The whistling of the blade cleaves the air.
The crystal is knocked from its perch in between the pillars.
The walls tremble and the ground shakes as the young
Assassin swipes the crystal into
His bag and smiles briefly, before leaving.

He pauses as the rope ladder falls to his feet.
And looks over to the window where a figure stands,
In the moonlight, her white robe a bright contrast to his Order.
She nods to him as she draws an arrow.

He stands rooted to the spot, not daring to move.
A howl cries across the night, the instant of
Momentary paralysis is broken, the young assassin
Ducks down swiftly and makes his way across the walkway

Towards the lady dressed in white…
He reaches her swiftly as
The guards run by them unaware of
The two youths standing in
The moonlight and the dark shadows.

They stare at each other for a minute,
His bright blue eyes searching her dray grey eyes.
And she asks him why he continues to live this life of his.

He leans in and whispers to her,
What is forbidden is all the more precious and sweet.
He brushes her cheek in a kiss before he leaps away.

Leaving a confused woman behind…

As the guards come hollering done the walkway,
With their weapons out, ready for a fight,
The young assassin and thief in training
Disappears into the dark quiet night.

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