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Summary: Harry finally sees through Dumbledore's machinations and he begins some negotiations of his own. Joining forces with Voldemort, Harry becomes the Dark Prince he was born to be. Dark!Harry. HPSS. D/s. Pre HBP.

Warnings: This will be a dark!Harry fic. James Potter will not be Harry's father, largely because he bores me. Harry also has a sexual relationship with a man 19 years his senior (who also happens to be his teacher). This is also a relation between a Dom and a sub. I sincerely doubt whips and chains will enter into this but it will be very clear that one man is dominant over the other. If this bothers you, don't read.

Ship: Harry/Severus (see above warning)

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Where we are: HBP never happened. It is the summer after Harry's seventh year. His sixth year and seventh years have already passed and were rather uneventful.




Severus stood anxiously amidst his fellow Death Eaters. Voldemort had been quiet for the last year, revealing to his followers a few months ago that he was currently in negotiations with a possible ally, someone worthy not only of joining the Death Eaters but of ruling by his side as his equal. No one had any idea who the person was though as no one had ever seen Voldemort leave his headquarters or anyone who was not already marked enter. It was a complete mystery. Mysteries worried Severus.

The Death Eaters were all nervous. Tonight's meeting had been completely unexpected by everyone. They had long ago learned that unexpected meetings typically turned out bloody, regardless of their leader's recent tranquility. Voldemort often called meetings when he was angry and needed to vent. Everyone was milling around restlessly, trying to ease their fears without ever acknowledging that any of them were truly concerned. No one wanted to admit how much this meeting scared them. Admitting it only made it worse.

They had all long ago given up hope for a joyous meeting—a meeting that would announce the end of their struggles and their triumph over their enemies. It seemed to be too much to hope for. Perhaps this new ally might sway things…but no, everyone was too worried to even begin to think in such a manner. Even allowing the thought would be opening themselves up to a fool's hope. They were all too aware that Dumbledore's side was gaining strength. People simply weren't listening to the Dark mantra anymore. Dumbledore was too powerful and he had done too effective a job of discrediting them of any noble cause for people to come as willingly to their side. It was now only those who were disillusioned with the "light" side that came searching for the truth.

Voldemort entered suddenly from behind, his entrance announced only by the sudden noiselessness of those in the back and the immediate silence that spread through the room. The followers, as one, fell to their knees in front of their Lord.

"Tonight, my faithful soldiers, will be a night that changes the wizarding world as you know it," Voldemort began without introduction or greeting. "Tonight, you will finally be allowed to meet our new ally and we will complete the bargaining process that was begun nearly six months ago. If anyone does anything to ruin this alliance then they will become the subject of our next revel. This alliance is the way that we will win this war—it is the way that we will be able to take over the ministry and rule British society as we have long dreamed of. It is our only hope of ending the war within this lifetime. You will comport yourselves as proper Death Eaters tonight. If anyone attacks or provokes my ally then I personally will deliver your punishment."

"May we know who this great ally is, my Lord?" Lucius asked hesitantly. He knew that if anyone could get away with such a question it would be him.

Voldemort's jaw clenched as he fought his desire to curse Lucius for questioning him, especially in front of the general soldiers. Part of his agreement with his new ally was to try to limit the punishments that he had doled out so freely in the past. He had been working hard in the past few months to comply with the request. He knew that he needed this man's help if he ever wanted the war to end favorably. "You will see soon enough, Lucius," he hissed, clearly still angry.

Lucius breathed a nearly silent sigh of relief. Something had mellowed his master our in the past few months and he was damned grateful for it. Evidently the proceedings with the new ally had served to sooth him, making him feel, for the first time in nearly eighteen years, safe in his position in the fight to take over the ministry.

The doors to the hall suddenly swung open violently, hitting the walls with a loud crash. A slender figure stood in the doorway, heavily cloaked. A deep hood destroyed any chance of the Death Eaters seeing the identity of the man. Severus looked more closely, trying to make out who this new ally was. Tonight would be important for him especially. He had long been trying to decide on his place in this war, wavering between the light and the dark. The identity of this ally could decide him. If the new leader was strong enough he would throw his lot in with the dark, regardless of the fact that doing so would betray his lover who had been the only thing keeping him in the middle. He needed to look out for himself, after all. He was fond of the boy but he wasn't about to give up his chance for life and power in order to keep a good fuck.

The figure walked slowly through the parted Death Eaters, standing proud and confident. He approached the throne and stopped, looking up at Voldemort. "I see you've been expecting me," he said, cold amusement evident in his voice.

"I thought it prudent to allow you to see the men and women you will help to lead," Voldemort conceded.

The man lowered his hood but kept his back to the Death Eaters. They could make nothing out but a dark head of curly hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. Severus paled a bit but convinced himself that he couldn't possibly be right. The next thing the man did though identified him beyond a doubt to the entire room. It caused many to panic knowing the wrongs that they had done him, some to smirk in triumph knowing the end was near, and one man to turn completely white, knowing that his decision had been made for him. The man had hissed out what was unmistakably an order given to the Dark Lord in Parseltongue.

Voldemort's cold voice rang out clearly over his restless followers. "May I present to you the Black Prince."



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