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The first chapter is short compared to those I've planned so far. Also, I'd like you to treat it more as an introduction: both action and romance will appear in the next chapter. As usual, you can count on some drama and humor as well (I do my best to keep my fics in the spirit of original 'Naruto').

Pairing (for those who are interested, coz I think it's much of a spoiler): NarutoxHinata, NejixTenten, SasukexSakura, ShikamaruxTemari... and few other, minor pairs (some still not decided).

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Chapter #1: Returning Home

The sun was already high as two figures were getting closer to the Hidden village of the Leaf. They took their time, enjoying the surrounding. The whole area was filled with tree of all sorts and their tops were covering in shadows most of the road.

As they reached the town's gate, the saw two, large, wooden wings of the entrance wide open. When the gates were closed, the travelers could easily read an 'A-hym' sign, which meant to keep the demons away from the village. But as the smaller one of the two looked back, it didn't really help the Leaf.

"It doesn't seem like it changed a lot, does it?" asked the taller traveler with long, white hair with red markings on his face. He was wearing mostly white and had an unusual headband on his forehead. 'I know you wanna do it…' he announced.

The smaller one just smiled under his nose. He had blonde, spiky hair and sky-blue eyes. He was wearing a black and orange dress and had a hitae-ate with a leaf on his forehead. But what really drew attention in him were probably whisker marks he had on both his cheeks.

The blonde dropped his traveling bag on the ground and jumped onto the nearest roof, to look down on the village. In front of his eyes were hundreds of buildings and people were living their lives, unaware of the young man looking from above on them. 'This place really haven't changed one bit' he thought with a smile as his eyes went to the Hokage monument. Only this time there were five faces on it. 'So that old bat ordered to add her face, eh? Sorry guys, if I was here I'd stop her…' and with that thought he smiled even wider.

"We should report our arrival" reminded the older man. "Besides, I'm pretty sure Tsunade would like to see you again. It's been over two years now…"

"Guess so…" nodded the blonde. "Though I wish to say 'hi' to few people before that…"

"You can do it after words. The Fifth would kill me if she'd find out we did came to her first."

"Alright…" replied the whisker-marks as he picked up his bag and jumping from one roof to another headed to a high tower in the center of the city. It was completely made out of wood and was also one of the tallest buildings in the village. Above the entrance there was a big, kanji symbol of 'fire'.

"Oh, you're finally back" said one of the guards, as he saw the two men approaching. "Come with me. Hokage-sama will be pleased to see you…" and with that he entered the building, lending the travelers to the highest floor.

As they reached the Hokage office, the guard bowed and went on his way back. The white-haired man slowly opened the door to see a young looking woman with long, blonde hair, clipped into two, small ponytails that were falling on her back. She was wearing a green dress with a kanji symbol on its back. The man also spotted a square, blue tattoo on her forehead. Her head was resting on a desk which was completely covered by papers.

The blonde walked closer to the woman. When he reached the desk, he stared at her for a moment and then, finding a pen between the papers, he drew it closer to the woman's face. But before the blonde could even leave a line on the female's face, she woke up and instantly gave him a powerful punch in the face, which send him flying against the wall.

The white-haired man just sighed at the sight, as the woman came closer to the boy and after helping him get back on his feet, started to wipe the floor with him again.

"What the hell?' she yelled. "I haven't seen you in two years and now that you're back you want to make my face look like a painting? When will you start to show me some respect, you brat!"

Few minute later, when the woman finally decided that the boy had enough (A/N: the blonde decided he had enough long before, but that didn't convinced the kunoichi), she got back behind her desk and looked at the white-haired man.

"So you're finally back, Jiraiya?" she asked. "You'll stay a while, I hope?" the man simply nodded. "Good. Now then, Naruto, I think there's someone who'd be happy to see you. Follow me…" and not waiting for his response, the woman exited the room and the blonde, wanting or not, went after her.

They walked through the hall with many doors. Some of them Naruto recognized: they've pasted the door to the room where shinobies received their missions; another was where they complete all the promotion issues. They finally reached the end of the hall and opened a massive, wooden door.

As they entered the room full of candles, Naruto noticed that the walls had strange markings on them in few places and the roof was kept above their heads by many, white columns. But what really drew his attention was a girl that stood in the middle of the room, practicing.

The girl was his age and had medium-length, pink hair. She was wearing a red, sleeveless top, short, black leg guard and high, black boots. As she turned around to the new arrivals, Naruto noticed her green eyes. And, from what the boy remembered, her curves became more… noticeable.

"Tsunade-sama…" the girl bowed at the sight of her sensei. "I believe I completed today's task and…" it was then that she noticed a blonde boy with whisker marks on his cheeks, standing next to the woman. "Eh? Na-Naruto?" she gave the boy a questioning look.

"Is that you, Sakura-chan?" the boy replied.

The woman smiled under her nose: "Seems that both of you changed a lot in those two years… I'll miss the time when you were just some dumb brats…" with that she gave both of them a warm smile. "You two probably have many things to talk about… Sakura, you have the rest of the day off…"


"So, you returned for good this time?" Sakura asked her teammate, as they sat on one of the roof tops.

"Yeah" replied the boy. "At least I'm not planning to go anywhere too soon… still haven't say 'hi' to so many people… Did many things changed while I was gone? I mean, except the fact that the whole village has to look at Tsunade-baachan's wrinkled face now…"

"Well, you might say that" nodded the pink-hair kunoichi. "For one thing, you're the only one from our class, who haven't become a chuunin yet…" and with that a large grin appeared on her face.

There was a moment of silence before the news reached Naruto's head. And as they did, the whole Konoha found out that he's back, as a very specific noise came to all doors: "WHAT?"

"Well, the volume of your voice hasn't changed…" the both heard a voice from behind and as the turned around, they noticed a man with silver hair and a violet mask on his face. His forehead protector was falling on his left eye. "Yo!" he greeted them as the two, young shinobies stared at him.

"Kakashi-sensei!" yelled Naruto, getting to his feet. "I see that you changed very little…"

"Looks can be deceiving…" replied the man calmly. "You'll see that as you'll wander around the village…"

"Yeah, guess you're right" nodded the boy. "Well, it's been fun seeing you guys again, but there are things I gotta do… and places I need to visit…"

"By that you mean… Ichiraku and eating ramen, don't you?" Sakura asked with a little disappointed look on her face.

"Well…" was all Naruto said while scratching the back of his head. "I didn't had any, good ramen is a really long while…"

"Just go" she made a motion with her hand, allowing him to leave. As the boy jumped down from the roof, the girl couldn't help but smile. "You're stronger, but you're still the same simple-minded blonde I remember…"


"Okay team number eight!" said a woman with long, black hair and red eyes. She was wearing an all white dress that could give you an impressions she's just wrapped with bandages all over. "Today we'll… wait, where's Hinata?"

"I'm afraid she won't be coming today…" announced a boy with a little messy, black hair, wearing a light green overcoat with sunglasses on his nose.

"Huh? Why not?"

"Didn't you heard, Kurenai-sensei?" the other boy with short, spiky, brown hair and two, red fang tattoos on his cheeks, wearing a short-sleeved, blue shirt and black pants looked a bit surprised. "Naruto returned to Konoha today. I don't think we'll be seeing her too soon" and as he said so a little smile appeared on his face. A small dog running under his feet barked loudly while shaking his tail back and fort.

"Guess it can't be helped" sighed the woman, but also gave a tiny smile. "We'll start of without her. What would you guys say for a sparing match?"


Meanwhile Naruto was devouring the fourth bowl of ramen today. The bar owner was really happy to get his number one customer back. As more noodles disappeared in the blonde gennins mouth, the boy called: "One more bowl!" and before he could count to three another meal was placed right before him.

Being in his eating frenzy, he didn't even spotted that a certain girl walked into the bar. She had short, black hair. She was wearing blue pants and a short sleeved, yellow shirt, thanks to which no-one should have a problem in recognizing her as a girl. But what really drew everyone's attention in the girl were probably her eyes, which were completely white.

"Welcome back, Naruto-kun…" she spoke up and it was only then that the blonde shinobi has taken his eyes of the ramen bowl and looked at the new arrival.

With few noodles falling from his mouth, the boy stared at the girl with his eyes widen and his mouth open, thus releasing some of his mouth content on the floor. It took him a moment to snap out of it and answer the call: "HINATA? Is that really you?"

"I missed you, Naruto-kun" she announced with a smile appearing on her face… and a small blush. "How was your trip?"


"So, the Kyuubi brat finally returned home?" asked the first figure, who's face was completely covered by a shadow cast by the hood he was wearing. His clothes were black, decorated in red clouds.

"Looks like it" replied another man, wearing the same clothes as the first. He was taller and carried a huge sword, wrapped in bandages. "This might be very convenient for us. Now that he's among his friends he'll be less alert…"

"Indeed" nodded the first. "Let's get going, Kisame… before today ends, the Kyuubi will be in our hands…" and so both figures headed forwards Konoha.

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