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Chapter 11

"Hey! I was here first!" shouted all four in unison.

"No way! It was ME that put my hands on the ball first!" shouted Jack's clone, trying to pull it towards himself, but he was stopped by Clay's superior upper body strength.

"Now you're tellin' more lies than Cousin Jimmy on April Fool's Day!"

The two adolescents growled at each other for quite some time until Raimundo broke the electricity.

"Guys! C'mon! This is obviously a two vs. two man showdown- A Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami!"

Everyone stared blankly, but then it was Jack's turn to speak.

"We accept your challenge, Clay and Raimundo. I wager my Spiral of Demons."

Jack smirked and stuck his tongue out when Rai growled in desire and jealousy, determined not to lose what was rightfully his.

"And my Shroud of Shadows!" added Jack's clone.

Clay took out the Sheng Gong Wu out of his hat that he would wager. "Fine. I bet my Fists of Tebigong!"

"And I'll bet my Sword of the Storm! The game is a maze. Whoever makes it out first wins."

All four contestants nodded to each other and cried together: "Let's go! XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN TSUNAMI!"

Instantly, the island became taller. The trees were changing into different paths to become the walls. With a crashing boom, and a burst of white light, Jack and his clone took one side of the starting line while Clay and Raimundo took the other.


Jack and his clone took the left parting path and Clay and Raimundo went right. The two Dragons raced down the path.

"So, any idea where we're going?" asked Raimundo.

"Nope. I couldn't even make it through this jungle WITHOUT it being a maze!"

Suddenly, the two dragons heard a swishing noise.

"What's that?"

Raimundo's question was soon answered when a bunch of vines shot out from one of the trees and its razor blades shot right through the bushes! Both Dragons began to panic as the vines came closer and closer and closer. Choosing a desperate course of action, Raimundo took out the Sword of the Storm.

"Sword of the Storm! WIND!"

Instantly, the vines stopped in their tracks and were blown away by the strong gusts of wind that came from the twirling sword.

"Alright, Rai!" Clay high-fived him and they continued down the path, confident that it would lead them to victory.

Jack and Jack's clone however were not having such luck. A few minutes past and they were at a dead end.

"Nice job, Jack!"

"Hey! I'M not the one that decided to take a wrong turn!"

Suddenly, both Jacks began to panic when they heard a low, defiant growl…that was directed to their planned dead carcasses.

"Jack, please tell me I'm the only one who heard that…" said the real Jack, clinging to his clone, cowering in fear.

Both Jacks turned around and the real Jack screamed in terror when they saw an obsidian black panther standing in their way of the exit.

"This is bad…" said Jack's clone, trying to think up a plan to get past the gigantic cat.


Jack's clone covered up both him and Jack as the panther was still closing in on them, even though it couldn't see them.

"Why does it still know where we are?" Jack whispered, taking little baby steps away from the panther with his clone.

"It's using its sense of smell. We're gonna have to make a fast getaway on our helipacks if we want to make it out alive!"

Jack gulped and with a shaky finger, he turned on his gadget. His clone did the same and soon they were flying up in the air. The panther slashed at them with a sharp claw as the two had revealed themselves.

Jack's clone had Jack by the collar as he shouted in victory.

"Hah! Take that, you stupid cat!"

Jack's clone noticed that something was wrong with Jack. Jack was still shivering in fear. Something was definitely wrong.

"Jack, why are you still afraid? We won!"

"No, Jack. Um…I think I should tell you something…"


Jack's clone raised an eyebrow as Jack gulped and confessed his new addition to his long list of hidden fears.

"Um…you know how I usually have to change the fuel tanks in our helipacks every week?"

"Yeah…" said Jack's clone, still thoroughly confused.

"Well, I sort of…forgot to do it."


As if on cue, their helipacks immediately shook and with a crunching sound, both Jacks fell to the ground, in dead path of the panther.

"You idiot!" Jack's clone screamed.

But they were both holding each other and screaming when the panther was running toward them, about to pounce.

As the panther approached, Jack reached into his pocket and activated his neglected Sheng Gong Wu.


Instantly, the spiral in the center began to glow a bright gold and a skull appeared in the center, just like last time. The panther was stopped dead in its tracks when it saw a version of itself, staring its stricken face down with red eyes.

The two began to battle each other, giving Jack and his clone a chance to escape.

Clay and Raimundo had come to a few wrong turns themselves, but no panthers.

"Man…Rai, why a maze! Why not a race or a soccer game something? Something where we wouldn't get lost!" Clay snapped angrily, tired and sweat covered.

Rai hung his head in shame.

"Sorry, Clay. It was the first thing that came to mind."

Clay's expression softened. He knew that Rai was really sorry.

"Sorry I yelled, Rai." he said softly.

Rai nodded and smiled, accepting his apology.

But when he looked forward again, Rai's eyes bulged.

"LOOK OUT!" he screamed, grabbing Clay and pushing him to the other side of the pathway.

"W-What in tarnation-"

But Clay was stopped again when he lifted his hat. A huge tree crashed in dead sight on the ground.

"Woo-ee! Take a look at that!"

Rai did, but his attention turned forward again.

"Clay! We've got company!"

Clay looked up and grabbed Rai thrusting him in the other direction of the falling tree.

Clay and Rai saw in front of them about a whole entire wall of dead falling trees, each one bigger than the next.

Rai stared in fear, hi wobbly legs unable to balance his body for long.

"Oh man, Clay. H-H-How are we gonna defeat an infinite bunch of trees?"

Clay let a determined blue eye reveal itself from his hat.

"We're not. We're gonna go over them."

Rai looked up. The trees were taller than the clouds.

"And just how do you plan to do that, Clay?"

"By force."

Clay grabbed the Fists of Tebigong from under his hat and slipped them on, prepared to use up the most of his strength he ever had during a battle.


Instantly, a gigantic wave of solid rock emerged from the ground and like a tsunami, it crashed into the top of the trees, making them all fall to the ground with a crashing boom. Rai stared in wonder at Clay's awesome new technique. Clay returned on the ground with his hat tipped back.

"YEE HA! Now that's what I call Earth Power Kung-Fu cowboy style!"

Rai high fived Clay and used the Sword of the Storm to get them over the humongous pile of dead trees and dirt.

Around the corner, Clay and Rai saw a red light in the distance.

"Is that the end?" four voices said at once. Clay and Rai thrust their heads to the east to see that Jack and his clone standing at the corner opposite them.

"The Wu's ours, losers!" said Jack, his clone following him.

Rai grabbed Clay's hand and sprinted toward the wu. They would NOT lose this showdown…he would NOT lose his medallion for the second time…

Just a little farther…

Thrusting Clay forward with all of his strength, Rai held onto Clay's ankle as Clay went soaring through the air and into the blinding flash of red light, grabbing the wu before Jack and his clone.

They had won.