As some of you may know, I am making a few changes to all my fanfics. Here's the revised version of "The Return of Turmoil".

Turmoil has captured T-Bone and now it's up to Razor and Felina to save him. RazorxFelina and TBonexCallie.

The Return of Turmoil

Secret 01

The Turbo Kat flew cutting through the clouds at an amazing speed, followed by three other smaller jets. "I can't believe she's at it again," T-Bone thought he should have guessed that if Turmoil ever escaped, she wouldn't just sit around doing nothing. She was out to get her revenge. T-Bone skillfully piloted the Turbo Kat, making it fly upside down above the three enemy jets and turning right side up behind them. "All yours Razor!"

"That was a little too easy but I won't be picky," Razor had his suspicions. He fired a few missiles and easily sent the three jets crashing into the ocean below. "They didn't put up a fight like they did when we were in the city. You think they were leading us here for some reason?"

"Probably," T-Bone agreed. "But hey, I'm up for a challenge, how about you?"

"Any time, but let's watch out just in case." Razor had a bad feeling about this. He kept an eye out for anything suspicious and thought he saw something up ahead. He wasn't sure what it was but the sun light reflected off it, except there was nothing there. "T-Bone, do you see that up ahead? How the light reflects off something but there's apparently nothing there? I think there's something hidden in there with some kind of technology to reflect the sky."

"Something almost invisible? Well you're the one who knows about gadgets and stuff. Speaking of which, if there really is something there, you think you could make your own version of that technology for the Turbo Kat? I would just love to see the look in everyone's faces when the Turbo Kat appears out of no where!" T-Bone sounded relaxed as if the thing up ahead, whatever it was, didn't worry him too much.

Razor was still concerned. "T-Bone, focus here, I have a bad feeling about that thing, it's not on our radar."

"Relax, what could possibly go wrong?" T-Bone continued flying towards the semi-invisible object.

Razor shot some missiles containing paint to show that there really was something there, and whatever it was, it's bigger then they thought. "I think this is what your ex-girlfriend wanted to show us."

"But if this thing belongs to Turmoil, then why isn't she doing anything?" T-Bone asked.

"Beats me," Razor was just as confused about it as T-Bone.

Soon enough a jet similar in design to the Turbo Kat painted in red and black, mostly red, flew out of the semi-invisible thing that they determined must be some kind of air force station. "Sorry to keep you waiting," came Turmoil's voice by radio transmission. "This time I will be your opponent in the skies."

Turmoil was an excellent pilot, but T-Bone was still the best. He hasn't gotten a challenge like this in a long time and neither had Razor, so it was very satisfying to come out victorious, or so they thought. Just as Turmoil's jet was about to fall into the ocean, it rapidly flew up into the air station. Before the Swat Kats could stop her, a beam of blue light was shot from the air station but it wasn't the vertigo beam, this was different. The Turbo Kat's controls were not responding and it was trapped in place. The cockpit opened itself and T-Bone was beamed up. Razor held on to him and tried to pull him back inside the Turbo Kat but a purple light reached him and he was instantly knocked out. "Razor!" T-Bone screamed as he saw the Turbo Kat go on a crash course towards a fuel processing factory near the beach. If the Turbo Kat crashed there, surely it would cause a fire and Razor would be killed by it if not by the impact.

The Enforcers arrived late as usual, but just in time to witness the Turbo Kat being released from the blue beam and T-Bone being carried away while Razor was trapped unconscious on the Turbo Kat. Felina made a violent turn on her helicopter. Her uncle, commander Feral would have fallen off his seat if he didn't have his seat belt on. "What are you doing Felina?" He questioned noticing she was heading right at the Turbo Kat.

"Pilot the helicopter for me uncle," Felina ordered more so than requested.

"Absolutely not! You are not going out there!" He tried to stop her, but Feral knew Felina wouldn't listen. She never takes no for an answer.

"Sorry uncle," Felina stabilized the helicopter a little before setting it to auto pilot and jumping off as the Turbo Kat passed bellow them. The Turbo Kat wasn't falling straight down; it was instead gradually falling towards that factory gliding in the air. Felina fell on the back of the jet, good thing the engines were not active. She noticed two small missiles attached to the Turbo Kat guiding it toward the factory, but not large enough to sustain it in the air completely. "What a copy cat." Kicking the little missile-like machines off the Turbo Kat proved to be easy enough, but maybe to the best thing to do at the time. The Turbo Kat fell faster now but it looked as if it was going to crash right in front of the factory instead of on it. Felina struggled not to fall off and managed to climb into the cockpit. "C'mon start, start!" Luckily the Turbo Kat started functioning again. A good pilot can deal with almost any kind of flying machine so piloting the Turbo Kat wasn't too hard. It was actually fun and Felina would have enjoyed it if not for the critical situation they were in. She glanced to the sit behind her and saw Razor was still unconscious but hopefully still alive.

Meanwhile, Turmoil had the guards take T-Bone's weapons away and sent him to the dungeon area. She watched as Felina jumped in the Turbo Kat and stopped it from crashing. "Shoot her down," she commanded. Five small jets headed towards the Turbo Kat.

"Razor, wake up, I could use some help here!" Felina called but it was no use. Whatever that purple laser was, it knocked him out cold. Feral and the other Enforcers tried to stop Turmoil's jets to no avail, and soon the only ones left in the skies were the Turbo Kat and the enemies. Between trying to figure out the Turbo Kat's weapon system, trying to wake up Razor, and avoiding the vertigo beam that was now being shot from the air station the, Turbo Kat was hit. At least it was a missile and not the vertigo beam so it was possible to have a softer crash landing with the jet still working a little bit. They crashed at the coast away from the factory. Satisfied with that, Turmoil called back her forces and the battle was over for now.

End of Secret 01

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