A Slant of Light

Chapter One

Close the door

I feel a breeze, hold me please

I hate to be alone

It's a cold night, turn off the lights

Come take my hand and

Listen to these things I have to say

Please understand

She left me all alone again.


"Turn off the lights, please," He said quietly as he looked out of the window. His golden eyes, enthralled by the darkness outside, glinted incongruously; he knew that there was someone at the door. It was too obvious. Yoh really had to be cautious sometimes.

Said person smiled and crossed his arms against his chest after acquiescing. "It isn't even turned on." He replied good-naturedly, a little confused by the request. After a moment's consideration, he deliberately stepped forward a few more feet, close enough to say anything private, but far enough to prevent the intrusion into the other's personal space.

That was enough for now.

Ren fixed his attention at Yoh for a moment (but only for a moment) with a dazed expression on his face, before turning back to the scenery below the second floor. The crisp air was cool and calming and, best of all, as silent as Death. It crept slowly, so slowly that if a normal person wasn't looking for it (and who would?) then that person may never have noticed it at all. But Ren was far from normal, and he was looking for it, too.

He liked his new way of thinking. It was clear and concise- something that he had not had the chance to see and feel with his friends. Anna was like that, he mused, but then again, did he consider her as his friend? Did she consider him close enough to be that? Come to think of it, he rather felt instinctively that Yoh's friends, no matter how weird and raucous or nice and polite they may be, weren't hers, as far as she was concerned. You've got to be crazy if you wanted to befriend Kyouyama Anna.

So maybe he was crazy.

Maybe he just wanted something… oh, he didn't know, something more than a fleeting glance and an almost annoying blank expression thrown his way? A simple hello would probably even suffice. He wasn't desperate enough to fall on his feet and beg for her friendship. God forbid, he'd fall off a cliff before he did that.

"Close the door, Yoh." He sighed, "the light from the hallway is hurting my eyes."

A finely arched eyebrow was cocked at him. "Light tends to do that when you've been in the dark for so long." Then Yoh, ever the caring friend, nudged at Horo Horo and brought the blankets around the blue-haired boy. Horo Horo snored lightly, undisturbed by the intrusion.

Ren thought to tell Yoh to back off or something that was beyond rude, but his damned upbringing had to butt in and make him retaliate with a pathetic "…Whatever." He huffed quietly, like he usually did, except when he was intentionally trying to make Horo Horo feel angry or what-the-fuck-ever the kid usually felt around him. Then again, they were the same age, so wouldn't that make him a kid too?

Ren blinked. What a way to end the evening.

God, he thought to himself, when did I start thinking this way?

Thankfully, Yoh was there to temporarily stop his train of thought. "You know, I can't help but feel like something's going to happen this week."

"…" Other than Anna beating the living shit out of you? Ren thought dryly, and then gave himself mental smack. He really had to deal with his issues and learn how to be more civil sometimes. Thank god that his brain and his tongue didn't cooperate at the moment; otherwise he'd be spewing sarcasm all over and get slapped for his troubles. He felt his eyebrow twitching at the thought. "I passed her by the hallway a while ago. She didn't look too pleased about your decision."

'She' didn't have to be explained. 'She' did not encompass Tamao or Pirika or even his sister Jun, but deliberately meant the itako. Yoh got the hint and smiled softly.

"I know."

"Then why did you do it?"

Yoh brought a finger up to his lips, as if telling him to be quiet, and looked pensive for a moment, It was so quick that if Ren wasn't bent on getting any kind of answer from Yoh, he would have missed it.

"When it comes down to it," he whispered softly, the inklings of momentary sadness crossing his face, "I don't think that we would ever survive together, even if we want things to work out. Sometimes, it's best to give yourself time and space."

Ren glanced at Yoh and nodded. Somehow, his heart understood, even if his mind didn't. And Yoh knew that, the same way he knew everything else about Ren.

So Ren continued to look out the window, even if his eyes grew tired and Yoh's body succumbed to sleep, as if he was looking for answers that were never there at all.


The next morning, Ren was surprised to find that he was in a futon surrounded by folded blankets. Oh, and don't forget the note that was taped to his forehead. (On his forehead! What the hell-?)

Grumbling about insensitive jerks like Horo Horo who didn't have the brains to just attach the note on the desk or the floor or somewhere other than his face, he yanked it from his temple and winced at the feeling of sticky tape removed from where it had been taped to for (presumably) hours. Confused, he read the contents and blinked.


We left early to train and we didn't have the heart to wake you (and Anna) up. Have fun.


Eyebrow twitching, he flicked the piece of paper to the trashcan and wondered, idly, just how he had gotten stuck with friends like those.

Ah, well. He just hoped Anna didn't bite.




Clear the room of every memory

I don't want our song back on

This is an endless maze

Take away this haze

Come take my heart and


- Listen, Stonefree


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