Happily Ever After?


Rob was released from the hospital two days later. His concussion was gone and his chest was wrapped heavily in bandages, so, unfortunately, I could not run my hands all over that gorgeous chest when we were doing a certain activity.

But at least we could do that certain activity still.


Once Rob healed — for the most part, anyway — we decided it was time I went home. To Indiana. I was away long enough as it was and I needed to see my family again. It was way too long.

So, Rob, the twins, and I boarded a plane to Indiana. Within three hours, we were there. We rented a car and Rob drove us to the condo we were staying in for that week. Yes, we were staying a week.

We quickly unpacked, took our showers, got ready, and then went over to my parent's house.

I was really nervous when we arrived there. I mean, I hadn't been there in over five years.

My house looked the same. The same old, antique looking house. I noticed my parents happened to get different cars, though.

As I was standing out in front of the house, just looking up at it, someone pulled up behind us and got out.

"Excuse me, Miss, is there som—" they stopped when they got a good look at me and Rob. "Jess?"

I blinked at the man standing in front of me. It was my eldest brother. The one who was schizophrenic — or, was schizophrenic, at least. He looked older. His hair was a little longer, he was clean-shaven and I saw something in his eyes that I really had never seen in them before.


Douglas was happy.

And I soon realized why, too. He was married. And had a kid.

And before I realized it, I was crying.

I had missed my brother's wedding. And the birth of his daughter.

Suddenly, I felt really guilty. It was my fault, after all, that I missed those things. I was the stupid one in this situation. I was the one that ran away.

"Jess, is that really you? Wh-why are you crying?" He was standing next to me now. When he realized, that, yes, it really was me, he put his arm around me and pulled me into him, hugging me.

I realized then how much I had missed him. And how much he had missed me.

That only just made me cry harder.

Why was I so stupid?

was I so ?

"What are you doing here?" he asked. Realizing what he had said, he rephrased. "What I mean is, why have you all of a sudden come back?"

I looked at him and willed myself not to cry even more. "I...I needed to see you guys. I've finally realized how stupid I was. I just...I missed everyone."

He smiled and hugged me again. I wiped the tears away from my face and hugged him back. Then I turned to Rob and my kids and said, "Doug, there are some people you have to meet."

When Doug noticed the two little kids standing next to Rob, he gasped. "No...is this for real?"

I smiled, for the first time since I cam here. "Yes. You know Rob, Doug, but you haven't met my children. Autumn and Aaron."

He just looked at me in shock. Then, it seemed to click. "So, that's why you left. It all makes sense now?" Then he looked at Rob, who looked a little nervous standing there. "Is he...?"

I nodded, smiling. "Of course."

Doug just shook his head. "Well, then," he said and took the little girl out of Tashas's arms. Tasha was just standing there, completely astonished by the scene unfolding in front of her. "This is my little girl. Kyleigh."

"Oh, my gosh, Douglas. She is so adorable!"

He grinned and handed her back to Tasha, who was still looking completely shocked. I inwardly laughed. "Come on, we should go inside. Mom'll wanna see you."

I nodded and went along with him. I grabbed Rob's hand and had Autumn and Aaron walk in front of us. Tasha and Doug, along with Kyleigh, went in ahead of us. I heard Doug say, "Mom, you might wanna set a couple more place settings. We've got some more company."

And that's when Rob and I walked in, along with Autumn and Aaron. I swear, I think my mom almost had a heart-attack.

Once she recovered, she ran over to me and enveloped me in a hug. "Oh, Jessie," she said, "I've missed you so much!" And on 'much', she squeezed me even harder. I couldn't breathe.

"Toni," I heard my dad say, "she just got here. Let her breathe." Gotta admire my dad. He always knows what to do and say.

And not too far from then, we were all sitting around the dining room table — the kids sitting at the kitchen table (you could see it from the dining room) — eating what my mom had prepared.

"If I had known," my mom said, passing the rice to me, "you were coming with so many people, honey, I would have made more food."

Everyone laughed, including me. I didn't say anything though.

Just then, Mike walked through the door, with Claire on his arm. When he saw Rob and me, he just stopped in his tracks and stared at me.

"Jess?" he finally managed to say. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

I looked up at him and shrugged. "It was kind of short notice."

Then I guess he finally registered that Rob was with me. "Wait a second, why is he with you?"

I forgot. The last time we had seen each other, I still thought I hated Rob. "It was all just a...misunderstanding, Mike. I'll explain it to you later, okay? Now sit and eat." I smiled at Claire. "Hi, Claire."

"Hey, Jess," she said, sliding into the seat next to me. "What the hell is going on?" she whispered.

"A lot, apparently," I said.

Rob was sitting on the other side of me and just shook his head. Oh, God, I so wanted to kiss him right then. But I restrained myself, I promise you.

Later on, Rob and I announced that we were going to get married. It was kind of a shock to everyone, but they all soon got over it and congratulated us.

And that's pretty much how the rest of that night went. After dinner, Rob and I left with Autumn and Aaron. And, well, let's just say we were in the bedroom for a while doing something other than sleeping, which was what we should have been doing.

And about a year later, Rob and I finally tied the knot. I say finally, because we both went through so much together and not together, too, I guess.

When we were boarding the plane to go on our honeymoon, Rob asked me, "Are you ready?"

I nodded, knowing full well what he meant. It wasn't just about boarding the plane; it was about our life. "Yes," I said. "I am most definitely ready."

"Good," he said, and he leaned down and kissed me.

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