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Author's Note: For those of you who don't know, Kazul is a female dragon, Telemane is a magician, and Morwen is a witch. But Kazul isn't just any dragon, she is the King of the Dragons.

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Chapter 3: Family Friends

Most of the family friends were there and unconscious. "Morwen, Telemane, Kazul!"

Morwen was stirring, her cats were twitching, Telemane was ashen white, and Kazul was, well waking up with a loud roar. I at once jumped in front of Kazul's mouth and blocked the raging fire. She stood up and I used a levitation spell to keep the fire from going past me. Then I heard Elli scream.

"Kazul, please stop. You're going to burn this meadow to a crisp. Not to mention Morwen and Telemane and some new friends of mine," I shouted so Kazul could hear me.

She stopped. "Dario? Is that you? I'm sorry. I thought you were those dratted wizards," Kazul said looking around. "Where are we?"

"I don't know yet." I replied feeling stupid for not asking even though I had been thinking that very same question. "I just lapsed out of unconsciousness," I said, hoping that would explain it.

For some reason, I was able to understand what the dragon was saying. Dario called it Kazul. Then it startled me when it started making choking and snorting noises. It must have been laughing.

Kazul was much bigger than the dragon at the castle menagerie. Kazul was three times my height at least and was very postured, as much as a dragon can be and it's scales were more green than gray. Kazul had two horns on either side of its head and one curvy one in the middle.

Then Kazul looked sad. "Dario," it started, "your mother and father, they were killed. The wizards got them." small bits of fire coursed down his cheeks.

At this I was alarmed and yelled, "Dario, your face is on fire!" I was really concerned. Of course the fire stopped. He and Kazul side glanced at each other and began laughing, hard. I couldn't see what was so amusing. Dario was literally rolling with laughter. Then he stood up again when he heard the woman with black robes groan. He walked over to her with a smile on his face, leaving me with Kazul.

I looked over at Kazul. Looking at it the second time wasn't so bad. "Why were you both laughing as if it were some kind of joke?" I asked angrily. "His face was just on FIRE!"

"Oh, don't mind those little fire spasms. They happen all of thetime if your a fire witch," Kazul replied.

'Fire witch? What is Kazul talking about?' Then I realized my rudeness. "I'm Eleanor, but you can just call me Elli," I said introducing myself.

Kazul nodded her head and said, "It's very nice to meet you Elli. I'm Kazul, King of the Dragons." Immediately I swept a formal curtsy. Kazul snorted. "No need for that Elli. I'm not the kind that enjoys formalities."

Dario was walking back with Morwen leaning on his shoulder. A few cats were following them. "I'm sorry to interrupt," Morwen started, "but Telemane is in very bad shape; like he was at the swamp, remember?"

Kazul nodded. "Yes Morwen, I remember."

Morwen looked around her and said, "It's obvious the wizards sent us here, but where exactly is here?"

They all turned and looked at Elli. "We currently reside in the country of Kyrria, between the Elfin Forest and Jenn." Dario was the only one that was confused.

"I didn't know they would send us that far," Morwen said amused.

Kazul looked relieved and said, "I've always wanted to visit this place. But it was outrageous to travel this far, even for a dragon."

"Where is Kyrria?" Dario was obviously very confused.

Kazul nodded to Morwen. "It's 1,853,000,000,000,000 miles Northeast of the Enchanted Forest; just past Ayothia."

Dario looked at Morwen and sighed. "Is there anything you don't know?"

Morwen laughed and said, "Of course. I don't know what Telemane was thinking when he was talking to that troll that lived under the bridge. The troll threatened to eat him and Telemane said there was a bigger, fatter magician on his way there. Of course the troll had been tricked with that method before and wasn't buying it. I had to bail him out. We were still kids then," she said with a laugh. Dario laughed as well. Then she paused. "I should nurse him back to health." Dario nodded and helped her over to Telemane.

As if Elli wasn't confused enough, she had no idea where the Enchanted Forest was. In fact, she'd only heard of that place once. People had said it was a dangerous place, filled with magical beings.

Were they dangerous?