---A short little story I wrote in my Tech Aid class.

Trying to focus myself more on discriptions and using big words.

Nothing much so say about it, so, enjoy!---

With One Look
By: Laria Kaiba

"Hang on."

Ryou slid his arms around Malik's slender waist. The blond revved the motor and they were off. Ryou instantly tightened his grip at the jolt of speed. He clung to Malik, fearful that he was going to fall. This was his first time on a motorcycle.

"You're fine," Malik chuckled loudly over the roar of the motor.

They turned a corner, a little quicker then they probably should have, but Malik could handle it. Ryou felt a flutter in his stomach and sat up a little. Closing his eyes he felt the wind rushing through his hair and the dance in his stomach as Malik turned and speed through the streets of Domino.

Ryou felt as if he was flying. He felt so free and uninhibited.

"Where are we going?" Ryou questioned.

"Don't worry about it," answered Malik, "Just enjoy the ride."

Dusk was settling in and the sun was starting to set. Rays of orange and red shown through the tall buildings as Malik came to a stop.

"Kaiba Corp?" Ryou said gazing up at the all too familiar building. Malik nodded and got off the bike. Ryou hopped off as well and followed Malik inside.

"Are we even allowed in here?" Ryou asked nervously as they walked through the front door. Malik shushed him as they strolled passed the secretary, who paid no attention to them.

Ryou noticed that the Millennium Rod, which was hanging from one of Malik's belt loops, was glowing faintly.

The two of them quickly disappeared into the elevator and Malik pressed the highest number.

"Malik…" Ryou started as the elevator began to lift them to the top floor.

"Shhh," Malik hushed again, taking Ryou's hand in his own. The white haired teen smiled and blushed.

The elevator doors slid open and Malik lead Ryou halfway down the hallway to a door marked 'Roof'.

Stepping out onto the roof Ryou was rendered breathless. All of Domino sat before him, only enhanced by the setting sun that was painting the sky with bright oranges and deep reds.

"It's beautiful," Ryou breathed.

"Just like you," Malik said caressing Ryou's hand softly. The teen blushed again. "For the longest time I've wanted to tell you, but I didn't think, I mean… I wanted to do it right, and you know—"

Ryou's lips abruptly ended Malik's stammering.

"I love you too," Ryou said once their lips parted.

The End