notes Wow I haven't updated in awhile huh? I'm not dead though, just suffering from writer's block, and realizing that everything I've written is pretty crappy. Angsty Sasuke 100 word drabble, it's a bit vague though. Oh well.

timeline Three year gap time period. Kishimoto-sensei is killing me with curiosity over Sasuke.

pairing Very slight very vague SasukeSakura. And only if you want to think of it that way. After all, there's only a hundred words.

disclaimer I don't own Naruto.


He has a goal to accomplish. He is aware of this every second of every day; the winds whisper it to him every time he moves, and the light dances across the ground with the promise of his future. He watches the leaves fall in the autumn air and clenches his bloodied hands. When he feels pain he does not need to think about what is to come, and what has passed. It is his curse; everyone precious to him will die.

(He thinks that freedom must be as bright as her hair, and he wishes that spring never comes.)