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B U A Baby Boy /B /U

Lily Evan, a beautiful red haired green eyed muggleborn witch from Gryffindor married Severus Snape, a dark haired acerbic man from Slytherin and a long line of Death Eaters. For years they were happy, until Lily saw his Dark Mark. He had it so well hidden usually, but when she told him she was pregnant he was so excited that, when he woke the next morning, he forgot to charm his mark hidden.

She was so mad at him, but also terrified. Severus himself was on good terms with Lord Voldemort, as was his best friend Lucius Malfoy, but Lily believed what everyone else said about him. Fearing the safety of her child she left Severus that same day, and moved in with her best friend James Potter. Severus knew they weren't together like that, and when the rumors began to fly about Lily being pregnant by James he knew they were false but they hurt all the same.

The next time he saw his now ex-wife was at her wedding to James Potter. Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had seen this as a marvelous opportunity to get his two favorite people together even though he knew the love they felt for each other was nothing more than that of a brother or sister. He also knew this child would be the one from the prophecy, the one to defeat Voldemort. And being raised around them was no way to turn him or her to the Light Side.

James was unsettlingly civil to Severus at the wedding, and as usual Sirius Black was a bastard. The time after that was when Harry James Potter, as he was named, was about two months old. Severus had been out of the country during the birth and had been insanely angry with himself because of it. He appeared at the Potter residence and made his apologies expecting the door to be slammed in his face. Instead James opened it wider and stepped aside to let him in.

He held his son and rocked him to sleep, and when Lily tried to take the boy to his cot, he woke and cried until he was placed back in Severus' hands once more. Lucius Malfoy had a son of his own over a month before Harry was born; he was named Draco Calidus Malfoy. Being Severus' best friend Lucius knew all of the details, and was surprisingly sympathetic even though Lily was a Mudblood. He even went as far as to try and dissuade Voldemort from attacking James Potter when Harry was 15months old.

Severus came forward with the truth, and after being tortured for lying, was told to get his son back. Lucius was also tortured for keeping it a secret. When Voldemort attacked the Potters he promised not to hurt Lily. He killed James, and Lily hid with Harry. He asked Lily to hand Harry over and Lily, fearing he knew of the prophecy refused again and again, until Voldemort lost his patience with her and killed her.

Angry at her and himself he picked up Harry and went to leave, as he got to the doorway, Albus Dumbledore flew through and fired the killing curse at him. Voldemort jumped out of the way and Harry fell. The curse hit Harry before Dumbledore could call it back, when he next cast the curse it hit Voldemort as intended and destroyed his body.

Harry, unconscious on the floor and bleeding from his forehead, was made a hero from that day on for surviving the killing curse and 'defeating' Voldemort. Dumbledore left Harry there after owling Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, to come and check on the Potters. Soon after Hagrid arrived, Sirius came also. Hugging his godson tightly, he decided that Severus should be told what happened. He left with Harry before Hagrid could stop him, and arrived at Snape Manor.

Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape where at the Manor when he arrived. They had been watching their Lord using a scrying mirror and Severus had tears running down his face after watching Lily die. Lucius was still in shock at the site of Voldemort crumbling to dust. They both turned to face Sirius as he held a sleeping baby against his chest.

"Do you know what happened?" He asked softly. Nodding Severus fetched his pensive, and placing the tip of his wand to his head drew a long line of silvery thread from his head and placed it into the bowl. Sirius handed Harry to his father and placed his face in the bowl.

He pulled out later; also tear streaked and angry as hell. "He wasn't going to hurt Harry." Lucius told him, and rather than fight Sirius nodded, angry at Dumbledore not Voldemort. He had no idea that Severus was Harry's true father and so, when he left, he took Harry with him and applied for custody. Dumbledore having found out somehow that Sirius knew the truth blamed Peter for telling Voldemort where the house was in the first place, and needing someone he could blame Sirius went after Peter.

Rightly terrified at the thought of Azkaban Peter blamed Sirius loud enough for people to hear and then, after cutting his own finger off, blew up half the muggle street and vanished as his animagnus form; Wormtail.

That left Sirius with the blame, and needing to be rid of him Dumbledore had Sirius sentence without a trial. He went to Azkaban for the murder of 12 muggles. Hagrid fetched Harry again, and took him to Dumbledore, who had taken hair from both of the Potter corpses and was working on a potion to give Harry. Hagrid left Harry with Dumbledore while he went back to Hogwarts for some paper Albus told him was very important.

He gave Harry the potion, and after swallowing every last drop lay Harry in the crib he conjured as the baby began to cry and scream. As Albus watched he noticed the changes, his face rounded out more, his hair shortened and began to stick up in all directions, a crows nest like James' had been. His eyes stayed Lily's emerald green. His skin wasn't as pale now and he was shorter all over.

When the changes stopped Harry's cries stopped, and Albus picked him up and gave him to Hagrid. He wrote a note to Lily's muggle sister Petunia and left to place the wards around the house. Hagrid arrived afterwards on Sirius' flying motorcycle and Albus placed Harry on the doorstep, note lying on his chest. The lightening bolt shaped scar peeking out from behind his hair.


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