Chapter 27

"Oh Severus, it's beautiful!" Ginevra squealed in delight, her newly-American accent grating on Severus' ears.

"Get out of our bed," Severus muttered half heartedly, rolling over and burying his head in Dorian's dark curls. Merlin, the brat woke up early, and she went out of her way to make sure the rest of the Death Eaters were up as well. If his pet didn't love her so much, he swore he would string her up by her toes.

Dorian stretched lazily, pressing against his Master as fully as possible and purring lightly as he felt His hard length against his hip. He knew that Severus was unlikely to give in and fuck him again this early in the morning, especially now that his sister was with them, but a boy could hope, couldn't he? He turned back to Ginevra to show off his collar to its best advantage, lifting his chin high to show off the glittering name that Severus had inscribed on it. "He gave it to me two nights ago," he said with a smile. "To celebrate the conception of his young."

Ginevra grinned. "It's perfect. Budge over; it's chilly in your room." She crawled under the blankets next to Dorian, cuddling up with him. "Where did you get it, Severus?"

Severus finally gave up on getting back to sleep, rubbing his face tiredly to try to wake up. "Family jewels. Someone might as well enjoy them."

"The jeweler did a great job re-setting them," she said, still fingering the glistening collar. "Did a Death Eater do it, or how did you keep it from getting out?" It was certainly not everyday that the potions master of Hogwarts would have an emerald, gold and platinum collar made, with the name "pet" emblazoned on it. She was sure that would stir up quite a few stories, but she was equally certain that the obsessively-private potions master would have avoided such a thing at all costs.

"Family jeweler. He wouldn't dare spread stories," Severus said, reaching for some trousers. "Are you ready for today?"

"I think so. What do you think, Ian?"

"Yes, Sir," Dorian said, speaking to his Master rather than Ginevra "I'm nervous, but I know that we need to do this. Once we get established in Hogsmeade we can begin the next stage of our work. And I remain convinced that this is completely necessary. If we allow the children at Hogwarts to remain immersed in Dumbledore's lies, they will stand no chance of ever coming over to our cause. As soon as they have grown up and can amass an army, they would seek our overthrow. And as much as I would like to believe that we could crush any uprising that might someday come, I do not wish to run foolishly into a war that can be avoided. We need this generation of wizards on our side, or at least willing to accept change."

Severus nodded. He definitely understood the arguments, and in certain moods was more than ready to agree with them. Right now though, it was rather difficult to force himself to allow his pet to leave his side and venture out so close to Hogwarts. "Have you accustomed yourself to your new appearance?" he checked. After that first day in which Dorian had changed his appearance to look as he would as the shopkeeper, he had not seen the change again. For a new metamorph, it was vital to practice the change as often as possible to ensure he could hold it.

"Yes Master, I have been practicing it a bit each day. I can hold it effortlessly, and I shouldn't have any problems because I haven't changed my name. Not to mention the fact that no one at Hogwarts knew the real me – there's no way they could recognize my personality and know who I really am. And Lord tied the accent charm to my changed appearance, so it will leave immediately when I assume my true form. It should make it easier to switch back and forth, and attend meetings."

"And you, Ginevra?" he said, turning to her.

She nodded her head. "I think I'm ready. My hair is so blond, and that'll likely push off most people who would question who I am. I doubt anyone would associate me with the Weasleys. Not to mention the accent spell that our Lord has performed on us. And with the blue muggle contacts, I'll be perfectly safe."

"And your name?"


Severus groaned at a sudden thought. "Do tell me the two of you have chosen a last name."

Ginny grinned. "Of course. We're Dorian and Lorelei Arbis." Both of them had agreed upon a last name with absolutely no significance or second meaning. Doing something as foolish as that would be a dead giveaway. Dumbledore was a maniacal control freak, not an idiot. They would be watched closely enough as it was, being two new young adults who had such close access to the youths of Hogwarts. Having a name such as 'Jameson' or 'Evans' would be foolish in the extreme.

Dorian slipped out of bed to assist Severus in dressing. "You go back to Dumbledore in three days, is that right?" he asked quietly.

"Yes. You have nothing to fear," Severus said softly, running his potion stained fingers over his pet's cheek. "He suspects nothing, and you and Tom have provided me with plenty of false reports to present. He will believe that I have spent my time well, and have returned to him with a wealth of information."

Dorian nodded and continued buttoning the long line of black buttons down his Master's chest.

"Dress," Severus ordered once he finished with the buttons, turning the boy toward the wardrobe. "The Malfoys will be here soon and Draco will have kittens if he arrives and you're still naked."

Dorian rolled his eyes but complied. As always, his Master was correct. Draco was certainly not ready for such a thing yet. "Ginevra, Draco and I will have a small meeting in the sitting room when they arrive. Please entertain Lucius during that time," he said to Severus, donning his role as the Prince even as he donned his clothing.

Severus nodded. "Very well. We will await your orders. Please do see us before leaving for Hogsmeade though. Will Lord Voldemort attend this meeting?"

"It is unlikely," Dorian said, shrugging on a simple, dark blue robe. "He has a meeting with Cassandra and the others working at St. Mungos. Not much time has passed since we stationed the others there, but evidently they already have important information to report. Tom and I will discuss everything tonight, at around eleven, unless something else comes up."

"I assume you will use your connection to discuss this?" Severus asked, his concern evident.

"Yes, Sir," Dorian said with a smile. "I will not floo back here unless the situation is dire, and we thought we should limit the amount of apparition as much as possible. If someone drops by our store or our rooms, we need to be there and be available as much as possible. If I leave every night to come back to Headquarters and have meetings with Tom, people might notice. And rumor has it that Dumbledore has a method of monitoring all apparition into and out of Hogsmeade. If he notices me coming and going routinely, all could be lost. By communicating mostly through our connection, I can end the connection at any given moment without anyone noticing anything."

A knock on the door indicated that the Malfoys were present. "Enter," Dorian called out, sliding his wand into the holster he had put on only moments before. Although he had little need of a wand, his the citizens of Hogsmeade would certainly question him if they saw him perform magic without a wand.

"Good morning, my Prince," Lucius said, bowing low. As he stood his eyes caught the glittering collar that peeked out above his Prince's dark robe. A quick glance at his son confirmed that he saw nothing out of the ordinary, and Lucius was reassured that surely his old friend had placed a multitude of spells on the collar before giving it to their young leader. "The Malfoy family is honored that you have chosen our heir to assist you in this important mission."

Dorian inclined his head in acknowledgement of the formal words. "Draco, go into the sitting room. Ginevra and I will join you in a moment."

The nervous teen walked past his father and godfather, trying to keep his nerves calm. He had done remarkably well since his prior-school-enemy had ascended to such a high rank, but he was still incredibly nervous about mucking it up. This mission, while an honor, seemed like one extended opportunity to fuck up. And given his penchant for putting his foot in his mouth…well, needless to say, Draco was a bit on edge.

"I hope we have not displeased," Lucius said hesitantly, once his son had exited the room.

Dorian didn't bother to answer the question, and instead started his own line of questioning. "Severus has decided it would be prudent to advise young Malfoy of my current condition," Dorian said, turning back to the mirror and running his hands through his dark curls. Although he was not a particularly vain man, he would miss his current appearance, if for no other reason than that he knew it pleased his Master. He shook his head and returned to the issue at hand. "What is your opinion on this matter?" he asked Lucius.

Lucius paused for a moment in thought, studying the Prince's slim back. "It might be wise to do so. If he knows, he can help to protect you and the child. He can certainly help keep you away from dangerous magic or potions. I usually believe it to be dangerous to allow a soldier into a mission without complete knowledge of variables such as this."

"You sound hesitant."

"I fear my son has not grown up as much as I would like to say he has. I fear he might offend you, my Prince, with hastily spoken words."

Dorian turned back to him, one eyebrow cocked. "That will surely not be a problem, as I instructed you to correct his unfortunate habit of offending me. I gave you that order nigh on a month ago, did I not?"

Severus cleared his throat, reminding Dorian to keep his temper.

"You did, my Prince. Forgive me. I am certain he will behave appropriately, and he will extend the fullness of his protection to you and your child."

Dorian nodded his satisfaction. "Remain near. We will call you when we are finished."

Severus and Lucius withdrew into a side room to await the end of their meeting. "How do you think he will react?" Severus asked Lucius once the door shut.

"Merlin knows. I can only pray the boy is intelligent enough to react properly."

"You gave him no explanation for what happened at the ball? You gave him no hint that Dorian was in a mating season?"

Lucius shook his head. "I didn't dare. It was such privileged information, and until we knew the outcome, I did not wish to discuss it with anyone. This will be one hell of a shock for him though – the Prince pregnant, and carrying your child."

Severus nodded, and sent up a quick prayer of his own that his godson would react appropriately. He didn't want his pet to leave for this mission in a bad mood, and he knew that having Draco along with him for amusement was a large part of what was keeping Dorian excited about this mission. Although Dorian wouldn't admit it to anyone, even his own Master, Severus knew that his pet had long wanted to get to know Draco better. It was all up to Draco now, and his reaction to the news he was about to receive.


Dorian allowed the door to slam shut behind them as they entered the sitting room, smirking when Draco jumped slightly. Dorian waited for Ginevra to sit before starting. "We have deemed it provident to inform you of certain developments," he began, standing in front of the fireplace.

Draco nodded, although he did not speak.

"I suppose you have a moderately clear memory of the celebration ball which the Dark Lord and I threw for our soldiers," he said, not pausing for Draco to respond. "What you are not aware of is the impetus behind certain actions that night. Due to developments that had occurred over the summer, my incubus nature asserted itself earlier than expected. I had entered into a mating season, something that typically does not occur until an incubus is in his twenties." Dorian turned toward Draco, looking for understanding.

"Is one of your soldiers pregnant with your heir?" Draco asked hesitantly, trying to figure out who it could possibly be. There weren't that many women among the troops, and most of those were married. Death Eaters eschewed affairs, and so it was unlikely that he had chosen a woman among the married couples.

"No. I carry my own heir."

Draco stared at him, his mouth opening and closing several times before he could force any words to escape. "You? But…but…"

Dorian rolled his eyes in irritation. "I am a magical creature, Draco, and I am the most powerful wizard alive, to boot. Of course I am capable of carrying my own heir. Can you imagine anyone more worthy than myself?"

Draco heard the edge to that question and wisely shook his head. "Of course not, my Prince. A very wise decision." He paused for a moment, trying to assimilate the news. "Is the other father Severus?"


"Could he not carry the child? I think only of your comfort, my Prince," Draco said hastily when he saw Dorian's dark countenance.

"Not even I would perform such Black magic on my mate," Dorian snarled. "It would kill him, as any remotely intelligent wizard would well know."

"Of course, I had not thought. Do you know yet, if you carry a boy or a girl?"

"It's a boy, you half-wit," Dorian snapped. "I'm an incubus."

"Now Ian," Ginevra stepped in, "not everyone has a very detailed understanding of incubi and succubi. It is perhaps not Draco's fault for thinking it possible for you to conceive a succubus."

Dorian glared at both of them for a long moment before conceding the point. Hardly anyone who was not an incubus or a succubus in fact knew that the two races, although similar in many aspects, were completely unrelated. An incubus could no more sire a succubus than a human could sire a dragon.

"Thank you for sharing this momentous news with me, Prince," Draco said, luckily reading the situation correctly. "This is a great day for the Death Eaters, and for both of our leaders," he said, nodding at Ginevra. "I am certain Lord Voldemort is pleased with this development. I will do my best to protect you and the heir at all costs."

Dorian nodded his satisfaction. A decent response, if a trifle delayed by ignorant questions. "Go and collect Lucius and Severus."

Draco moved quickly toward the door to call his father and godfather into the meeting. He knocked hesitantly on the door to the smaller study in which the older men had withdrawn.

Lucius stood to open it. "He is ready for us?"

"He's pregnant?" Draco gasped in disbelief, unable to answer his father's questioin.

"Tell me you did not react like this in front of him," Lucius said, his irritation clear.

"No sir, I think I hid it sufficiently well. But pregnant? I didn't even know that was possible for men!"

"Those who carry certain types of creature blood can conceive," Severus said matter of factly. "We had best hurry, I don't wish for him to get impatient. He will likely take his irritation out on you now, Draco," he said with a smirk.

Draco paled at the thought, knowing it was completely true. He would be the only person with the Black Prince aside from his sister, and so it was likely that he would be the butt of all of his irritation. No need to get him fired up before they even left. The three men hurried into the sitting room, just in time to see Ginevra straightening out her brother's robes after he had made his shift into his new appearance.

"Dorian," Severus greeted him politely. "It appears that you are ready."

"Everything is ready for your arrival at the store, my Prince," Draco said humbly.

Dorian glared at him, his eyes dancing with fury. "Have I not instructed you repeatedly about using that title when I am in this form?" he hissed.

"Forgive me, sir," Draco stumbled. "I will not slip again."

"See that you do not. Should I find it necessary, I will replace you with your father. Surely he can amuse me almost as much as you."

Lucius glared at his son. He did not want to work as a common shopkeeper. While he would certainly take any mission assigned to him, appearing in a shop like that as an employee would start entirely too many rumors and would draw the wrong kind of attention. Not to mention the fact that it would take away from his time that he usually dedicated to the ministry.

Draco paled. "You will not need to replace me, Dorian."

Ginevra smiled at him and reached down to grab one of the few pieces of luggage that the two "Americans" would be carrying with them for their grand entrance. Draco rushed to grab the heaviest of the bags, earning another smile from her. "Thank you," she said, startling the Malfoy heir once more as her voice slipped out with an American accent. He had not noticed it earlier, being too distracted by the news of his leader's pregnancy.

"Please be careful, my Prince," Severus said softly. "Call me should you need my assistance." Dorian had yet to activate his mark when he needed his Master, but they both knew that would be the easiest way for them to communicate.

A hurried kiss, a fumbling of baggage and the new trio were ready to leave.