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Okay, I decided to start and sequel, and, yes, this is chapter 20 of DDITP. I realized that it should be here instead. Sorry for the confusion.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Chapter 1

One year later . . .

"Mommy, watch me!"

I whirled around. Autumn was on the jungle gym trying to climb the monkey bars. She was actually doing a good job too.

When she was done she came over to me. "Mommy, did you see?" she asked, pointing to the monkey bars. "I did it! I really did it!" she exclaimed.

I patted her head and kissed her cheek. "I know, sweetie, I saw you. And you did a very good job."

She grinned from ear to ear. Then she went over to Rob and Aaron, who were talking secretively. Hmm . . . I wonder what that could be about. "Daddy!" she exclaimed. When she said that, I felt a pang in my heart - a good pang at that. It made me so happy that she was calling him Daddy. You have no idea how good it made me feel at that moment.

I went over there too. "Hey, sweetheart," Rob said when she came and sat on his lap. "What's up?"

"I did it, Dad!" she exclaimed. "I did the monkey bars!"

"Really?" he said, quirking an eyebrow. "Well I guess that means you're a big girl now, huh?"

"Yep," she said, grinning.

I came and sat next to Rob on the bench. He put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

See, lately I've been feeling really horrible. I don't think I have food poisoning, since I always check the labels and stuff - I had food poisoning a couple years back and since then I've always checked the labels. But I still don't know what it is.

I turned and pecked his lips. "Better," I said.

"Good," he said. Then he turned to our kids who were sitting side by side, arguing over who was better: Cosmo or Wanda from the Fairly Odd Parents. Personally, I think Cosmo, but my daughter seems to think otherwise. "Why don't you two go play and let Mommy and Daddy be alone for a little bit."

They gave us weird looks, but went over to the jungle gym.

"Nice way to get rid of 'em," I commented.

He gave me his classic half-amused, half-disgusted smile. Then he pulled me into him and kissed me full on the lips. No tongue or anything, since our kids weren't too far away, but it was still enjoyable. Any kiss from Rob is enjoyable.

"Mmm . . . I love you," I said, after he pulled away.

"I love you too," he said, pulling me into him even more. "More than you'll ever know."

Then I removed his arm from around me and got up. "Catch me if you can," I said, and ran off.

He looked shocked at first, but as I was gaining distance, he got up and ran after me.

God, he runs fast.

Before I knew it, he was right behind me. He grabbed me and we fell into a pile of leaves. I fell on top of him. "Well look what we have here," he said and kissed me.

But before we could really get into anything, Autumn and Aaron came over. "Mommy, what are you guys doing?" Autumn asked.

I looked at Rob, who gave me a what-do-you-want-me-to-do? look. I rolled my eyes and got off him, brushing the leaves off of me. Rob got up after me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Nothing," I finally managed to say.

But I guess they weren't really all that interested in what we were doing, because Aaron said, "Mommy, when is Uncle Mike coming back?"

I sputtered. "Uh - honey . . . I don't know. I really haven't spoken to him in a while. But - um . . . I'll call him when we get back home."

Home . . .

Yeah, Rob moved into my apartment with me. We share my bedroom. Personally, I like it so much better this way. Waking up in his arms every morning . . . and going to sleep in them after certain activities . . .

He nodded and said, "Okay."

I still have yet to show my parents my kids and everything. I'm a failure for a daughter. Not seeing them in over six years and all . . .

Oh, by the way, the reason Steph was acting so weird that time was because she was planning a surprise party for me in the FBI building. It was really fun. Rob came with me to it (when I thought it was just a gathering or something) and we had fun. But that night was even better, if you catch my drift.

But yeah, I still haven't told my parents about having two kids. And I am feeling the guilt from it. I do have a conscience, but I am also a wimp. More like a pathetic wimp.

The twins went back to play on the playground. Rob and I went to sit on the bench again. "Jess," he said, as we sat down, "when we get back home, we need to talk."

His tone worried me, but I nodded anyway. "Sure," I said nonchalantly.

We sat for a few more minutes, just taking in each other's presence. Well, until I shivered.

Hey, it gets pretty chilly in New York during the fall.

"You cold?" Rob asked.

I shook my head. I mean, I was cold, but I could deal with it.

He smirked. "Right," he said, getting up. When I whimpered from him leaving my side, he said, "I'll be right back."

When he came back, he had four cups of hot chocolate in one of those cardboard carrier thingies. "Rob," I laughed, shaking my head.

He grinned and sat back down next to me. "Here you go, baby," he said, handing me a cup. "Now be careful. Wouldn't want to burn yourself, would you?" he joked.

I laughed. "Shut up, Grandma," I said. Then I called the kids over to get theirs. They sat on the bench nearby, leaving Rob and me alone again. Heh, I like how this keeps happening.

It was as I was taking a sip from my hot cocoa, that I got a vision. It wasn't the normal vision of a missing kid. It was, I think, of the future.

Only this was just plain scary.

"Jess?" I heard someone's voice call. "JESS!" Then someone was shaking me. "Oh, God . . . JESS! Wake up!"

I slowly opened my eyes to see a face looming in front of mine. "Rob," I said groggily.

"Thank God," he said.

I noticed we were on the ground. Well, I was laying on the ground with Rob kneeling over me. "What happened?"

"I don't know," he said. "You were just sitting there, drinking from that cup, and then you just passed out." Then he opened his mouth slightly and stared at me. "You had a vision, didn't you?" he asked incredulously.

Oh, right.

I had completely forgotten about that.

I slowly got up. Then I felt that intense pain in my head and fell back to the ground, groaning. "Careful," he said, helping me sit up. He helped me lean against the bench.

"Yeah, I guess I did," I said, massaging my temples.

"About . . . ?" he questioned.

I ran my hands over my face, probably smearing my makeup in the process.