She stares at the front door of the familiar Scarsdale address. She's came back here every year for the last four years.

It had worried her the first time she had came here, after all she had been the one to leave their son and take his kids with her. But it had been the right thing to do, at least that what she told her shelf.
They had been stupid eighteen years old with their heads full of thoughts of making it big and not needing anbody.
But instead they had been faced with the reality of two screaming newborns, four whiny children if you counted Benny and Roger, and a shit hole loft to live in.
He had told her that they could make it, that they would have no worries in a matter of moments.

And she believed him because she loved him.

It only took a year for her to see that it'd be harder than any of them had planned. She saw then that she couldn't raise two kids in a place like this, and that no matter what happened he'd never leave his dreams.

So what could she do?

Leave. Go, back home, beg for forgiveness and a helping hand.
Leaving didn't me she didn't love him.

Sure, her parents were pissed at first, but they loved her too much to turn thier backs on her.

She called him once that first year away.

To say good bye. Sort of. Maybe they both could use some sort of closure at least til things became better.

Why did she leave? He asked.
'Cos she had to.
Did she lose faith? He wanted to know.
Not really, she just found reality.
Did she still love him?
But she didn't answer.

Their mothers had been friends for as long as she could remeber so it shouldn't have surprised when they came to see their grandkids.
She had waited for a lecture, a scolding for hurting him.
But the only question seemed to be why she hadn't come to her senses sooner.
That was no way to live.
But she already knew that.

Now here she was. They wanted to see their grankids again.

"Mommy, can we go in now?"

She looked at the two boys in the back and smiled.
They looked like him.

She got out of the car, opened the back door and unbuckled both boys.
She followed as they ran madly through the snow to the door.

She used the spare key she had been given to let them in the house and ushered the boys to the living room where his parents would be waiting for them.

His mother smiled as she saw them, but she had a phone in her hand...

"That was a very loud beep. I don't even know if this is working Mark...Mark are you there? Are you screening your calls? It's Mom. We wanted to call and say we love you. And we'll miss you tomorrow. Cindy and the kids are here...send their love..."

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