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Words: 3,565

Chapter 26

Tobias Evans Snape?

One month before Harry was given the Dementors Kiss, Harry had snuck away from school for a meeting with Voldemort. When he arrived, he greeted his Uncle-figure in Parseltongue before his attention was drawn to a tall man with scraggly brown hair tucked in the corner of the room shaking.

"H-Hello," he whimpered, "my n-name is Walter Brandon."

Harry looked at him and blinked, before turning to look at Voldemort again. "Who is he?" Harry whispered.

"He works for the Ministry. He's a False Law. They're like an equivalent to the Muggle Criminal Prosecution Lawyer, for Wizards. They're called False Law's because; well I'm not entirely sure. Something to do with them marching to their own tune, or in this case, making up evidence to prosecute people with." Voldemort turned to hiss at Walter.

The tall man gulped, and wished for a moment he had followed Melinda's advice and stayed out of Potters' business. "I want to h-help. They're going to arrest you. We were w-working on your file two months ago; I'd give it another month or so before they go directly after y-you. I'm so sorry, I didn't want to! That's why I'm here, I really do want to help you." The man babbled and Harry only understood every other word.

He turned to look at Voldemort and shrugged, "tell us everything you know." And so Walter did. He told them what Scrimgeour was saying about Harry, he told them what Melinda had wrote in the file and what she had removed. He told them, in minute detail, what Scrimgeour had planned for Harry Snape. At the end of Walters babbling, Harry had laughed.

"Here I thought it would wait till next year. I'll have to get my Father to go school supply shopping I suppose." Voldemort frowned, "Tobias will need to go to Hogwarts early."

"Harry, you really don't know anyone named Tobias." Voldemort said slowly as if speaking to a small child.

"Course I do Tom, Tobias Evans. Lily Evans, my Mother and Tobias Snape, my Grandfather. The perfect alias." Harry smirked proudly when Voldemort's mouth fell open, rather unbecomingly.

"How devious of you. You must have had this planned out for a while." Voldemort paused. "You do have a plan don't you?"

Harry nodded, "I have a cunning plan!"

Voldemort let one eyebrow rise, and smirked slightly, recalling back to some Muggle film he had seen. "Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be professor of cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the UN at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning?"

"Yes," roll of the eyes, "it is."

Voldemort gave a low, mock, whistle, "that's cunning."

Getting serious again, Harry said, "yes, Jackal helped me out a bit of course. It is his home I used when Father visited, and his life story I gave Father as well." Harry paused. "He is a very useful Muggle and I'm rather glad I met him."

Voldemort laughed before turning his attention on Walter, "thank you for your help. In a month you say?" Walter nodded jerkily. "Thank you again, Mr. Brandon, but I have no further use for you." Walter paled and tried to run for the door. "Avada Kedavra!" The green light hit Walter in the back, and the man fell forward, just as he passed through the open doorway.

It would take a month and a week for people to realize that Walter Brandon was in fact dead. For the next two weeks, Melinda would search frantically high and low for him, before deciding he obviously didn't follow her advice and giving up any hope.

Scrimgeour of course blamed it on Harry Snape – who would have been dead by the time his decomposing body was found.

Voldemort smiled, ignoring the 'thump' the body made as it hit the floor. "So, what's your plan? I know you have one."

"I need to visit Jackal and work some stuff out. Can you cover for me with Father, Lucius and Draco?" Voldemort nodded. "I'll keep you informed, but you'll be the only one. I need one person level headed enough to collect my Kissed body. Not a word Tom, promise me?"

"I promise Harry. Or should I say Tobias?" Voldemort smirked slightly and Harry smiled before heading for the door. "Oh, congratulations on your engagement. I hope Draco doesn't take the death of his fiancé too badly."

"Fuck!" Harry cursed as he closed the door behind him. "I forgot about that!" Voldemort's laughed followed him down the hallway.


When Harry rang the doorbell at a flat in a Muggle apartment block somewhere in the English countryside, the door was almost ripped off its hinges when it was answered. A twenty-year-old man, who stood at about 6ft stood inside the threshold glaring angrily at whoever dared disturb him.

"Look man, fuck off! Tobias aint here!" He growled, before getting a good look at Harry. He squinted slightly and smiled, "Sorry Toby, thought you were someone else man."

Harry frowned, "who Jackal?"

"Dunna, this guy, man. I didn't catch his name; too busy shouting at him." Jackal flicked his long black hair behind his ears and out of his eyes. He stood aside, "in you come then man."

Jackal smiled, causing his cheekbones to raise a little higher than they already were and his brown almost black eyes to sparkle slightly. Harry rolled his eyes and followed the man into the house. "How have you been?"

"Drinking, thanks to the dough you gave me, man." Jackal smirked, his canines sticking out over his bottom lips.

"I hope you put some of my money to good use Jackal." Harry growled slightly, in warning.

"Yeah man, course I did." He grabbed the blue haired teen by the arm and dragged him down the hallway and into his own bedroom. Harry allowed himself to be pulled along and sat down on the bed, waiting patiently. Jackal pulled out a wooden chest, from under the bed, and passed it to Harry.

Harry opened it quietly, smiling slightly. "Is this it?"

Jackal nodded and Harry opened it. Opposite to the gift he bought in Diagon Alley for his Father's birthday, this chest was the container for the body. While his Father's carved onyx chest contained jeweled jars for extracted organs, this chest contained one crystal jar filled with dust.

Harry lifted the crystal jar out of the wooden chest, which seemed so large around its one small content that it seemed to suffocate the jar. Holding the crystal container carefully, Harry moved it from one hand to the other.

"This is it." He said again, as he eyed the dust inside.

The crystal was sculptured as a woman, a voluptuous one at that. Her long hair cascaded down her crystal back, before seemingly wrapping around her waist to hide her sex. Considering she was naked. The hair was sprinkled with chippings of onyx and sapphire. Her crystal eyes were open, and embedded in the space were two small emeralds. Her lips were flaked with ruby chippings.

Harry twisted her head, expecting it to come off like the other jars, the one's he had bought his Father, but it didn't budge. With a frown Harry turned it upside down. He growled when Jackal reached over and grabbed the crystal jar out of his hands. "Careful Jackal!"

"I know, man I know." The elder male laughed and pushed the crystal soles of the crystal woman's feet. The soles slid to the left and Jackal handed the figurine back to Harry. "Opens at the bottom, man."

"Thank you Mr. State-the-Obvious. You are so helpful." Harry snapped.

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit." Jackal laughed, not taking offence at his ex-boyfriends comment.

"As said by those incapable of its proper application and as such suffer from it a lot." The bluenette sneered, sliding the soles of the figurine's feet back into place. He put the crystal woman into the box and closed the lid with a 'thud'. Smirking he launched himself at Jackal. "You are the best Jake!"

"Now, Toby you know I don't use that name anymore, man." Harry shrugged and pulled out of the hug. "Kiss me, and make it better?" He leered but Harry only laughed and pushed him away. "I wont tell your boyfriend."

"Go away Jackal." Harry grinned.

"You go away, this is my house man." Taking a quick look at his watch, Harry decided it would be best if he left now. He said goodbye to Jackal and hugged him once more, he even allowed the elder man to get in a quick kiss, before shoving him away.

"Oh and it's 'my fiancé' now, not 'boyfriend' by the way," Harry laughed as Jackal gave a disappointed groan.


The day of Harry Snape's arrest, found Harry warded inside an empty classroom on the third floor. He pulled the crystal woman out of his pocket, wrapped tightly in his invisibility cloak. Placing both items on the ground beside each other, he removed a knife from his sleeve, where he had hidden it after lunch, where he'd left a few minutes ago.

Sitting crossed legged on the dusty floor, Harry sighed and removed his robe and shirt, before folding them and placing them directly in front of him on the floor. He removed his trousers and shoes and socks as well and placed them on top of the pile, so he was in his boxer's only.

He picked the crystal woman up and pushed the soles out of the way, opening the jar up. He tipped the dust onto the pile of clothes. He then picked up the knife and frowning at its bluntness, began to drag it back and forth across his left wrist, trying to draw blood and damning himself for not grabbing a sharper knife.

When the blood first began to flow, Harry began to cut faster, while holding his arm over the clothing so the blood fell onto the ashes. The ashes had once been the crystal woman the jar was sculpted to portray. She had been the lover of a high priest, the same woman whose organs had once been stored in his Father's birthday gift jars. By releasing the ashes, Harry was bringing her back to life for a short period of time. By bringing her back with his blood, Harry would make her look like him, while she lived briefly.

A wind picked up in the room, and began to swirl around the clothing and ashes. The blood began to disappear as the ashes soaked it up like a sponge, then began to take shape. First a head appeared, floating in the air, with no face or nose or hair. A neck and shoulders appeared beneath the head followed by arms and legs that appeared at the side and bottom of the floating head. They attached to the torso that was last to form. When all the body parts were connected, the blood seemed to seep to the surface of the figure, flowing along the woman's body like water through the tiny lines in a leaf. As the blood touched a part of the woman, that part took the shape and colour of Harry.

When the wind died down, there was an exact copy of the blue haired teenager standing in front of him. "Hello, master, may I serve you well." She spoke sounding just like Harry.

Harry had donated just enough blood to ensure she lasted well over 12 hours. When the 12 hours were up, like Cinderella's pumpkin, she'd turn back into ashes. The clothes were already fitted to the Woman-Harry, hanging loosely off the woman as they did on Harry. He smiled.

"They will kill you, because they will think you are me. Take no offence." Harry told his doppelganger.

She nodded and said nothing. The more strenuous the activity the quicker she digested the blood, and turned back to ashes. When she became ashes she was automatically recalled to the crystal jar. She would act like Harry until the Aurors came for him, and then she would calm down and go along with them willingly. She would not fight, those were her instructions; she would die. And when the Aurors tired of gloating over the Snape boys' death, Voldemort would collect the body, and she would return to her crystal prison.

Harry sent her off to the DADA class, hoping the Aurors arrived soon so she wouldn't use up all her energy pretending to be Harry. Flinging the invisibility cloak around his shoulders, the real Harry snuck out of the school. When he exited the wards, Harry apparated straight to Voldemort. After informing Voldemort to be ready, Harry would give him the signal; he left for Jackal's home and awaited his Father.


Snape had been curt and rather rude when he picked up Tobias. Sneering angrily at the teenager that was keeping him away from his son, Snape turned and stalked back out of the house, expecting the dark haired boy to follow. Tobias winked at Jackal as he left; Jackal peeked out from behind his bedroom door and winked back.

The raven-haired teen had to practically run behind his Father, until the man turned sharply and grabbed Tobias' arm, pulling them chest-to-chest. Without warning, Snape apparated them to the Ministry. Feeling slightly woozy, Tobias lent against the wall, but Snape – not willing to waste time – grabbed the boy and dragged him, half stumbling, half running to keep up, behind him.

Throwing open the doors to the room Harry was being kept in, Snape froze and dropped to his knees at the sight of his son chained to a chair, with a Dementor sucking the life from him.

Luckily, Harry decided, the woman in the chair was long since lifeless. He laughed softly at the thought of fooling the Minister.

That silent thought did nothing to comfort his friends however, and Harry flinched as he heard his Father and fiancé sobbing loudly, along with his two best girl friends. Lucius and Neville were trying not to cry, but Harry could tell they wanted to.

People began to trickle out of the room as the watched the Minister make a break for it. Leaving Harry's friends to grieve silently as well.

Severus turned, looking at Tobias from where he was kneeling, and hissed. "You fucking little shit! How dare you laugh?" Snape stood and launched himself at the teenager. "It's your fault. If I hadn't have had to get you, I would have been able to say goodbye! You fucking little bastard!"

"Now, now, Daddy you don't really mean that." Harry smirked. "I know who my Father is," he said in a singsong voice and Severus stopped dead.

"No," he breathed and backed away.

"Tobias was your Father's name, Evans was my Mothers." Harry's smirk faded and he allowed his brown-almost-black eyes to turn Avada Kedavra green for a moment.

"Harry?" Severus whispered, reaching a hand out towards him.

As he said the word, Harry nodded and closed his eyes. His facial features shifted, becoming more like the child cradled in Draco's arms – the blond was looking over at them by this point, still crying softly – and less like Tobias or Jackal. He shrank a few inches as well. He also let down his Occlumency shields and gave Voldemort the go ahead.

The man arrived before Snape could say another word and took the Woman-Harry out of Draco's arms, who protested loudly but was silenced with a glare. "We still have 10 hours."

"She is useless Tom, they gave her the Kiss. Call her back." Voldemort held out the crystal jar, the sole less feet pointed at the corpse. The body began to turn to ash, bit by bit, much like Quirell had done in Harry's first year. When she was all ashes, they lifted in a wind that had appeared from nowhere and glided silently into the jar. The soles slid themselves into place when all of the ashes were gathered inside.

Voldemort handed Harry his newest possession back.

Draco stood up, sniffling quietly. "You're dead, they killed you."

Harry grinned widely and said, "The report of my death was an exaggeration," at the same time Luna hiccupped and said "He's not dead; he's electroencephalographically challenged." She received blank stares from everyone. Draco however ran across the room and threw himself, sobbing once more, into Harry's outstretched arms, shrieking, "I hate you."

"I love you too, Dragon." Harry just whispered. "It's safer this way. I'm so sorry." Draco said nothing; he just wrapped his arms more tightly around Harry's shoulders and sobbed louder. Hermione and Ginny threw themselves at Harry's back and began to cry on him as well. Luna smiled softly; staring up at the ceiling and Neville just laughed and thumped Harry on the back good-naturedly. That was more than he could take, with a groan he dropped to the floor being both girls and his lover down with him. None of them stopped their crying.

Harry looked at Neville who shrugged, and rolled his eyes back. With a smile he allowed himself to be used as a tissue. From where he stood Severus ran a hand over his face and glared at Voldemort. Lucius joined in. Since Harry was 'busy', Voldemort would bare the brunt of both men's' anger and worry. The Dark Lord swallowed, rather un-evil of him, and began to back out of the room.

Lucius and Severus followed him, screaming and cursing at his back. Voldemort vowed never to help Harry fake his own death ever again!

Neville and Luna managed to pry Hermione and Ginny off of Harry a little while later and led them out of the room, after the adults – who were still shouting at Voldemort. Draco looked up when everyone was gone and smiled softly. "I thought I lost you."

"I'm here, I'll never leave you Dragon." Draco began to peel his clothes off of his body, dropping them to the floor.

"Prove you are here," he whispered, lying back on the floor completely naked. He spread his legs wide and looked up at Harry his eyes wide. The bluenette morphed into the guise of Tobias, and smirked as Draco's eyes widened further. He removed his own clothes and dropped them to the floor beside Draco's. "You still have the tattoo."

"I decided it stood for the two of us," Harry smiled and leant down to kiss his fiancé. "I know your fiancé just died, but will you marry me?" He asked with a wry smile.

"How will we explain this?" Draco asked with a gasp as Harry pushed his fingers past the tight ring of Draco's anus.

"I am the son Father never knew he had, I am also the sole benefactor of Harry Potter-Snape, because we knew each other from the Muggle World and he knew we were Brothers. You knew me, but you swore under a Wizards Oath not to tell anyone about me. You're really with me, not Harry. You and Harry were pretending, because he didn't want to date anyone, and neither did you while I was away. I was coming to Hogwarts next year anyway, and you thought I'd tell people myself."

"O-Ok," Draco agreed breathlessly, as Harry stretched him. Harry removed his fingers, and lined his erection up to Draco's hole, dry. He warned the blond, who just nodded and raised his hips in invitation. Harry thrust forward, seating himself within his fiancé with one thrust. Draco let out a keening wail, as he was breeched and torn. Harry tried to pull out, but Draco's legs wrapping around his waist stopped him. "M-More."

Harry arched his back and thrust in again, before pulling back and sinking inside again. Draco moaned and raised his hips to meet Harry's thrusts. "Tobias!" He moaned, trying to get used to the unfamiliar name rolling off his tongue. He laughed softly, "I feel like I'm cheating on you."

"You'll get used to it," Harry promised before pressing a wet kiss to Draco's sweaty neck. Draco turned his head to the side, and Harry bit down and sucked lightly on the red skin. "Mine," he growled and the blond moaned in agreement.

Their thrusts sped up; soon they were frantically slamming against one another, Draco sliding on the floor slightly as Harry's movements became brutal in its intensity. He didn't complain though, he groaned and begged for more.

They came together moments later, with a cry of each others' names on their lips. Draco lifted his head up, and Harry leant down to kiss him. Their mouths met and their tongues battled each other for dominance, and eventually Draco gave up, allowing Harry's tongue to plunder his mouth, before he pulled back. The blond stared at the ceiling, seeing stars, still coming down form his orgasm.

"I love you, Tobias." Harry beamed at him.

"And I you, my love, my Dragon." The raven-haired boy smiled. They lay together for a while longer, simply satisfied to bask in the afterglow with the one they loved. Unworried of the Ministry or school or anything of the like. Harry Potter was gone, and with him, were all of his problems. All that was left was Tobias Snape and his lover, his fiancé, a very satisfied Draco Malfoy.


The End

"The report of my death was an exaggeration," – Oscar Wilde

""I have a cunning plan!"

"Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be professor of cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the UN at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning?"

"Yes, it is."

"That's cunning." " – All from Blackadder Back and Forth. You won't know it unless you're English most likely.

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