Mask De Smith ran over to the hangar door & kicked it open. He charged down the hallway & stopped just short of an odd-looking character deactivating a cloaking device. Mask De Smith walked up to the character.

"Hola, Iwazaru." He said.

"Master." He said. "We're in a tight spot." Now, to Mask De Smith, & the other Killer7 agents, Iwazaru's voice came in as perfect English under his voice scrambler. However, to anybody else in the area, it sounded more like "blotoshtaboshtablodlodlodlotshdlo". "We can't let these people know that you're here. If they find out, we'll have to stop them from raising an alarm & alerting others."

"Of course." Mask De Smith replied.

"In the name of Harman." Iwazaru replied. He then pressed a button on his arm & vanished into invisibility. Mask De Smith looked ahead at the hallway. He continued to run down it. He came to a corner turning right. He pressed his back against the wall & remained perfectly still. He slowly looked around the corner & saw 2 guards with rifles. 1 was a cheetah, the other a wolf. He slowly lifted his grenade launchers & clutched the triggers. The cheetah scratched his leg in boredom. Mask De Smith saw a moment & leapt out of hiding. He fired a grenade at the 2 guards, which exploded on impact.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The 2 guards screamed as they were killed. Mask De Smith ran past the 2 corpses & down the hall. He found another corner going left. A skunk guard came from around the corner, alerted by the explosion & screams. He saw Mask De Smith coming his way.

"Oh, shit!" He shouted. Mask De Smith fired a grenade, which the guard just narrowly dodged.

"Oh no, you don't!" Mask De Smith shouted. He charged down the hall & rounded the corner & fired upward. His grenade soared through the air & landed just behind the running guard. The grenade exploded, killing the guard instantly. "Adios, amigo." He said coldly as chunks of the splattered guard's meat went flying. He ran further down the hall & eventually came to an elevator. He pressed the button on the side & waited for the elevator. When it showed up, he heard the ding, the elevator opened up & he went inside. The elevator door closed behind him & the elevator started going up. Mask De Smith simply waited calmly, listening to the elevator music playing though the intercom. The door opened up to another hallway. Mask De Smith heard a bloodcurdling scream come from down the hallway. Wondering what it was, he snuck up the hallway towards the corner. He peeked around the corner & saw a tiger guard standing in front of a wall. Then a bear guard showed up behind him, having come out of a door. The tiger guard turned around to the bear guard & looked at him, looking a little bit shocked.

"Was that noise you?" He asked.

"Of course." The bear guard said. "I had a bean burrito on my break. A really big burrito." The tiger's face twisted to show his shock & disgust.

"Eugh!" He shouted. "Nasty. I ain't going into that room unless it's fumigated first." Mask De Smith shuddered at the thought of the odour.

"Mi cualquier." Mask De Smith muttered to himself. He carefully looked around the corner at the 2 guards, then leapt out of hiding onto the wall on his left from before leaping out of the corner & ran along it, right at the guards. The bear guard noticed Mask De Smith & pointed right at him.

"Hey, look!" He shouted. "An intruder!" The tiger guard noticed him, but neither got a chance to do anything, since the instant they saw him, he fired right at them, turning them both into a large spray of blood & meat chunks. He leapt off the wall & did a sideways flip. He landed on the floor on his feet, & stared at the bloody remains of the 2 guards. "Ver usted en infierno." He said in a cold tone. He walked down the hall to a corner & turned right to an elevator. He pressed up on the button & the elevator opened up, allowing him in. However, a security camera was watching him. The darkened figure from before saw Mask De Smith walk into the elevator, & the elevator close.

"My my." He said to himself. "This human is intruiging. Whoever he is, he's killed 2 of my finest guards. Well, let's see how many he can handle." He pushed a red button in front of a microphone. "Intuder Alert! Intruder Alert!" He shouted into the mike. "Intruder has been spotted in the airlock hall & is moving in the direction of the control room. All personnel report to the elevator in Sector 3. Locate & stop the intruder from breaching further security areas. Be warned, the intruder is armed & dangerous. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill!" Mask De Smith heard this in the elevator.

"Mierda!" He shouted, making a fist. "He knows that we're here!"

"Guess we didn't count on the security cameras being so well concealed." General Blight said through the uplink. "Now we need stealth more then ever, so try the ventilation system."

"Copy that." Mask De Smith said. He then calmly waited for the next floor. His uplink then brought him another message from General Blight.

"Smith, we got multiple guards waiting for you outside of the door." He shouted. Do something!"

"Don't worry." Mask De Smith said. "I know exactly what to do." Mask De Smith aimed his Grenade Launchers at the door & waited for it to open. When it did, there were several guards waiting for him, all armed with blasters. Mask De Smith fired at the ground, blowing them up. Mask De Smith walked through the corpses of the guards to the other side of the small room. He saw a small grate just big enough for him to fit through at his feet. He looked at the ceiling & saw a concealed camera. He fired a grenade at it, destroying it. He knelt down & removed it. He then climbed into the vent & placed the grate back on. He crawled through the ventilation duct, which was a little bit snug, but he could crawl through it. After a while, he reached a point where he had to climb up a vent. It was difficult since the vent walls were so smooth, but after a while, he managed to reach the top. He started to climb up the edge when he saw a red light a scant few feet away from him. He climbed up to the light & adjusted his eyes to it. It was a concealed security camera. His eyes widened at this realization. "Mierda santa!" He muttered to himself. He crawled back to the ledge & hung his feet over it. He put his hand up to the headset & contacted General Blight. "General Blight, forget the vent ducts." He said. "These guys spared no expense on making sure this place is break-in-proof."

"Well, guess a stealthy approach is useless here." General Blight said. "But if you can, try & sneak up on the guards, ok?"

"Si, general." Mask De Smith replied.

"& don't shoot the camera, Smith." General Blight said. "Our scanners have indicated that the vent is on the outside of the ship." Mask De Smith stared at the camera with a "yeah, sure, whatever" look on his face.

"I understand." He said.

"Good." General Blight said. "Go do your best, Smith." & with that, the link was severed.

"Easier said than done." Mask De Smith muttered to himself. He crawled towards the camera & looked directly at it. "If you're watching, whoever's in charge, you should know Earth don't take too kindly to those who try to destroy it." & with that, he pressed his finger against the lens until he broke it. He then turned the corner & crawled down the duct. Meanwhile, outside the vent, 2 guards were standing in front of it, a jackal & a pig guard. The jackal turned to the pig.

"Hey, rhetorical question for you." He said, getting the pig's attention. "If we didn't have to destroy Earth, what would you have liked to do on that planet?"

"What would I like to do on Earth if we didn't have to destroy it now?" He asked. He then rested his chin in his thumb & forefinger, pondering over the question. "Hmmm." He said. "Well, I WOULD'VE liked to have seen that mountain with the 4 dead presidents' faces carved into it. I think they called it Mt. Rushmore."

"Rushmore, huh?" The Jackal asked. "As for me, I would've liked to go to a rock concert that starred this Earth Band called Linkin Park. I heard they're great."

"Me too." The pig replied. "But I guess neither of us will get those chances now, since in a few hours, Earth is gonna cease to exist." While they were talking, they failed to notice a Mask De Smith in the vents, having heard it all.

"How do I get past this?" Mask De Smith quietly asked himself. After pondering this question, he got an idea. He broke through the vent grate & grabbed the 2 guards' feet.

"What the?" They both asked. Right after, Mask De Smith yanked their feet out, causing them both to topple to the floor. The pig hit his head on a pipe, which knocked him out. The other was knocked out by hitting his head on the floor. Mask De Smith then crawled out of the vent & stood up. He looked down at the 2 unconscious guards.

"Buenos noches." He said to them. General Blight then contacted him via the headset.

"Smith, we got a bunch of guards outside the door right on your left." He said. "Be careful."

"Don't worry." Mask De Smith replied. "I will be ready." He closed the link & stared at the closed door.