Of course Ron eventually got back on track with school. He and Lavender both totally laughed at the possibility of them being friends when they had been children. And Ron said that he did not know why he never talked. He just said he must have had nothing to say. Once Ron was Keeper again, the Gryffindor team practiced night after night, especially Harry. Then they came back and beat Hufflepuff. Josh was good about it...but then Professor Kelarpie and Professor Kelarpie left to go to Durmstrang to teach their Extra Credit class there. The entire EC class had a party for them before they left. Josh went and he and Harry talked about being Seekers. Harry admitted that Josh was very good, but Josh said Harry was better.

Finally someone asked Regor and LaRaine why they had kidnapped the children. Regor and LaRaine replied that they wanted to see how the "parents" would react to an emergency.

Harry and Ron were both pleased with their renewed Potions grades. Their grades had been raised by 25 percent. Hermione congratulated them and said hers had also risen.

Even though she had never needed extra credit.

Happy? I wrote an epilogue, LOL. There's just not much anything else that could be written. Use your imagination to end it.