The Return of Turmoil

Secret 04

An old lady was about to cross the street after returning from the grocery store. She looked to make sure no cars were coming and took the first step when the roar of an engine, unusually powerful for an ordinary car, was heard. She stopped and looked in both directions again. The source of the noise, a dark green car, sped by creating wind as it disappeared in the distance.

All she could see of the driver was a pink and blond blur. It was another crazy girl. Another one with black hair and a blue car had zoomed by when she was on the other side of the street on her way to the grocery store. But that last one looked familiar. Wait, didn't she work for the mayor? Maybe something was going on, better get home and watch the news.

At the Enforcer's Headquarters, Commander Ulysses Feral punched the desk hard. He couldn't believe it. The worse of his fears until now was Felina becoming more like the Swat Kats. She didn't want any of the Enforcers to be like them, especially not his niece. But this was much worse. Of course he blamed it all on the Swat Kats and their bad influence. "Felina..." He knew she was pretending, she had to be, but given the danger she was exposed to, that did little to comfort him.

Meanwhile, Callie Briggs had arrived close to the location of Turmol's air station and saw the Kat's Eye News helicopter parked near by. She got off her car and ran over. "Ann Gora, I need to talk to you right away about what happened!" She stopped as she spotted someone hiding in the back of the helicopter.

"Yes, he is," Ann Gora hoped Callie would catch the hint. "Unfortunately, Razor died today."

Callie nodded and breathed in relief but made it sound sad and threw in a few screams of agony before closing the door of the helicopter and pretending to cry long enough for the people who had gathered in the surrounding area upon her arrival to leave. There were Enforcers there but no sign of Commander Feral and they didn't appear to be doing anything except stand around. "You scared me," Callie was relieved seeing Razor alive.

"I'm sorry, but it had to look realistic. We knew Turmoil was going to be a lot harder to trick this time, so to trick her, we had to trick everyone," Razor explained. It had all been arranged with the help of Ann Gore and some movie supplies she got from her station. Razor was never injured, it was all an act. "Now it's a matter of waiting. T-Bone and Felina should be back soon." Razor knew Felina could do a lot when she sets her mind to it and he trusted his best friend to stay alive long enough for her to get him out of there. A little communicator he was carrying beeped. "That's my cue time to go pick them up."

At Turmoil's air station, Felina had been trying to locate T-Bone without looking suspicious. She heard a few lasers being shot near by and ran to investigate. There he was, T-Bone, she should have known he would be able to escape from his cell. Turmoil wanted him alive to witness the fall of Mega Kat city. "T-Bone this way!" Felina called.

Seeing as T-Bone was escaping Turmoil had enough and changed her mind about keeping him alive. "Kill them! Kill them both!"

"This way," Felina opened one of the exits and looked at a small communicator. The light blinked rapidly which indicated that the one Razor was right below. "Jump," Felina gave T-Bone a little push.

"But it's too high! What?" The next thing he knew, T-Bone was inside the Turbo Kat along with Razor and Felina.

"Do you like the new invisible technology?" Razor smiled victoriously.

"This rocks and I'm so happy you're alive!" T-Bone returned the expression.

"Felina gave me a hand on the staying alive part. Unfortunately this new technology is really hard on the batteries and we'll need a battery as big as that station to keep it for too long," Razor explained.

"It's alright, we can save it for emergencies," T-Bone flew the Turbo Kat away from the air station. He saw Turmoil standing at that exit screaming her head off because they had apparently vanished into thin air. They must have stolen her technology and used it on the Turbo Kat.

"Care to do the honors?" Felina asked handing T-Bone a little controller once the Turbo Kat was suspended in mid air at a safe distance. Giving the new girl a tour was a bad idea.

"Deja vu, good bye Turmoil!" T-Bone activated the many explosives Felina had placed on the station with the press of a button.

The air station crashed and Turmoil was arrested again along with all her new pilots. The invisible technology from the station was destroyed so the Swat Kats were the only ones who had it at the moment.

Ann Gora explained what was really going on and Kat's Eye News was okay with it given the situation. Mayor Manx along with every one else in Mega Kat city, were very relieved to hear it was all a plan to save T-Bone.

As soon as they landed so Felina could get off the jet, Commander Feral arrived at the scene and clearly stated she was forbidden from as much as even speaking to the Swat Kats ever again, of course she didn't listen. Her suspension was cancelled since it was easier for her uncle to keep an eye on her that way, though he said it was because she helped stop Turmoil.

The next day at the Swat Kats hangar Chance and Jake watched a rerun of yesterday's news report. "Look at this," Chance directed Jake's attention towards the TV. "Did you see that?" He said referring to the moment in which Callie hugged him as soon as he got off the Turbo Kat for their little interview with Ann Gora. "I think she likes me."

"Yes, that's what you've been saying none stop since yesterday," Jake laughed.

"Hello?" Came a voice from outside.

"We have a customer," Jake dragged Chance away from the TV.

To their surprise the voice belonged to Felina Feral. "Hi, my car needs a few repairs. I'm always at work and hardly use it. I guess speeding all the way to Pumadine after sitting in the garage for so long, was too much for the engine."

"No problem we'll fix it," Chance replied, Jake had told him he suspected Felina knew who he was.

When he returned had the hangar to prepare for the rescue, Razor noticed his mask was untied with the helmet holding it in place. Maybe Jake could find out how much she knew without giving away any new information. "I heard about your adventure with the Swat Kats on the news yesterday."

Felina smiled a shook her head. "You don't have to pretend. Usually I would fix my car myself, but brought it here because I wanted to talk to you about that, and I also wanted some modifications made to the car but that's another story. I guess curiosity got the best of me. Sorry, I know shouldn't have looked."

"Well you did save my life," Jake pointed out.

"And you've saved mine quite a few times before. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," Felina assured.

"It's alright I know I can trust you with our little secret," Jake concluded that maybe this was for the best.

End of Secret 04

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