XYZ's Of Parenthood

Summary: For a project in a new class Harry, Hermione, and Ron signed up for for extra credit, Harry and Hermione must be assigned a child for a few months. Who will be their child?

Disclaimer: Not my characters, blah blah blah.


"You don't need extra credit," Ron grumbled as he watched Hermione sign up for the class.

"No," she said, "But I just want to see what kind of class it is!"

A flier had been posted up on every notice board in the common rooms:

7th Years Need Extra Credit?

Sign up for Professor Kilarpie's extra credit assignments class!

Tell me which class you need extra credit in and do the assignment, soon you will have higher grades! Come to the empty classroom on the 5th floor tomorrow (October 18th) at noon for the first class!

Sign up here:

Ron and Harry had immediately signed up. Hermione had gleefully signed up also.

"Classes start tomorrow at noon," she said happily, "I can't wait to see what things we'll be doing!"

"Hello…" Professor Kelarpie said, "I am Professor Kelarpie, the teacher of your extra credit assignments. For a little bit pf background on me, I have worked at Muggle schools for 10 years…"

Ron droned out as she continued to talk about the interesting things they taught Muggle students.

Professor Kelarpie was a young witch, about in her thirties, she had short black hair, brown eyes, and a slender body. She held herself straight and had a dreamy voice much like Luna's.

"And the first assignment will be on parenthood," she said suddenly, making everyone snap into attention.

"What does that have to do with any of our classes?" Seamus asked loudly, almost everyone agreed.

All the girls looked pleased.

"It doesn't," professor Kelarpie said, "But I have talked about each of my assignments with your other teachers and Headmaster and they have agreed to let me do this just so you will learn about being parents. Now…" she looked around, "Everyone get into groups of three. Make sure that there is a boy and girl in each group that is a member of your year and house."

After much bustling (except for Harry, Hermione, and Ron), groups were formed. Professor Kelarpie smiled and pulled out several potion vials.

"Now…obviously there is a mother and father, choose those, and the person who is not chosen remain where you are."

"I don't want to be either," Ron said, yawning and doodling on his piece of paper.

"This group, right here," Professor Kelarpie suddenly said, pointing to Harry, Hermione and Ron's group, "Come up to the front please."

The trio stood and walked up to the front.

"Who is the father?" Professor Kelarpie asked, "Because I already know who the mother is." She smiled.

"Me," Harry said.

Ron looked slightly expectant.

"Brilliant," Professor Kelarpie said, picking up a bottle. She pointed at Ron, "You…you are the whole object of this assignment-"

"Special," Ron said with a slight grin, some people laughed.

"Because," Professor Kelarpie continued, "You will be turned into a baby."

"Pardon?" Ron asked, turning pale.

"Each lesson you will return," Professor Kelarpie went on, "And the person who is the baby will drink more of the potion and become one year older. You must care for the child until the assignment is over and they are returned to their normal selves."

"Excuse me?" Ron said, still pale.

"Drink this," Professor Kelarpie said, handing him the vile, "Just a sip. A teaspoon."

Ron did so. Then handed the vile back. Within seconds everyone was shocked. Ron was now a sleeping baby inside Professor Kilarpie's arms. He still had red hair and freckles, but was smaller. Very small. Professor Kelarpie handed the baby (Ron) over to Hermione.

"Groups line up please!" Professor Kelarpie announced, "At the end of class I will give you a box of the things you need to have to raise babies."

Hermione was amazed. Harry looked shocked.

"I think I like him like this," Hermione said, "He's so quiet."

Harry had to laugh. Ron stirred in Hermione's arms, but remained sleeping.

Soon the room was full of girls (and some boys form the groups) holding sleeping babies. Professor Kelarpie went around handing diaper bags to the parent who was not holding the baby.

Harry set the bag on the desk and opened it. It was full of typical baby things…food, bottles, formula, bibs, etc. Except no diapers.

"Of course there aren't," Hermione said when Harry commented on this, "They just use the cleaning spell. Here, hold him."

"I…" Harry stammered, "I've never held a baby before."

Hermione looked around.

"Parvarti," she said quietly to the group behind them, "Can you hold Ron for a moment?"

Parvarti, who had just handed the baby Lavender over to Seamus, nodded and took Ron from Hermione.

"Here," Hermione said, "Hold your arms like this…" she moved Harry's arms, then took Ron back from Lavender, and placed the baby into Harry's positioned arms, "Great. Make sure to always keep a hand under his head…good."

"Wow," Harry had to say.

"Great," Hermione said, smiling, "Maybe we should keep Ron like this."

"He might remember you said that," Harry said.

Professor Kelarpie walked over to their group and said quietly,

"You are doing great. I love the chemistry between you two…"

"We are allowed to go to classes with our babies?" Hermione asked.


"Okay," Hermione replied, "But what about potions? Won't it be harmful for them to breathe in?"

"That's one of the challenges of parenthood. You have to figure out for yourself."

Hermione gasped. Then she said,

"But what about Ron's grades? He wont be able to work in classes this young!"

"The teachers have been asked to pause the grade of whoever has been transformed."

"Oh," Hermione said, "Okay. Where will they sleep?"

"Cribs have been placed in the girls and boys dormitories you will switch on and off. There is a paper in there explaining things."

"Okay," Harry said, speaking up just so they knew he was listening.

Suddenly one of the babies began to cry. Which woke up three more, who began to cry. Harry held his breath. Ron stirred, but remained asleep.

"Class is dismissed!" Professor Kelarpie announced, "Please go to your next class!"

Harry and Hermione left the classroom, Hermione carrying the bag and Harry holding the baby (Ron).

"We have the next class together, right?" Harry asked.

People passing by stared at the groups exiting the classroom.

"No," Hermione said, "Let me take him to Ancient Runes. You have Divination next."

"Okay," Harry said, reluctantly handing the baby (Ron, I keep forgetting!) over.

Hermione walked with Ron to the Ancient Runes classroom while Harry headed off for Divination. He caught up with Seamus, who had taken Baby Lavender.

"Weird assignment," Harry commented.

"No kidding," Seamus said.

"Want me to take that?" Harry asked, indicating Seamus's school bag.

"Yeah, thanks," Seamus said when Harry took it, "Um…"

Seamus stared at the ladder leading up to the Divination classroom.

"I'll go up and you can hand her up?" Harry suggested.

So they did that.

"Thanks, again," Seamus said, taking back Baby Lavender.

"Yeah, well…it was nothing."

So what do you think? it's a bit odd but it will get better.