Deadly Love

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Last Chapter

He looked back up to see Marik entering. He slightly waved at him and got into the vehicle as it sped off.

"I've found the rope!" Yu-gi yelled as he came back to the scene. "Ryou?"

"Over here Yu-gi!"

"What?! Ryou, What happened?"

Ryou simply looked towards the direction the black vehicle had sped off, "I don't know."


Chapter 16

'Stay awake Damn it! Stay awake,' she screamed into her mind as she hung off his shoulders. She had a sudden urge to just fall asleep. She couldn't keep up with all this. Everything that had happened to her up until now was the worst thing that could ever happen. She wanted to end this all! She was tired. She just wanted to finish this off once and for all.

The rain was pounding hard against her back, soaking her completely. She was freezing in the rain, and her hair smeared across her face as Yami continued his tread towards the cabin.

Within seconds, the rain stopped. Darkness came, and the temperature rose. They had entered the cabin yet again. It was still engulfed within shadows, and Tea had no idea how Yami knew where he was headed. She raised her head meekly and skimmed the room. A sudden burst of light came washing over the darkness, and it disappeared once again. They were headed towards a room. Seto's room. Tea began to panic within, and tried to muster up some energy to try and get away.

Chuckling began to arise from Yami's throat, and she could feel his throat vibrating against her waist. Without a single warning, she was flung onto the bed with violent force, almost as if she were a mere doll. She watched his gaze intensify, and a sinister look appeared on his face.

She was too tired to move. The bed was way too comfortable that it prevented her from moving. She just wanted to fall asleep… forever.

When Yami noticed she would not be leaving anytime soon, he left the room for a moment. Within seconds, he arrived with lit candles and placed them on either side of the bed.

"Please Yami… don't…" she managed to say faintly.

Yami merely went towards the door and closed it slightly. He looked back at the bed and smirked at her. He then approached the foot of the bed and just continued to gaze at her.

"Yami… don't…." she repeated, this time with a little more energy.

Yami ignored her yet again, and just began to crawl onto the bed. He slowly went up, until he reached her face. Tea began to feel her energy rush to her again due to the position they were currently in. She lay there along the bed, and he lay on top of her, both hands on either side of her face. She gazed up into his eyes, and he gazed into hers. He smiled at her once again, and slowly brought his mouth down towards her neck. She felt his lips collide with her skin and she tensed. "St—top!" She cried weakly as he began to slowly massage her skin with his lips. "Stop!" She cried as she jolted up with her hands to get him off of her. He quickly grabbed onto her hands and pushed her back against the bed, locking her wrists in his grasp, right by her face. She screamed as he lay flat against her body and continued his work along her neck. She tried to get away and struggled to no end. He merely continued performing this act upon her delicate skin. "Yami!! Please! Just stop!!…-she whimpered- please!!" She cried freely and began to scream again.

"Why?! Why should I uh?" He yelled taking a moment's pause from her neck. He brought his face up to gaze down at her face, in particularly, her eyes. She was crying and she was extremely pale. "Why should I? I love you Tea! Isn't that a good enough reason to let me continue? After all, you let Kaiba take you on like this when you were here the last time, didn't you?!" He said. He looked at her surprised expression and merely bent down to capture her lips in an aggressive kiss. After a few seconds he let go of her lips, which began to swell up. "You never seize to amuse me Tea." He said as he laughed and went back to attacking her neckline.

"Shut up! You are. I don't care what promises you and that filthy bastard made in this very cabin. But now, I think you and I should make a few of our own promises hmph? How bout the promise to belong to each other forever? And what was that promise you made with Kaiba the last time you were here again? Oh yes… that promise to marriage?"

'How did he know about those?' she thought. She felt his lips turn into a smile against her skin.

"Tea…" he said as his words vibrated against her skin. "You are confused aren't you? How did I know about all that? Is that what you want to know?" He asked her in a mocking tone. He brought his mouth along her slender neck up until he reader her cheek, never once taking his mouth off her skin. "I was here."

She screamed as he bit down on her earlobe. He let go of her arms and merely began to roam her body. She cried out yet again. He reached her lips once more and began to passionately kiss her. Pushing against her. 'HELPP!!' She screamed in her mind. This man was going to kill her! And she couldn't do anything about it!

He was viciously attacking her lips, and she couldn't help but whimper. Her lips were swollen by now; she even suspected them to be bleeding. Without warning he bit down on her lower lip, which sent a jolt of pain through her. She tried to scream but he began to suck away the blood that was coming out of her lips. She began to cry as she was completely immobilized and knew that she couldn't escape this madman's grasp.

Within a blink of an eye, her lips were freed of the torture. Her body was no longer crushed. All she saw was a flash of something long and white, and Yami was no longer on top of her. She closed her eyes as tears flowed out, and wrapped her arms around herself, getting into a fetal position. She then felt a strong, firm, yet gentle hand rest on her cheek. She opened her eyes and immediately jumped into his arms. Seto had finally arrived. She was saved.

"Seto!" She screamed as she broke into a hysteric cry. She hung onto him in a tight embrace. He simply wrapped his arms around her and looked down at the hysteric girl. She was soaked completely, and now held bruises and cuts all around her. He looked towards Yami, who was beginning to get up off the floor. Anger began to rise within him, and he began to lose control.

Yami noticed Seto's anger, and simply smirked. "Kaiba… don't be a fool. You never could beat me, and you never will. Now get up and leave until I'm done in here… or I guess we will leave and let you stay in this cabin of yours." He said with a sadistic smile on his face.

Seto stared at the man in front of him. He began to hate the site of this man. He felt like ripping this bastard limp by limp and making him suffer. The only thing that stopped him from moving at all was the girl clutching onto him, as if he was her only life support. Seto held a stern glare on Yami. Yami however, simply smirked and did not bother leaving. He kept on adding fuel to a great fire.

"Ha. So you're not going to let me finish, are you? Why? You had your fun with her now let her be mine! You couldn't possibly stick to just one girl huh? After all, if you wanted you could get any one you wanted, but Tea is mine. She'll always be mine. I'm not done with her Kaiba! Let her go!" He finally said with an infuriated tone.

Seto felt Tea tense up. She was grabbing his coat with much force, that her hands began to lose circulation. He rose his hand and laided them against her hands, indicating to relax. He then bent down low to her ear, and whispered. "Tea, I'm here now. I won't let him or anyone touch you again. I promise. Relax… Tea… I love you." He finally said. He felt her relax. She turned her face and looked into his eyes with a tear-stricken face.

"I… I love… you too!" She said, barely audible. He looked down at her and finally stood up. Tea simply gazed at his sudden action and saw him take off his coat. He then wrappe dit around her shoulders and motioned for her to rise up. She hesitantly stood up, with a great deal of difficulty. She was still shaking from the previous event, and she still feared the man that stood not even 5 meters away.

"Oh so when he say's he loves you, you say it back, yet when I claim to love you… you take it as a joke?!" he practically screamed as Seto stepped in front of her.

"Don't you dare to talk to her like that again. You're already screwed Yami. There's no way, absolutely no bloody way you're going to touch her again. And I'm going to make sure of that, even if I have to break your hands in the process."


The next thing I knew, Seto disappeared. He moved at such great speed that he looked like a blur in front of me. I heard a scream a few feet ahead of me and looked up to see Yami clutching his stomach… and Seto hovering above him. I had never seen Seto like this before. No matter what happened, he never looked as… well… as angry as he did now. No matter what the circumstances were, from business to his little brother, this was a new look to him.

I simply stood there, hugging myself and staring at the scene unfolding before me. Seto was moving swiftly, and getting as many punches as he could to collide with Yami. He looked heavenly… like the angel he was.

I couldn't help but smile to myself. An angel protected me, and here I thought that no one cared for me anymore. That my life was nothing more then a burden. But I guess I realize now, that I mean a lot to some people… and a few bad experiences shouldn't make me give up on anyone.

"You F---- Oof!" Another swift punch. 'If Seto keeps this up… he's going to kill him!'

"Seto! Stop it!" I tried to yell. But he didn't hear me. Another blow. But this time by Yami… Aparently, Yami had the upper hand now.

"You …" he yelled as he landed another blow to Seto's stomach.

I just stood there and stared. Two men that have always been rivals, one who had been a friend, the other an enemy… now switched spots. My enemy, was my life now. And my friend, was a curse. And here I stand, and can't do a thing about it!

BANG! Another blow.

Once again, Seto stood hovering above Yami, as he lay on the ground, supporting himself by his elbows. Seto now held a dagger by Yami's throat. The two just started at each other.

Both were bleeding by now, and I couldn't face to see another person get hurt. I have had enough of this! So many people were getting hurt because of me, I just couldn't let anyone else go through with this anymore! "I just can't!"

I ran towards the two of them and yelled out once again. "Stop it! Please! Just Stop it! Seto! Don't kill him. I don't want anymore people getting hurt! Please." I yelled out again as I hugged his from behind. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, hoping that he would remove the dagger from Yami. "Please Seto. Don't kill him. Don't take the law into your own hands. I… I don't want to live without you. And Yami will get what he deserves… please." I tried to reason with him. I dind't want to lose Seto again. Not ever. If he killed Yami now, he would be tangled into this system of laws. "You'll stoop down to his level…" I said at last as a faint sound began to come to her ears.


"Oh man! What do you mean you don't know? How can you not know who that was?!" he cried as they walked down the dark road.

"Well, it couldn't have been Yami! He's off with Tea! And how the heck am I supposed to know who the driver was… I couldn't see him!" Ryou defended. They were walking towards the direction the limo driver had given them. They had to make sure Tea and Kaiba were all right. And that even Yami was still alive.

"Maybe we should try to call the cops! What if something happened? What if one of them is—"

"Don't even say it! None of them would kill, at least I don't think so," Yugi interrupted, as they began to break into a sprint. "We have the address now… maybe we should call the police and tell them to head there. I mean, it's more likely that they will get there before we do!"

"Good idea… next payphone, we'll call."

Yugi looked at Ryou with a blank expression as they ran. "What happened to your cell phone?" he finally asked as they began to approach a payphone.

"It broke when I fell."


Yami lay there on the ground and simply began to laugh. He chuckled as he put his head against the floor and closed his eyes. Hi body was shaking with the laughter rising from his throat. Tea merely clung to Seto, and stared at the madman infront of her.

"Hmmm… so you think that a prison can hold me Tea? You really think my love for you is that weak? That I will forget about you? That I won't try to escape in order to get you again?" He sneered as he stared at her.

She felt herself cringe, but she regained her posture. She stood up tall and looked right back into the eyes of her predator. "Yami, I think prison can change you… and that it can confine you for a long time. Death will come, but it won't make you pay for what you've done." She said as she heard shuffling coming from outside.

"In here." Seto said. Four officers in uniforms rushed in, all holding a gun out in front of them. They looked at the mess, the blood, and the three of them.

"There's an ambulance outside Mr. Kaiba." One said as the other two began to arrest Yami. "They are waiting for you out there."

"Thank you." He replied as he held onto Tea in a protective hug. He began to steer her out of the room… but not before she exchanged her last words with Yami.

"If only you really knew what the meaning of love was. Maybe we could have all lived a better life… if it wasn't for your obsession. For your deadly obsession. Deadly Love."

Yami continued to stare at her as she began to exit the room. It was finally over. Everything was going to be okay. That was the end. And that was it.


One month later

"Shhh!" she whispered to the younger boy beside her. The cold liquid was splashing around in the pot she held, and the younger child just kept on giggling.

"Sorry Tea, but you know he's going to kill you when he wakes up." He replied back to her constant "shhing". He just began to silently laugh again.

She smiled to herself as she looked at the figure sleeping a few feet away from her. He was so peaceful. His perfect brown hair lay lazily over his closed eyes. His jaw was gently closed and his breathing was very steady. He smiled slightly, giving the indication that he was having a good dream.

"He is so going to kill me!" She smirked as she, and her partner in crime approached the bed. "On the count of three." She whispered.


"Two…" Mokuba whispered.

"Th—AH" She screamed as Seto suddenly grabbed onto her waist and rolled her over. The bucket of water fell on top of both her and Seto, soaking the both of them head to toe. Mokuba had fallen onto the floor and was laughing his head off.

Tea nudged Seto on his shoulder as he lay on top of her, water dripping off his hair, and onto her already wet face. She pouted slightly and looked the other way. He simply gave out a small chuckle as he moved her hair from her forehead.

"Surprise." He said as he brought her face to look into her eyes again.

She smiled at him and also began to laugh.

"Tea…" he said faintly as he began o close the gap between the two. "I love you." He said as his lips came into contact with hers. The lay there, for at least a full minute, until they felt a sudden river of cold liquid fall onto them.

"Ha! You forgot about me!" Mokuba yelled in triumph as he ran out of the room.

"I don't think so!" Seto yelled as he got up to chase the young boy, leaving Tea in the room alone.

She was glad to have had this moment. She was glad to be here. She smiled to herself as she lay on the bed, looking down onto her fingers. She was going to be married soon, and she would finally live her life with the one man she loved. Tea closed her eyes as she though od the day he proposed to her. It wasn't long after the Yami fiasco, but it was jut enough to lighten her mood. To bring back the happiness in her life.

"Tea!" Mokuba came back into the room running, now soaked from head to toe with water. "Help me!" he yelled as he jumped onto the bed and hid behind her.

"Uh oh… don't tell me Seto's…"

"Surprise!" he yelled from the doorway with another bucket full of water. Both Tea and Mokuba screamed as they tried to jump off the bed. Instead they got soaked with water yet again. All of them lay lazily on the bed now soaked completely from head to toe.

"I guess, we don't need showers anymore!" Mokuba said cheerily.

Seto smirked and looked at Tea. "I guess not."

"You got that right." She repeated as she hugged Seto again.

She smiled to herself. Life was beautiful yet again. Serenity was back to normal. Everyone was living life greatly. 'I guess, it was all worth it.' She thought as she kissed her future husband one more time. 'Yes. It was all worth it.'


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