I got a request for a sequel. I will oblige, since I have NOTHING else to do. I will start with this chapter, and from there on, I will TRY to find some sort of plot. Everybody help

to! So this is the sequel to 'He was of Leaf, she was of Sand'.

Doubts of Yesterday

Chapter 1: Someone like Her


When Temari awoke the next morning, she was sure that the night before had been a dream. Nothing had changed; the sun rose just like it used to, the birds chirped just as merrily as they had before. The only hint that it could have happened was that she was still fully clothed, instead of in her usual pajamas. Part of her wanted to believe that it was proof, but she knew she could have been just too tired to change after training.

She wasn't sure how to approach this problem, she knew that it could be a dream, or it could have been reality. She had vivid dreams every once in awhile, but she couldn't convince herself that his soft lips upon hers was unreal. That the feel of his body pressing against hers, his warmth defending her against the chill of the night air.

Half of her wanted to believe it was just a dream. It could never work out, ninjas from two different villages really weren't meant to love it only caused difficulties in her eyes, even though she knew full well that her love for him was as real as it could be. But she was still unwilling to admit—more like hope, that it was real, that he could love someone like her.

From what she could gather, he was chasing after that pink haired girl—Sakura. She could feel the jealousy forming in her chest. The jealousy that he could love—even think about loving, another girl besides herself.

She shook her head violently. When had she become so close to one boy…? One boy that could captivate her thoughts for hours if she allowed him to? She had never had that experience with anyone. How could she tell him, relay to him, the love that she felt for him? She wasn't good with that sort of thing, being a novice with the dealings of love.

Deciding that she had spent enough time laying in bed, letting her thoughts wander on the fox boy. She gently pulled the covers off of her body, and slid her feet onto the ground. Her bare feet made strange sounds on the wooden floor as she walked. She started making breakfast, and before she could stop herself, her mind wandered to Naruto again.

What was he doing now? Was he thinking of her? Was that event real, or was it just a fragment of a dream? She couldn't be sure. The only way to know would be to ask, which she knew, even with all of her mental strength, she couldn't pull enough courage to ask that sort of thing.

Absent mindedly, she traced her lips with her finger, wondering if she had really kissed him. Whether she had really tasted him, whether his lips had met hers. She came to the same conclusion, as before, she had no way of knowing. She was best to act like nothing had ever happened, unless confronted by Naruto with the subject.

Again, she thought about how he used to act toward the pink haired girl. How he'd call her '-chan'. How he'd try to impress her.

He was hers and hers alone.

She knew this wasn't officially true, but she had liked to think so.

What about the Hyuuga girl as well? The affection she held towards Naruto was strong, although Naruto appeared oblivious to her feelings. Was the girl competition? Perhaps. Then again, was there really competition in real love? She knew there was in manga, novels, and movies. But was real love different? She hadn't thought about it before.

Was ninja love different from any other sort of love?

Temari didn't have the answers to any of her questions. Realizing she had spaced out, she discovered that her breakfast was burning. Muttering a curse, she realized that her food was now wasn't edible. She looked through the cupboards, and realized she had nothing that could be made fast. She had no intention of spending a half-hour or more on cooking breakfast.

But she couldn't just skip the meal, she'd be hungry all the way until lunch. She decided that she'd have to go out for breakfast.


And it is dooooooone.