Danny and Sam: A Wedding Story

22 year-old Danny Fenton and Sam Manson are getting married! What happens in the months leading up to the wedding? They run into old friends, and maybe some not so friendly people. Please R&R and no flames. Thanks 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Danny Phantom, but I will one day!

Chapter 1: House Hunting.

Danny and Sam are engaged and out looking for houses to rent or buy. Both of their families know, and were very excited. Danny is a rookie cop and Sam is a vet. Today they are out with their realtor, Michelle Flanagan, looking at different houses. Around 2:00pm they arrived to meet Miss. Flanagan at a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house to rent. They stepped inside to begin their tour.

"Oh Danny, it's beautiful!" Sam exclaimed to her fiancée.

"It is, let's go upstairs."

Michelle Flanagan led them upstairs and into the master bedroom. It was now painted ivory. Danny and Sam both agreed that had to go. The master bathroom was of course connected to the bedroom. Both of them liked that. Then they saw the second and third bedrooms. They were indeed smaller, but very nice. They went back downstairs to finish their tour.

"As you can see, the second bathroom is on this floor down the hallway. Also down the hall way is the kitchen and dining room/breakfast nook." Miss. Flanagan said.

They all went down into the kitchen and dining room. They were indeed impressed. Sliding glass doors led to the patio and a nice yard. This house was indeed a hit with them. They told Michelle they would discuss it and then bid her good-bye. As they walked out toward Danny's car, they heard two voices from the past.

"Oh thank you for the new dress! I loved it!"

"I knew you would."

Danny and Sam whirled around and saw Paulina and Dash getting out of their car next door. Dash then spotted them.

"Well if it isn't Fenton and his Gothic geek girlfriend."

Even though Sam had given up the Goth act, Dash still referred to her as Gothic. Her brown hair now came down to her shoulders, and after removing her contacts she reveled beautiful brown eyes. Today she was wearing a blue tank top and jean shorts.

"Don't take about my fiancée that way!" Danny defended her.

"Your fiancée?" Paulina repeated stupidly. "I always knew they would get together."

"What are you doing in this part of town Fenton?" Dash asked.

"For your information we are house hunting. But apparently we have to rethink taking this house do to its "pest" problem." Sam answered.

"Pest problem? We've never had a pest problem." Paulina said stupidly.

"Fine! My wife and I could care less." Dash said and with that they walked back into their house.

"After all these years those two are still such jerks!" Sam exclaimed.

"I know honey, but let's not worry about them. We are getting married, and buying a place of our own, and everything will be perfect."

"Yeah," Sam smiled, "It will be." Sam kissed Danny and giggled.

"How about a bite to eat? I'm starving!" Danny said.

"Sounds great, let's roll." Sam replied.

They hopped in the car and sped away.