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Chapter 10

"Draco?" Harry opened one eye, peering at his blond lover. He was still asleep, as Harry noted the soft snores coming from his direction. "Draco…" Harry murmured, scooting closer to his mate. His green eyes glinting wickedly, he pressed a chaste kiss between Draco's shoulder blades and then licked where he had kissed. He bit softly, grinning as Draco moved to his side, his penis beginning to harden..

"Mmph…" Harry giggled at Draco's sleepy arousal, continuing his nipping and caressing. Moaning again, Draco stirred, shifting suddenly so that Harry was pinned beneath him, Harry's legs spread, Draco positioned between them. "Little minx," he whispered, his sleep-dulled gaze piercing Harry's fully awakened one.

"I was only trying to wake you up," Harry retorted, feigning complete innocence. "At least you're up now," Harry purred, lifting himself so that their erections pressed together. Draco hissed in response, his hips jerking down, grinding into Harry's hardness. He quickly removed the barriers of clothes, strewing their garments about.

"Only because you woke me up," he grunted, his hand at Harry's entrance, circling. "How you'll have to pay." He inserted a finger and Harry bucked, mewling.

"Dra-co," Harry bit out, closing his eyes. "More, please!" He obliged, inserting a second and then a third digit, spreading and scissoring them, preparing for something larger.

He gasped, moaning Harry's name in his ear, slipping the fingers from Harry's body. Positioning himself, Draco eased into his body tantalizingly slow, savoring the sound of his lover keening.

"Fuck, Dray," Harry mumbled, making Draco grin.

"Indeed," he replied, withdrawing almost completely. "Do you want me?" he asked suddenly, the head of his cock just within Harry.

"Draco," he pleaded, trying to draw Draco back in him again.

"Do you want me?" he repeated, inching in just the slightest.

"God! Yes!" At Harry's shouted entreaties, Draco plunged into Harry's cavern to the hilt, hitting Harry's prostate, making him scream and writhe.

"You're so tight," Draco praised, pumping Harry's cock in time with his thrusts.

"Oh, God… I'm gunna come," Harry warned, opening his eyes for a moment so that he could look into Draco's eyes.

"Me too," the blond answered back as Harry yowled, his channel clamping down on Draco, Harry erupting between them. Draco quickened his thrusts and he felt himself cum, his eyes rolling back as he saw the stars.

Falling limply together, Draco nuzzled his mate's neck, nipping softly.

"God, Harry, that was brilliant."

Grinning cheekily, Harry replied, "I know."

After lying together and simply enjoying the aftereffects of brilliant sex, Draco and Harry got up leisurely, Draco dressing Harry lovingly.

"Draco," Harry said suddenly, drawing Draco's attention to himself. "I miss them."

Puzzled, the blond frowned. "Miss who?" he asked, his heartbeats quickening. Did Harry want to leave him? Did Harry want to go back?

"Hermione. Ron. Dumbledore. Goddammit, I'm even starting to miss Snape, the slimy git!" Harry threw up his arms dramatically.

"Snape's alive?" Draco was startled out of Harry's lamentations by his godfather's name. "Serverus isn't dead?" he searched Harry's gaze, only to meet confused emerald eyes that seemed to say, 'what are you talking about?'.

"No, he's not. Why would you think that?"

Draco took a deep breath, trying to sort all of the facts in his mind.

"Serverus was the person who brought me to the forest, after I turned in to Ice, when the Final Battle broke out. When he quit coming- he used to come every so once in a while- I just assumed the worst." He shook his head. "I've missed so much… you defeating Voldemort, Lucius' death-"

"Lucius isn't dead," Harry broke in, touching Draco's forearm. "He's the one who killed… who hurt Dumbledore. I don't know for sure if he's dead or not. There was so much blood…" His eyes began to burn with unshed tears and seeing this, Draco embraced Harry, attempting to comfort him.

"Shh," he cooed, "I'm here. I'll protect you, baby, even if it means I have to hunt down and kill my father."

"Will you, Draco?" a voice asked, making his blood freeze. Pushing his mate behind him, Draco turned to face the bane of his existence. "What a change, Dragon, from your last form. Suitable for a beast, if I do say so myself."

"Lucius," Draco hissed, his gaze as sharp as daggers.

"Who else?" the ex-Death Eater sneered, his lip curling. "A lovely little catch there, Draco," he swooped closer and Draco stood his ground in front of Harry like a shield. "Quite a fetching creature. My dear Mr. Potter, how have you been?"

"Don't talk to him!" Draco narrowed his eyes at his father, trying to ignore the instincts that almost made his lose his mind. Never had Draco felt the need to hurt someone, to kill someone, even, but every fiber of his being screamed that if Harry was in danger, then Draco could be held accountable for his reactions. He could feel his beast spirit, Ice, the white tiger, roaring and snarling its disdain and fury that such a threat to his mate even dare to be within Harry's presence.

"Draco," he heard Harry whisper and he focused some of his attention on his beloved. "Don't do anything stupid. We don't know what he might do."

"Cruci-" Lucius began, but Draco snarled and launched himself on the Death Eater scum, both hands clamped around the man's windpipe. Lucius' wand lay useless, meters away.

"Don't you even fucking dare," Draco whispered viciously in his father's ear, pounding the older blond's head on the ground in emphasis.

"Don't kill him, Draco! Not for me!" Harry's frantic pleadings broke through his lust for blood.

"With him gone, there'll be one less candidate for the next Dark Lord out there!" Draco tried to get Harry to see the good points of Lucius' demise, but he could tell Harry wasn't going to budge- his hero complex wouldn't let him.

"There'll be more, Draco! I don't want his blood on your hands!" Harry stomped his foot, fists clenched, nails biting in to his palms. "No matter how many Dark Lords we kill, there will always be more like Lucius and Voldemort! We can snap his wand!"

"Snap my wand?" Lucius gurgled, blood seeping from the corner of his mouth and from the back of his head, matting the silver mass of hair. "Kill me outright! Coward!" He spat and blood splattered in Draco's face, Disgusted, the younger Malfoy wiped it away.

"Grab a big rock, Harry. We'll knock him out and take him to Hogwarts. They'll know what to do with him."

"'Kay," he heard Harry whisper and then a shuffling sounded as Harry began to search. Beneath him, Lucius began to laugh manically.

"What the hell-" Draco began, but grunted when Lucius suddenly jerked, mouthing words. "Shut up, old man!" Draco screamed over Lucius' insane laughter.

"I've won," he heard Lucius mumble and Draco frowned.


"I've won! Accio, wand!" Lucius grinned triumphantly, twitching and throwing Draco violently off.

"Harry!" Draco cried, terror written all over his pale face. "Run!"

"Draco!" As if in slow motion, Harry heard Lucius scream the Killing Curse. He felt himself running forward, trying to catch the green light before it could hit Draco. "No!" Harry dove, shoving Draco out of the way, his eyes wide with fright as the green light hit him.

"-Co. Draco," through the fog of his mind, Draco heard a voice that echoed as if off stone walls.

"Is he dead?" he heard a voice ask and he couldn't help but think the same thing. Was he dead?

"I don't believe so, Poppy," he heard a third voice reply and then continue, "merely resting."

"What about Potter?" the first voice filtered through. Oh my god, his mind screamed, was his mate dead?

"He's hurt bad, Serverus," Serverus! His godfather was alive? Where was he?

"We found Lucius' body a few meters from the two of them, killed by the curse that rebounded off of Harry. The Golden Boy seems to be good for things like that."

"Now, Serverus," he heard a voice chastise, "that young man saved your godson's life. Well, and made him human," the voice seemed to search for words, "like. Human-like again."

"Professor Dumbledore," the Poppy-person said suddenly, "look! I think he's waking up!" Like I could sleep with you lot around, he thought, wondering about his mate.

It seemed to take all of his strength, but he managed to peel open the eyelids that felt like they were weighted down.

Searingly bright daylight flooded his vision and he was vaguely aware of the smell of hospital permeating his senses. Blinking against the harsh light, he groaned.

"Draco!" Without warning, a massive lump of flesh came flying at him, plump hands poking and prodding at him. Shoving the hands away, he murmured a small "I'm fine," before he looked up into the form of Poppy Pomfry, nurse extraordinaire of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"I assure you, you are not fine, young man." A reproving glare promptly had Draco submitting to her every whim as she surveyed and catalogued wounds.

"I'm at Hogwarts?" Draco asked stupidly as Pomfrey showed a foul smelling concoction into his hand with a 'drink this' urging.

"Yes, young man, you are at Hogwarts. In the hospital wing, I might add," Dumbledore's bespectacled face beamed down on him and Draco breathed a sigh of relief.

"And Harry?" he asked, but he saw Dumbledore's smile falter.

"He did a great thing, saving you, Mr. Malfoy. And he paid greatly for it."

"Is he still aliv-" somehow, Draco couldn't form the words.

"He is," Dumbledore confirmed, " But it won't be easy for him. When the Killing Curse backfired, we don't know how much damage was done When Firenze,"

"Firenze brought us here?" Draco asked, dumbfounded. Centaurs didn't like to interfere in human affairs, usually…

"Yes. The value of friendship was more important than any set of taboos, m'boy. I'm sure you can thank him later." Dumbledore offered Draco a weak smile. "I'm sure Harry would like to accompany you."

Allowing himself to fall back against the sterile white pillows, Draco sighed heavily.

"Professor, I think Potter should be waking up soon." Searching around wildly, Draco gasped when he saw his godfather standing next to a hospital bed he presumed held his beloved. A mound of blankets covered almost the entire bed, but he could see tufts of black hair sticking out like bits of grass. Harry was alive, but he was so still. So very still…

"Serverus," he heard his own voice, but it seemed weak, almost lifeless. "You're alive." His godfather paused, almost like he was afraid of the wrath of the Dragon. " I thought you were dead. After you stopped coming, I didn't know what to think."

"I'm sorry, Draco. I never meant to make you think that." The black eyes of the potions professor seemed to mist for a moment before Serverus blinked harshly, erasing all remnants of tears.

"Right before I was going to come to see you, Death Eaters mounted an attack on Hogsmeade. Golden Boy-" seeing Draco's glare at Serverus' name for Potter, Serverus quickly refrained. "-Harry and a bunch of Order people,"

"What's the Order?" Draco interrupted, and Snape sighed.

"Order of the Phoenix. People against Voldemort. Anyway, Potter and a bunch of Order people flew straight to Hogsmeade to stop Lucius and Lestrange."

"Aunt Bellatrix?" Draco asked, glancing over to Harry's bed.

"Yes. Harry killed Bella with the Killing Curse and then Lucius attacked. From then on, we presume he fled to the Forbidden Forest, on his way to Hogwarts, when he found you. You two "hooked up" and Lucius eventually found you," Snape sighed, exhaustion evident in his features. "I've used more potions on the two of you than I think I ever have in my entire history as potions master here." He shrugged, his black cloak billowing with the gesture.

"Thank you, Serverus. Without you, without Harry, I'd probably be dead." Draco nearly choked, the tears welling up in his eyes causing his throat to constrict.

"You're welcome. Take this," Serverus procured a potion from his pocket, placing it in Draco's hand. "It's a sleep potion. Take it."

Uncapping the phial, he grimaced at its acrid smell invaded his nostrils. Downing it in a gulp, he handed the bottle back to his godfather.

"Sleep," he heard him say as Draco's mind became fuzzy yet again. "Now is just a waiting game."

Draco didn't know how many times he faded in and out of consciousness, but when he at last opened his eyes again, the light was dim enough that he didn't need to squint.

"Malfoy's awake!" he heard a voice that sounded freakishly like the Weasel cry and Draco groaned as he glanced over, flame hair instantly recognizable.

"Get Harry!" he heard Granger yell to a bustling Pomfrey who quickly set down the odds-and-ends she had been carrying, looking to Draco, gasping and flying out of the room as if hell hounds were on her heels.

He opened his mouth to ask where Harry was when the doors to the hospital wing flew open, a streak of inky black racing towards him.

"Draco!" it shouted as it jumped, assaulting Draco viciously. "You're awake! I was so worried!" It showered kisses all over his face and nuzzled his neck.

"Harry!" He nearly moaned as the smaller boy accidentally presses on his member. He felt it beginning to stir just as someone loudly cleared their throat.

"I would thank you to keep your unsightly, unsavory displays of affection to the bedroom, Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter."

Harry stopped his "unsavory displays of affection" in favor of making himself comfortable in Draco's arms. Over the shaggy, hedge-like hair of his mate, he could see the intimidating countenance of Serverus Snape.

"Then you know about us?" Draco questioned stupidly, glancing down at Harry. Out of the corners of his eyes, he saw the Weasel and Granger slip out of the room, cling the door quietly and leaving the three males alone.

"When I left you in the Forbidden Forest, you were a bloody tiger. Even if I didn't know your heritage, the fact Harry Potter is currently in your hospital bed just might have tipped me off." Uncharacteristically, the corners of Snape's mouth were quirked, as if he was hiding or smile. Or maybe he was actually smiling (truthfully, it was starting to freak Draco out).

"He was worried about you, don't let him make you think otherwise. Almost as much as I was." Harry's breath misted on his ear and Draco shivered.

"What happened? I mean, when I went back to sleep, Harry was still unconscious."

"It was your fault, dummy!" Harry accused good-naturedly, softly punching Draco's chest. "After you chatted and Snape put you to sleep, I woke up. Ron and Hermione and Dumbledore and I had the chance to 'catch up'. They truly thought I was dead. I thought you were dead." Seeing Harry's emerald eyes moistening with tears, Draco held him close, savoring the feeling of being with his mate.

"Dumbledore sends his regards, but he was called away by Ministry business. Something about denouncing a Lucius Something-Or-Other and giving his son, with a rather atrocious name, I might add, the family inheritance and rights of said Something-Or-Other clan."

Ignoring his godfather's blatant insults, Draco nodded. So Dumbledore had gone to reinstate his inheritance? He didn't have any problems with that. If the money and real estate he knew he would be getting could help Harry and him set up a normal, well as normal as the Boy-Who-Lived could be, lifestyle, then Draco would be happy.

"That's great," he weakly replied, smiling.

"And Draco?" The older man paused, as if he was unsure of himself or if what he was going to say would be offensive.

"Yeah, Serverus?"

"I wish you both the best of luck."

"Thank you." Pressing a chaste kiss to Harry's forehead, Draco looked up to see that the man had left, only to be replaced by the other two thirds of the Golden Trio.

"Do you love him?" the red head asked, his ears and the back of his neck flaming. The girl beside him nodded, encouraging Draco to speak.

"I do," Draco confirmed with a smile, wincing as Harry squealed like a child, entwining his arms around the blond like a vice.

"Be good to him, then, Malfoy," the busy haired Gryffindor said quietly, watching Harry and Draco together on the bed intimately close with something akin to awe.

"Ron," she whispered, taking the other Gryffindor's hand and leading him towards the doors. Peeking back and beaming at the two, she grinned. "Bye!" She called, shutting the door quietly.

Alone now, Draco pulled Harry to lay more fully on top of him, lining up his erection with Harry's limp member.

"Pomfrey said no, uh, strenuous activities," Harry warned, blushing vividly.

"But I've got to celebrate," Draco wheedled, shifting forward and smirking when Harry clenched his eyes shut, biting back a moan. "You're alive and we're together. Allow a poor, society deprived individual some time to reacquaint himself with the most beautiful creature on earth."

"Draco," Harry shook his head, eyes clouded with desire. "You're a horn dog."

Scandalized, Draco stopped his attentions on Harry, pouting his lower lip and pretending to be hurt.

"A horn dog?" he sulked, lower lip quivering. "Not me, surely." Grinning devilishly, Draco cupped Harry through his flimsy trousers, chuckling as Harry hissed his delight.

"I guess one round wouldn't hurt," Harry conceded, biting out his words as Draco rolled, pinning Harry beneath him. He unbuttoned Harry's shirt and slipped it off, exposing the boy's lithe chest.

Working his hands under the waistband of Harry's pants, Draco smirked.

"No boxers, minx? That eager for me, are we?"

"I said NO STRENOUS ACTIVITIES!!!!" Pomfrey boomed wildly, magiking Harry's shirt back on and conjuring a chair. "For you, Mr. Potter," she squawked, glaring at the boy wonder until he slid from Draco's bed and into the chair. 'Harrumphing, she left, nose high in the air.

Turing to Harry, Draco shivered. "She's scary."

"I told you," he murmured in reply, laying his head on the side of the bed, groaning.

"When I get out of here, we can do all the strenuous activities we want." Waggling his eyebrows, Draco smiled.

"I can't wait," Harry said breathlessly, his cheeks tingeing.

Draco could only laugh.