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Call the Winds

Chapter 1


Of course he didn't.

Raimundo was too busy pressing random buttons on Kimiko's PDA while running for his life from the hot headed Dragon of Fire. He was just having too much fun.

"Lets see…oooh…a reminder on her calendar for a make-up training session with Master Fung…can't have that can we?" he snickered as he erased the reminder from her calendar.

He also added on her main wallpaper 'Rai waz here', switched dates and times on her calendar, erased most of her contacts and switched the language program from Japanese to Portuguese.

He looked behind him and saw Kimiko still trailing behind, sweating her brains out, her hair out of place (for once) and panting like a winded rhinoceros.

"Giving up yet, Kimi?" teased Rai, still fiddling with the wondrous piece of machinery.

"NOT A CHANCE!" she screeched.

Rai smirked. Kimiko was almost out of breath and energy; she would crash sooner than later he thought.

It was a mere matter of seconds before they reached the Great Hall. Rai was just starting to lose breath while Kimiko's lungs were about to explode, yet she refused to give up and her flaming anger wasn't about to subside either.

Rai gave a cocky look over his shoulder and yelled:

"You may as well give up, Kim. You're not gonna catch up with me! The only one faster than me in this building is Omi. And he's out training! Y-"


Unable to continue his speech further, Rai found that there was a wall blocking his way. A DEAD END!

He had taken a wrong turn…damn…if only his stupid pride didn't get in the way then he could actually see where he was going.

Kimiko was standing about 10 feet away from him, sweating, panting and livid with anger. Rai had pushed her WAY beyond her (abnormally small) limits and she was back for revenge.

"Damn I'm screwed…oh well…it was worth it…I guess I'm the kind of guy who's willing to trade a week's worth of fun for a black eye."

As much as he tried to deny it, Rai was practically shitting his pants.

"RAI…MUN…DO!" Kimiko was so mad that her eyes didn't even have pupils anymore.



Rai sighed and closed his eyes preparing for the worst as Kimiko came charging like an angry boar. He did flinch a little as she was coming closer. I mean, her punches DID hurt…but what's done is done…and messing with her PDA and getting hit for it was a hell of a lot better than sweeping the halls like he was 'supposed' to be doing.

He waited for a couple of seconds…and waited…and waited…but nothing came. No pain in his ribs or his eye or his arm. HUH?

Rai opened his eyes to find that Clay held Kimiko back by her wrists and she was kicking and screaming in protest.


"Sheesh, calm down there partner. You don't have ta kill him."

Omi appeared out of nowhere as well, seemingly hiding behind Clay's ankles. He stood in front of Kimiko now.

"Indeed. Kimiko my friend, would you care for some tea?" he asked hopefully.

"NO! I DON'T WANT TEA OMI!" screamed Kimiko, making Omi hang his head and look to Raimundo, who looked like he was too scared to run for his life.

If Clay wasn't there, he literally would've died.

"C'mon now Kimi. If Rai apologized for messing with your watcha-ma-callit, would you forgive him?" attempted Clay.

"Yes! Clay is right, Kimiko. Let's make peace!" he smiled innocently.

His attempt seemed to have worked.

Less angry and less tense, Kimiko relaxed her clenched fists, though still thoroughly pissed off; she didn't want to take her anger out on Clay and Omi. She'd get Rai when he was alone…all alone.

"Fine whatever. But only if he apologizes and gives it back."

Clay smiled and looked to Rai.


"I-I'm sorry. H-Here." he said shakily, handing Kim back her PDA.

She snatched it from him and stormed off.

"I'll get you, Raimundo. Clay and Omi won't be there to save your ass next time!" Kimiko yelled as she was making adjustments to her machine and slamming her door to her room, planning to call Keiko on her cell to tell her how impossible boys were.

Clay and Omi stood in silence in front of Rai, still wide eyed and panting for breath.

"T-Thanks guys. I couldn't even tell you how close that was…"

"No need to thank us, Raimundo. We merely placed a cover on your backside."

Rai blushed. He hated it when Omi said that.

Clay chuckled.

"It's 'We've got you covered', partner."

"That too!"

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