Chapter 8: The Reception.

FYI: The verses to the song in this chapter is my song.

"And now," Jack said to the crowd in the reception hall, "May I present the new Mr. and Mrs. Fenton!"

Everyone cheered as Danny and Sam entered the hall. They sat at the head table with the Maddie, Jack, Elizabeth, Thurston, Edward, Jazz (little Anne in her arms), Rhys and Tucker. Danny and Sam made an announcement before sitting down.

"Thank you everyone for joining us on this special day. The food will be ready soon; we'll eat and then get the party started." Danny said to the crowd.

Sam then picked up where he left off. "You'll notice that there are little bells for each person. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the tradition of what I call "kissing bells." Whenever you want Danny and me to kiss just ring your bells."

Instantly everyone picked up their bells and started ringing them.

Danny laughed and said, "As you wish."

He grabbed Sam and kissed her long and lovingly. Needless to say there was more cheering.

Just then a caterer came up to Danny and Sam. Danny stood back up and announced, "Food is served. Table by table, go up and help yourselves."

The head table went first, and then the first table went, second, etc. Soon everyone was eating, talking, laughing, and of course ringing their bells. About an hour went by and then Tucker stood up.

"Who is ready to see the newlywed's first dance?"

Their friends and family cheered, and rang their bell.

"Very well, the song they will be dancing to, is their special song, All I need is you."

Danny and Sam walked onto the dimmed dance floor where a spotlight was on them and a disco ball brought light to the room. They started dancing.

"I used to think,

When I was young

I needed to have everything

Had to meet everyone

But now I know

That's not true

All I need is your love

All I need is you."

Sam rested her head on Danny's chest. They both remember when they danced to this song at the high school prom."

"I don't need the sun

And I don't need the moon

All I need is your love,

All I need is you

Because you are my sun

Because you are my moon

I don't need anything

Anything but you."

As the song finished everyone clapped and rang their bells. Danny and Sam invited everyone to come up and dance with them. The party went on for hours. Finally around 9:00 that evening Danny and Sam said to everyone.

"Thank you for attending our special day but now it's time for my wife and me, by the way I love calling Sam my wife, to go on our honeymoon! Enjoy the rest of the party!"

Everyone clapped, rang their bells, and threw rice at the newlyweds as they walked out the door of the hall.

The End There will be more stories to come.