I woke up to the birds chirping and someone lying on my chest. Memories of the night before came flooding back to me and I knew who the person was. I looked down at my chest and sure enough there was a blond haired mouse on me. I just smiled and ran my hand through her silky smooth hair. Enjoying the moment of being with her, I just laid there looking up at the leaves of the tree and just thought about the possibilities. A future with the woman I loved for the past few years but was too afraid of rejection to tell her. That is until last night, when both of us revealed our true feelings. I smiled a little wider at the fact that she had shared a secret of hers with me. Feeling movement on my chest I snapped out of my thoughts and looked back to the sleeping figure on my chest.

"Good morning, gorgeous," I said quietly but lovingly.

She looked up and smiled. Laying her head back down on my chest she began to play with the fur on my chest. After a few minutes of lying together, I started to become aware of the time.

"Gadg, we need to get going it's almost 7:00." Not really wanting to go but knowing Monty would kill me if he found out what we had done.

"I don't care I don't want to go I'm too comfortable. Right now I don't care what they think, I just want to be with you." She said looking into my eyes again and seeing the love in her eyes.

"I know but Monty is going to kill me if he found out. Ever since your father died he has kind of adopted you as his daughter."

"Oh, all right. But I think I should come in first. Us walking in together might get suspicious."

"Ok," is all I could say just wanting to hold her forever but knowing that wasn't going to happen right now.

She got dressed in front of me and I couldn't help but admire her body. Last night I had done most of it by feel but now I can see every bit of her body in perfect detail. It was just as I had pictured it in my dreams. She had curves in all the right places and no excess fat. She had the kind of body supermodels wished they had. She finished getting dressed and gave me a quick kiss, then started to climb back down to the house. After she left I started straightening the deck so it looked like nothing happened. Once I was satisfied with the way the deck looked I located my clothes and put them on. I climbed down to the front door of the house and heard voices coming from inside. I recognized every one of the voices so I walked in. Every one looked up at me from what they were doing but only for a moment. They went back to what they were doing.

"Hey Chippa." Monty called from the kitchen.

"Hey Monty."

"Where were ya? Didn't see ya get up this morning."

"I was out looking for cases."

At this Foxglove giggled. 'Uh oh I'm in trouble. Did she know? If she did would she tell?'

"Foxy can I talk to you?"

"Sure Chip."

We went back to the workout room, which was soundproofed, and I closed the door.

"You know don't you?" was all I could ask.

Blushing the young bat looked at me and smiled. "Yes I do. I think it's about time you two came to realize your true feelings towards each other."

This time I was the one blushing. "Yea, I guess it is. Please don't say anything about this to anyone. Gadget and I will let everyone know in our own time."

"Chip, I wouldn't dream of doing that to you and Gadget. You'll tell us when your ready and it's not my place to tell every one."

I gave her a quick hug and walked to the door, "thanks Foxy."

Walking back to the living room gadget had already changed clothes into her usual pink coveralls. 'Even in her stained work clothes she looked beautiful' I thought. A small smile creeping across my face as I watched her trying to eat the cheesy concoction Monty had cooked for breakfast. I sat down in my usual spot at the table. Drinking my coffee, and trying to read the newspaper when I was really looking at Gadget.

A few days went by and Gadget and I started openly dating. Things went pretty smoothly for a few weeks. Even the cases seemed to lessen. It was probably from the efforts of the other rescue agencies that came along after us.

A month after the night on the deck I took Gadget out to dinner at the best restaurant in town. I knew the Maitre D, and had set things up with him earlier. I of course asked Monty's permission to marry her, even though he wasn't her father. She was like a daughter to him and I didn't want to hurt anyone.

I was dressed in a black tux and bowtie while she was in a stunningly beautiful midnight blue evening gown with white trim. She was wearing light makeup that highlighted her natural beauty but not so much that it overpowered it.

A live band was playing when we finally arrived. Couples danced on an open spot in the middle of the restaurant. We were shown to a semi-secluded table in the corner. Upon sitting down a waiter came up and got our drink orders and then left to get them.

"You look absolutely stunning tonight," I said with a hint of lust in my voice.

Blushing, Gadget let out a small giggle. "Thank you. You don't look to bad yourself."

The waiter came back with our drinks and took our food orders and I took Gadget out onto the dance floor while we waited for the food. Just as we got to the dance floor a waltz started playing. As we danced everyone else seemed to disappear from my vision as Gadget and I danced together. By the time I realized we were alone on the dance floor the song was over and everyone was just watching us as we finished dancing. Blushing slightly Gadget and I bowed and thanked every one for their applause. Getting back to our table our food was already there. We sat down and enjoyed each other's company and our food. We finished the main course and I motioned to the Maitre D. Gadget, looking confused, looked at me quizzically. I just put on a big Cheshire cat grin. A few seconds later the Maitre D walked over carrying a beautiful box made out of chocolate with a diamond ring inside. As she opened the box her eyes doubled in size. She was shaking visibly. I got up and picked up the ring and got down on one knee.

"Gadget, you have brought me more happiness than I thought possible. I can't say it will be easy for us but I promise you this. Through thick and thin, good times and the bad I'll always be by your side. I would consider it the honor of my life if you would be my wife. Will you marry me?"

"Of course I will marry you." She said with tears of joy in her eyes as I slid the ring onto her finger. I stood up and gave her a kiss and the entire restaurant gave a cheer.

Laughing with each other we went back to the dance floor and danced for a long time not wanting to go. When we finally got home everyone was in the living room sleeping. They had tried to wait for us but we stayed out too long. I helped gadget get blankets and pillows to give to the sleeping mob. After we finished we went to her room and fell into the bed together. We snuggled together but we were too tired and soon she fell asleep listening to the beating of my heart. I sighed happily that the woman of my dreams was now my fiancée and soon to be my wife. I went to sleep that night with a smile plastered on my face.

I woke up to an angel still asleep on my chest, sleeping peacefully. As gently as I could I slipped out of bed and put a miniature red rose on the pillow next to her with a note attached. After making sure she was warm enough I walked out to the living room. I found everyone still asleep so I went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. As the coffee finished brewing a very sleepy Foxglove walked in.

"Morning Foxy," I whispered knowing that her hearing would be very sensitive until she fully woke up.

"Morning Chip, how did it go last night?"

"It went better than planned. Better than I had ever dreamed."

At this she woke up a little more and gave me I big hug.

"Congratulations, I know you'll treat her well. If you don't ill know." She said giving me a warning glance.

I was going to respond but the rest of the gang walked in following the scent of fresh coffee. After they got their cups of coffee we sat down at the table and started talking about what happened last night. Foxy was to the point of tears when I told her what I had said to her and how I presented the ring to Gadget. Dale wasn't too pleased because I had set the bar so high and he would have a hard time topping it when he proposed to Foxy. Monty thanked me for making it such a memorable night for Gadget and for treating her like the princess she was. Zipper was happy as well.

A pair of arms surprised me as they suddenly wrapped around my neck. Golden strands of hair gently fell across my shoulder and I knew who it was.

"So you found the note?" I said as I laid my hands on the slender arms of my fiancée.

"Yes I did. Thank you. Morning everyone." She said giving me a quick peck on the cheek and went to get herself a cup of hot chocolate.

"Hey Gadg, look in the microwave." I said with an evil grin on my face.

She opened the microwave and sure enough there was a cup of hot chocolate made just the way she liked it. She looked at me trying to look mad but she couldn't hold back the smile. She picked up the mug and walked back to the table and sat down next to me.

"Come on don't keep us waiting, lets see the ring." Foxy said getting a little impatient.

Gadget looked at me then placed her hand on the table for all to admire the ring I had given her last night. By human standards it wasn't more than a chip of diamond but by our standards it was roughly 2 ½ karats. It was a heart cut diamond surrounded by small rubies that outlined the heart shape all set in a yellow gold band.

Again Dale was shooting his death ray at me for setting the bar so high. I couldn't help it if I had been planning the perfect proposal for nearly a year and a half. I had been paying for the ring for better than a year for the time I got the chance to pop the question to someone. Although at the time I hoped it would be to Gadget.

"Well done Chippa. I knew you could do it." Monty said patting me on the back nearly knocking me onto the table.

The day went on with congratulations and party plans.

A week later Gadget pulled me off to the side and looked worried.

"Chip… I don't know how to say this." She said as she started to cry.

"Don't know how to say what?" I said taking her in a gentle hug and let her cry.

"I… I… I'm pregnant. Please don't be mad." She said almost expecting me to fly off the handle.

I took her by the shoulders and gently pulled her away so I could look her in the eyes. Seeing how hurt she was as well as confused. 'She wouldn't have slept with someone else because she was with me almost every night since we confessed our feelings.' I thought. 'But I couldn't be the father we aren't compatible as species.'

"I don't care who the father is I will love it as my own." I said looking into her teary eyes. "We'll get through this. Let's see the doctor tomorrow to make sure the baby and you are doing ok health wise."

"Ok, I don't know what I'd do without you. And here I thought you would leave me on the spot when I told you I was pregnant." She started crying again but this time they were tears of gladness. "I don't know how it happened I haven't been with anyone but you. But we aren't compatible to each other in a reproductive sense."

"I know but we will sort this out later right now I just want to make sure you and the baby are healthy."

I took her to the hospital the next day not mentioning anything to the others except for Foxglove who already knew. When we got there I waited in the waiting room, truly the epitome of a nervous wreck. Finally after what seemed like hours the doctor came out and brought me back into the room where Gadget was waiting with a small smile in her eyes.

"Your wife is in perfect health and the baby is progressing well. What I'm confused about is the paternity of the child. Mice and chipmunks aren't compatible genetically. But that isn't my place. If you'll excuse me?"

"Hey doc? Would you mind doing a genetic scan on Gadget and myself?"

"Not at all. Would you two like to talk it over?"

"We already have and would like to know who the babies father is. No matter who the father is I'll be there for it. We would just like to know." I said with love and a twinge of pain at the thought that I doubted Gadget.

The doctor just nodded, making some notes on his clipboard as I went over to be with my soon to be wife and mother of MY child. She looked away from me in shame. I gently tilted her head so that she was looking in my eyes. "I love you" I mouthed to her and gave her a kiss. She mouthed, "I love you too." We hugged each other tightly for a few minutes.

"This should only take a few seconds." The doctor said as he took out two cotton tipped sticks and proceeded to swab the inside of my left cheek with one and hers with the other. Then he put them into separate boxes. Then he took out a syringe with a fairly long needle. "sir do you want to step out for this or do you want to remain here?" the doctor asked as he began prepping her for the D.N.A. extraction.

"I'm going to stay with my wife." I said matter-of-factly as I stepped to her side and held her hand.

"Ok here we go." With that he gently slid the needle into the womb and retrieved some of the fluid.

As soon as the needle went into her she squeezed my hand and I gently squeezed back to let her know that I was here and it was going to be all right.

"I should have the results by next week." He said handing the two boxes and the syringe to a nurse and gave her some instructions.

"Thanks Doc. We really appreciate this." We'll be back in a week.

The next week seemed to take forever. We were trying to plan our wedding but we couldn't keep our minds off of the DNA comparison test being run and what the results were.

Finally the week was over and we arrived almost an hour early for our appointment. The doctor didn't have any patients at the time so he saw us early.

"Well I have some interesting news." He said simply as he started flipping through charts and paperwork. Then he looked up at us and said, " Chip you are the babies biological father."

I was shocked and happy at the same time "But how chipmunks and mice aren't reproductively compatible?"

"Mrs. Hackwrench were you ever involved in a gene splicing experiment?" the doctor asked ignoring my question.

"No, I've never been a lab mouse. The only times I've been in labs is to rescue other animals."

"Well your gene scans revealed that chipmunk DNA was somehow spliced into your genetic code. Very sloppily I might add. Its as though you were combined with a chipmunk and then separated again."

Suddenly I knew what had happened. "Nimnul's teleporter." I said finally looking at Gadget.

"Of course, why didn't I think of that?"

The doctor just looked at us like we were insane.

"A few years ago we stopped a Norton Nimnul. But in the process we stepped into a teleportation device he had made but it mixed us up. Gadgets body had Dale's head and her head was on Dales body. That's how she got the chipmunk DNA." I explained to the doctor.

"Ah ok that dealt with I some more news for you. Your having twins."

I was taken back. Not only was it my child, but also I was having two children. I nearly fainted right there and then, when Gadget hugged me tightly. I returned the hug with a gentle squeeze and a kiss.

"Please tell me that's all the surprises you have for me I don't know if I can take any more?" I said looking over at the doctor.

"Nope that's it for now. I'll see y'all for your next checkup." He said as he signed off on some paperwork.

As soon as we got home we called everyone into the living room to tell them the good news.

"Gadget and I have something to tell all of you." I said as soon as everyone was seated.

I turned to Gadget to let her know she could tell the group.

"I'm pregnant with twins." She said kind of embarrassed that she was pregnant before she was married.

I could tell she was nervous telling Monty the news because he was like a father to her and was very protective of her. The room was silent for a few seconds until Monty stood up and wandered over to us. His facial expression was unreadable. I prepared myself for him to knock me into next Tuesday, but it never happened. He just stuck out his hand to offer a handshake. I took it wearily and was pulled into a Monty sized bear hug.

I breathed a sigh of relief. The rest of the group started congratulating Gadget, as they couldn't get to me at the moment. Monty finally set me back on the ground and gave me a slap to the back in congratulations.

"But I didn't think you two were genetically compatible?" Foxy said with a very puzzled look on her face.

"We wouldn't have been if it weren't for Nimnul and Dale." Gadget said giving Dale a kiss on the cheek. "His teleporter spliced my genes with Dales chipmunk DNA, and all of Dales DNA didn't fully separate from mine."

Everyone stood there in shock at the thought that something good came out of something that Nimnul had created. Gadget just started giggling.

The rest of the pregnancy progressed as any pregnancy would. Sleepless nights, mood swings, and weird food cravings. Her appetite increased dramatically but that was to be expected. Even 8 months pregnant she was beautiful. By this time Dale had proposed to Foxglove and were now rooming together. Gadget offered to build Nimnul's teleportation device again so they could have kids naturally but they said they were in no hurry and would wait until after our children were born.

Our wedding went off without a hitch and it was beautiful. I was a nervous wreck. I had some friends from when Dale and I were in a band come by and asked them to play for the reception. The park was in full bloom and the weather couldn't have been better. We didn't really need to decorate anything except for the reception hall. Monty gave Gadget away and Dale was my best man. Foxy was Gadget's maid of honor. Everyone we had helped over the years came and the park was filled with animals. The humans became a little suspicious but didn't come close on the account they would get dive-bombed by several birds if they got too close.

Looking back on that day I remember it perfectly. The reception was also beautiful. Tammy caught the bouquet, and Monty accidentally caught the garter. I can still see the look on Monty's face when he was talking to a friend in the crowd of guys and the garter fell into his hands. That was so funny. Dale's toast was surprisingly serious. The entire day went off without a hitch. It was perfect.

Here it is 6 months after the wedding and Gadget is 8 months along. We know we are having twins but we want to be surprised as to the sex of our children. I'm such a nervous wreck it's not funny. I won't let Gadget do anything. If she needs a glass of water, I get it for her. The only thing I don't help her with is using the restroom. I sleep on pins and needles, waking up at the slightest noise. Coffee and I are best friends. I could tell you how old the grounds are just by smelling the coffee. Nothing less than a double espresso will even fazes me any more.

"Chip! I think my water just broke."

I was up and ready in thirty seconds flat. I helped gadget out of bed and we made our way to the hanger while Foxy, who heard us wake up and figured out what was going on, got everyone else ready to follow us. We got to the hanger and I got her in the ranger plane while I started the engines. We took off and headed straight to the hospital. I got on the C.B. and radioed up ahead that we were on our way. As I maneuvered the ranger plane for a vertical landing nurses with a stretcher met us at the hospital's landing pad. They took Gadget inside while I moved the ranger plane so the helicopter could land there if it needed to. As soon as I landed I hit the kill switch for the engines and ran into the hospital. I told one of the nurses the situation and she led me right to a changing room where I put on a blue medical gown and mask. Then she led me to the delivery room. There was Gadget looking like she was already exhausted. She smiled at me as I grabbed her hand and sat next to her. She had a rough time but she got through it and delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy and girl. We named them Kimberly and Nathan.

It's been better than a year since Gadget gave birth and we couldn't be happier. I've retired from the rescue rangers, and laid off the coffee. Monty and Zipper moved to the California wine country so they could be near an endless supply of cheese. Dale now runs the rangers with Foxy. They have multiple teams across the world now and are doing well. They have a child on the way now and they couldn't be happier. Gadget is content being a full time mother and part time inventor for the rangers.

What can I say life is good when you're with the people you love. And I have no intention of leaving the ones I love. Besides I like being a father. I'm lying here next to my beautiful wife thinking about all that I have and can't think of anything else I want. For the first time in my life I'm really content. I pull my wife closer to me and kiss her on the forehead and fall asleep as a complete person.