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Chapter 16: Past Chasing Chase

"Excellent Chase, you did well." Balsac said opening the scroll using telecensies.
"Okay I did my part bring back Melissa." Chase said rasing his fist at Balsac.
"Parting... is such sweet sorrow." Kepron joked.
"Shut up! Balsac bring back Melissa now!" Chase yelled at Baslac, spitting as he said it.
"Hahaha... One last task Chase." Balsac said his red eyes flickering.
"No that was not part of the deal!" Chase yelled bursting a vain on his fore-
"Really? I never recalled us having a deal, I recall you being my errand boy"
Balsac told Chase.
"Thats it I'm done here! I don't have to listen to you, I can still save Melissa from dieing!" Chase ran out of the blightened feild.
"Your too late! Your past caught up with you!" Balsac yelled just enough so it was a whisper in Chase's ear.
"Your lying! Golden Tiger Claws!" Chase took out the Tiger Claws he had all along.
"Kepron do your job." Balsac now turning his head at Balsac.
"Emperor Scorpian!" Kepron prevented the Tiger Claws from activating.
"Damn you!" Chase rushed at Kepron.
"Golden Finger!" Kepron litterally stopped Chase in his tracks.
"All you can do is watch as poor Melissa die." Balsac said laughing.
"Eagle Scoop! Golden Tiger Claws! Crystal Glasses! Amplifying Mirror"
Kepron created a magical window showing the monks talking at the still-in-work-phase of the Xialoin Temple.

"Is this true? Your all from the furture?" Clyde said baffled.
"I expected as so being there is no other temples containing Chosen Ones according to The Great Scroll." Keith said stroking a mustache that wasn't there.
"Well I guess I can now catch some fresh air." As (Present/Older) Dojo jumped out of Omi's shirt onto his bald head.
"DOJO! KOJO!" Dojo ran over to hug his two dragon realitives.
(A.N. Remember in the Chase flashback there was a second Dragon as well,
thus providing the final ingredient for Chase's soup? Well thats Kojo)
"This is creepy..." Younger Dojo said.
"Your telling me." Kojo said like she was going to faint.
"This still doesn't mean that this Chase is the real one." Okin whispered eyeing Chase.
"I know your talking about me. Why else will you whisper it to everyone BUT me?" Chase said now standing up. Unwary to the Monks but Chase Young (the one being held captive by Balsac) saw Kepron walking toward them in the Shroud of Shadows mode.

"Wait where is he!" Chase searched for Kepron if he was still here and this really isn't whats happening.

"Knowledge Planter... Knowledge Grower..." Kepron uttered waving his staff so it hit all of the ancient chosen ones.
"I know he is evil." Keith said.
"Same here." Clyde said.
"Definetly the imposter." Richa said.
"Agreed." Okin... agreed.
"What we don't know that." Kimiko said standing up for Chase.
"Yes, we cannot jump into conclusions." Omi said.
"Don't you like me Omi, don't you trust me?" Okin said frowning at Omi.
"Of course I do..." Omi said putting his head down so his chin touched his chest.
"Well I agree with Kimiko." Jack said putting his hands on Kimiko's shoulders from behind her.
"I agree with Jack... I mean Kimiko." Clay said. Jack gave his poutty face look and Clay said,
"Sorry just not use to you being good"
"Enough talk. Wudai Pluto Ice!" Okin leaped foot first going straight for Chase.
"Nooo!" Melissa jumped in the way, just like Chase said in the furture that she did. Okin collided with Melissa instead and she fell straigh into her arms, Chase started crying the same exact second.

Watching this all over again, being able to do nothing even made Chase cry over again.
"Kepron will pay for this."

"I am so sorry..." Okin said she even crying.
"Why! She did nothing." Chase yelled at all of them. No one answered back.
"She was kind, loving, strong, and pure. Do you know how hard it is to find a girl with common sense? With no angry problems? YOUR SOUL MATE"
Chase went on crying holding her in his arms cheek-to-cheek with her face. Omi remembered this was the time Chase first thought of becoming evil.
"Why!" Chase got up and and started what Chase told Omi 'the run he just wanted to get away from' this was the beginning of the him turning evil.
"Wait!" Omi broke out in a going after Chase.
"This isn't suppose to happen..." Kepron said still in his cloak.
"Ruby of Ramseis! Shroud of Shadows!" Kepron used the combination of the Wu so no one can tell that he moved a stone out of place to tripped Omi.
By the time Omi got up it was too late, or was it.
"Orb of Tornami Ice!" Hopefully Omi could make Chase slip or atleast stop him from running.
"Not again... Lunar Locket!" (A.N. Moon controls ebb and flow of water)
Kepron had to work quickly. The cold water nearly got to Chase but then stopped,
turning into ice.
"I failed once again trying to get Chase become good once again." Omi said drooping her face in digust.
"What do you mean?" Richa came up asking Omi and putting her hand on Omi's shoulder, just to have Okin quickly coming up to swat her hand off. Richa turned her back around her brunette hair whipping at Okin.
"So this is how Chase becomes evil, because of me..." Okin said putting both her hands around Omi.
"Its okay your didn't know, its my fault I should of told you." Omi said taking her hands off of him.
"I also think it was because of..." Keith stopped and nodded at Jack.
Kepron was revealed behind all of them. (The Shroud effect could still be blown off with wind like the normal Wu)
"Too late!" Kepron stuck his tounge out at them.
"Golden Tiger Claws! Shard of Lighting!" Kepron vanished in a flash of light.
"The sun is setting, the best thing for us all is rest. Chase will come back and we can still have a chance. Trust me." Guan said gesturing them all to go back to there sleeping quarters.
"I guess so..." Clyde and Clay said scaring each other away.

"Fine I will help you." Chase admitlly said, the Golden Finger Grasp gave away.
"Excellent, thats a good little Prince of Darkness." Balsac said as he was talking to a lap dog.
"Now Chase, Kepron we must go retrieve the Sword. We shall all go as one true, Hellish Evil Vionlate Infernal Nusiance." Balsac said the floating scroll popped and disappeared.
"So thats what Heylin means. How lame." Chase said calmly in his gentleman voice.
"What do you expect I was mad at the time. Try and think of something better..." Balsac said laughing a perfectly normal laugh at the end.
Looks like Omi has a girl friend, and that Richa...