked up from the tomatoes she was chopping for a salad, her cheeks burning. "What can I say? He'll have a good pension plan in another thirty years or so."

Kagura followed Sesshomaru into the kitchen. He surveyed the salad making and saw Kagome setting the table. He put his hand to his temple. "I suppose there is no point in reminding you people I have perfectly well paid servants who do this."

Sango laughed, "But this is my killer taco salad. No maid could ever perfect it. She can do the dishes."

Sesshomaru allowed. "How generous of you."

Kagura leaned into his shoulder. "Relax Sesshou; she really does make the best taco salad."

"It's just taco seasoning, meat and lettuce not art." He whispered back.

She pulled on his hand and brushed her lips against his pointy ear. "But this is fun. We do it at my house all the time." He shivered pleasantly and decided it was definitely in his best interests to give in.

"It is entertaining." He glanced at her from under his silver lashes. "But this is your home now."

"I know and that's why we are here and not there. Have a seat and pour yourself some wine. Or I can call Gert and she can get the wine."

"Your sarcasm is uncalled for." But he gave in graciously and seated himself at the counter. Kagura poured him a fresh glass of pinot grigio.

Rin burst in the door. Molly raced to greet her and danced around her legs. "Auntie Sango! I've got the mushrooms and cheese you asked for." She tossed a Piggly Wiggly bag onto the counter.

Sango pulled out the block of cheddar and threw it back to Rin. "Thanks girlie, now start grating."

Rin caught the cheese and frowned. "Who do I look like? Alton freaking Brown?"

Sesshomaru said warningly. "Rin, do as she asks."

She swung around to face him. "But we have servants for this."

He answered. "Do it, I'm told it'll build character."

Rin muttered under her breath about stupid step mothers and their friends while she opened random cupboards searching for a grater.

Inuyasha came down the stairs into the kitchen. He held an unopened bottle of Crown Royal in his clawed fist. "Rin!" Kagome saw him and damn near fainted.

Rin answered in a cheery tone. "Hello Uncle!"

He strode across the kitchen and slammed the glass bottle down on the marble counter. "What the hell is this doing in your room?"

Rin shot back, "What were you doing in my room?"

He leaned across the counter his golden eyes flashing. "Searching for my goddamned car keys, AGAIN!"

Rin said, "Sorry about that. I had to borrow the mustang to run to the store for Sango and Kagome."

Sesshomaru's lips thinned and he tilted his head. "Care to explain the bottle of liquor Rin?"

She winced. "Not really."

"Rin. That was not a request."

She blinked. "I won it from a bet."

Inuyasha groaned. "Gambling, of course. Why am I not surprised?" He sat on the chair beside Kagome and put his hand on her knee and gave it a warm squeeze.

Kagome remained quiet and studied her shoes. No one noticed her discomfort.

Rin watched Kagome twitch and decided to give her an early wedding gift. "I won it at school over some stupid sports bet."

Sesshomaru cut in. "Do not lie to me. You detest sports. What sport did you bet on?"

Rin answered slowly. "Chicken fighting in the pool."

Inuyasha snorted. "That ain't a real sport."

Rin shot back, "Not yet but they are trying to get it entered in the Olympics."

Sesshomaru stated flatly. "That's good because I am signing you up for the first team."

Rin laughed, "Bring it on."

They heard the front door opened and Kagura knew Kanna was home from the College of Charleston.

She stuck her head through the door. "Hi all! What am I missing?"

Rin hopped off the stool and raced over to her. "I'm starting the worlds first all women Olympic chicken fighting team! Wanna join?"

Kanna shrugged. "Why not?" Then she narrowed her eyes at Rin. "Hey is that my sweater?"

Rin pouted. "Maybe."

Kanna sighed, "I just knew you'd do this."

Rin grinned, "It's cool though, cause I got us dates for tonight!"

Kanna, who'd seen Rin's taste in men, instantly forgive her. "Really? Cool!"

Kagura remembering Rin's last boyfriend, a wild kitsune who had his own rock band, cut in. "No one is going anywhere tonight. It's the night before the wedding."

Inuyasha's face broke out into a stupid grin and he put his arm around Kagome. "Yeah and ya ain't getting off that easy for the booze either."

Rin groaned. "How many parents do I have now?"

Circular Congregational Church 8pm that night

Kagome, Sango and Kagura stood in the middle of the church supervising the last of the decorations. White candles sat on every flat surface and a white silk runner lay in the aisles. The Inu family was so influential they were expecting members of the media and this only served to heighten the pre-wedding anxiety.

Kagura and Kagome were the mystery human women who'd ensnared the most eligible yokai bachelors and this had generated a huge amount of public interest. Sesshomaru promised this was a temporary situation and Kagura prayed he was right. The idea of walking a stroller down the street while being hounded by reporters didn't appeal to her. Rin generously offered to cause a scandal just to take the heat of the wedding but Kagura politely declined.

Sango sat on a wooden pew and glanced out the window overlooking the ancient graveyard.

"Who would have imagined when we were here last that you'd be married here?" The night of the ghost tour seemed to be from another lifetime.

Kagura shrugged. "It's as good as anyplace for a wedding, I guess." Even though she'd had three months to get used to the idea of marrying Sesshomaru everything was still surreal.

Kagome stared at her as if she'd lost her mind. "You guess? Just look at this place!" She stretched out her arms. "It's freaking spectacular!"

Kagura crossed her arms over her chest and commented. "Yeah I feel like I'm the Princess Di of the dog people."

Sango choked on her laughter. "Are you sure you should be marrying him? I mean what if the two of you kill each other? Maybe you should've settled for some good ole fashioned living in sin first"

Kagome coughed at this and Kagura handed her a bottle of water. She turned to Sango. "I don't think that was ever an option. Besides ever since we got back from the beach he's behaved as though we were already married."

Kagome finally regained control of herself and added, "It's the bite that does it. Once they get those teeth into you, they think they own you."

Sango frowned, this was the first she'd heard of the bites. "You both are a very sick kind of kinky."

Kagome smiled and raised her brows. "It's not as bad as it sounds. You really missed your chance. You could've hooked up with Koga and then you'd know all about it."

Sango shook her head. "He's a bit too feisty for me… Speaking of which, did Sesshomaru ever bail him out of that jail cell?"

Kagura sighed. "No he left him there. Sesshou said had Koga been doing his job, than I never would've been alone with Naraku. He didn't even call him back. God I hope he's out by now." She felt oddly guilty but was too happy to let it pull her down.

Kagome had her planner out and was double checking her to do list. She looked up. "Oh no, he was only there for three days. Myoga flew down and bailed him out."

Sango was shocked. "Only three days?"

Kagura asked. "Who is Myoga?"

Kagome explained. "He's a bondsman in Reading Pennsylvania who Koga works for on occasion."

Sango bit her lip at the sight of Kagome's never ending list and said. "Where the heck is Reading?"

Kagura pulled out a pen and went to work on the list. Surly we can get away with cutting out half this stuff. Damn it Kagome! "It's maybe an hour and a half of Philadelphia and it's the shopping outlet capital of the east coast."

Sango was intrigued. The parish house was huge and she was forever trying to finish decorating it. "Hey ya know maybe we should go visit Koga…just to make sure he got home safe." We could bring a truck or a U-haul.

Kagome pulled her list free from Kagura's grasp and began undoing everything she'd edited out. Kagura bit her lip and rolled her eyes. We aren't getting any sleep tonight! She answered Sango. "Count me out! That town has the same murder rate per capita that New York City did pre Rudy Giuliani."

Sango whistled. "You're kidding right? People really live there?"

Kagura resisted the urge to whack Kagome over the head with her purse. "Yeah they do, it's as corrupt as all hell too. Koga probably makes a good living there."

Kagome chewed on the end of her pen. "How do you know so much about Reading?"

Kagura answered. "Don't you remember? The bank had an office up there for a whole skinny minute. I couldn't get away fast enough. However the shopping is nice and they have their own honest to God Pagoda."

Sango was impressed. "Really! Where, downtown like China Town in Philly?"

Kagome added a few extra ideas to her list as she replied. "Nope it's smack on the side of a mountain over looking the town. At night it lights up and you can see it from miles around."

Kagura snatched the list from Kagome. "Enough talk about stupid Yankee towns. Now about this list…Kagome we have eighteen hours before the wedding not five years. There is no way we'll get all of this done in time."

Kagome nodded, "You're right, nothing will get done as long as we are here sitting on our fat asses."

Sango pinched Kagome's arm. "Hey girl, speak for yourself!"

Hours later the three tired women stumbled out of the church and headed to the car in the fenced parking lot adjacent to the old graveyard. The night was unseasonably cool and Kagura pulled her coat tightly about her.

Sango announced. "This is it; your last chance at running away!"

Kagome asked. "Sango, did you have this many jitters before your wedding?"

She nodded her head and her long pony tail brushed against the back of her coat. "Yeah."

Kagura paused and turned to face her. "Do you regret it? Would you do it again?"

Sango thought before answering. "No. I wouldn't change a thing. The wedding is the worst part but after that…It's all good."

Kagura yawned. "That's good to hear but sometimes I don't think I'm gonna survive this wedding." She felt her cell phone buzz in her pocket and didn't even have to look at the display to know who was calling.

She pulled it out, flipped it open and purred. "Michelle's house of marvelous massage. This is Michelle speaking how might I be of service?"

There was a dramatic pause on the other end. Then, "Woman, I will never understand your sense of humor."

Kagura smiled sweetly. "I guess it's good thing you love me then."

"Impetuous wench, so when can I expect you back home?" His voice was soft and husky. It tugged at the ball of heat growing in Kagura's belly.

She turned her back to her friends and whispered. "Twenty minutes but keep talking dirty like that and it might be sooner."

Kagura could almost hear Sesshomaru licking his canines. "Hmmm…Let's strive to make it sooner."

She laughed and leaned against the black wrought iron fence. Then a blur of blue movement caught her eye.

Sesshomaru's voice spoke in her ear. "Are you still there?"

"Yeah," Kagura whispered. "We're in the church parking lot by the cemetery and it looks like we've got company."

The woman in blue stood amongst the tombstones facing her. She held a long katana sword in one skeletal hand. Her white eyes were fixed on Kagura.

"I think she approves of you." Sesshomaru seemed certain "She's the self appointed family guardian. She watches over us."

Kagura answered. "Yeah, hey I'll see you when I get home. Love you." She flipped the phone closed in dropped it in her coat pocket.

The Blue lady picked her way through the head stones. Her slippered feet didn't touch the ground but she appeared to be walking instead of floating

Kagura's lips opened and she mouthed the words 'Thank you.'

She lifted a hand out towards Kagura and smiled before turning away. Kagura glanced behind her and found Sango and Kagome watching in dumbfounded silence.

The Blue Lady stepped through the very solid brick and mortar walls of the Hutson-Peronneau crypt and disappeared.

And they all lived happily ever after…

...Until Sesshomaru met Rin's date for the wedding. Then all hell broke loose.


I loved writing this story so much and am sad that it's over. The notes are a tad long but I don't think it's uncalled for:

……I apologize to all Kikyo lovers! But the reasons she was portrayed as such a bitch is that she was playing the role of Caroline Bingley and later on just a bit of Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

…..Koga reappears in Double or Nothing, which is up now for your perusal. How can I justify using the same character in two different stories that take place in two different worlds? Easy, this is my last Pride and Prejudice tribute. In the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth is Mark Darcy. In both Bridget Jones books the girls are always drooling over Firth and his performance in the Pride and Prejudice mini series. So when they made the Bridget Jones movies casting Firth as Mark Darcy was an inside joke. He was playing himself, playing a character based on the character he'd been on the BBC mini series. This comes full circle on the deleted scenes part of The Edge of Reason where Bridget interviews Firth playing himself. So by stealing Koga it's my way of adding to the wacky fun of the whole Pride and Prejudice universe and to of course shamelessly tout my new story.

……Also a new version of Pride and Prejudice is hitting the theaters any day now. It was done by the producers of Bridget Jones but sadly as far as I know there is no Colin Firth. Damn shame too, he is so very nice in all the right kind of hot ways.

….Loose ends: Chapter nine had a hidden Kevin Smith Mall Rats gag in it. That was the joke.

I love making up wacky chapter titles but then I think everyone has noticed that by now.

I went back and reread the whole thing and now I'm thinking… I really went over the top with Naraku. The only thing he didn't do was drown kittens in his spare time. (Well to be honest we have no proof that he didn't do that too! Just kidding) No wonder everyone hated him so much!

MISS RULE: Thank you so much! Everyone must check out the Stephanie Plum books. They are wonderful. I put up the first chapter of the Double or Nothing and it does bare a strong resemblance to the first Plum book but I plan to run that story like I did here and make it our own. But it will be in the Plum style. There won't be quotes at the end of chapters though like there was here. Mostly because my friends have borrowed all of my Plum books and they wouldn't be as appropriate.

MIDORI HAYASHI: Thanks! I am trying to write professionally but nothing big has happened…yet. I've had a few small things articles and such in national publications over the years, nothing recent, but a novel is something completely different. If it works out I will let ya'll know. Course then I'll have real deadlines and probably only update here once a month and everyone will be unhappy with me.

HERSHEYZ KISSEZ: Sex is the hardest thing for me to write mostly just because of what you said. So thanks! I got burning flames on media miner on another story for not being graphic enough. (I've since deleted them). Funny huh?

BRICKWALL: Thanks for the idea of bringing the Blue Lady back.

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Thank you all so much for all of the kind words and all of your support!

Here are the last of the quotes and these are from the new 2005 movie Pride & Prejudice:

Elizabeth Bennet: (on Darcy) It would be most inconvenient since I swore to loathe him for all eternity.

Elizabeth Bennet: (to Darcy upon his first proposal) From the first moment I met you, your arrogance made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever marry.

Mr. Darcy: (to Eliza) You have bewitched me, body and soul.

Elizabeth Bennet: (on Darcy) I could more easily forgive his vanity had he not wounded mine.

Elizabeth Bennet: Believe me, men are either eaten up with arrogance or stupidity.

This one is my favorite!

Elizabeth Bennet: (on Darcy) He looks miserable, poor soul.
Charlotte Lucas: Miserable he may be, but poor he most certainly is not. He owns half of Derbyshire.
Elizabeth Bennet: The miserable half?

I have no idea what Collin's is talking about here but it's funny when you consider I had Miroku play Collins:

Mr. Collins: ...which can only be achieved through intercourse
Mr. Collins: Sorry, through the intercourse of...

In the book Darcy claims to abhor dancing but is more than willing once he decides he likes Eliza. I had fun with this and sped things up with swing dancing, something I can't picture Sesshomaru EVER doing but had a blast writing.

Elizabeth Bennet: Do you dance, Mr. Darcy?
Mr. Darcy: Not if I can help it.

Mr. Darcy: (to Eliza) Do you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your circumstances?

Friday 19, December

11am Hurrah! Am going to America to start again, like the early pioneers. The land of the free. Was really good fun last night. Mark (Darcy) and me got out scissors again and did festive topiary turning tree into tiny Xmas cracker. Also we have made list and are going to do shopping tomorrow. Love Christmas. Celebration of good fun life surely not perfection. Hurrah! Will be fantastic in California with sunshine and millions of self-help books-though will eschew all dating books-and Zen and sushi and all healthy stuff like green..

……Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason. Helen Fielding 1999