Sara held her gun tightly in her hand as she pointed it to her head. 'It's not worth it. None of it is. Your worthless. You are nothing. No one needs you or wants you.' The words replayed in her mind as she struggled for control. She bit her lip drawing blood from it. 'No I'm not worthless.' Sara said to herself. She lowered her gun and whipped the blood from her lip. She grabbed her bottle of Vodka and took a long drink of it. She starred into space until her cell phone rang. "Sidle." She answered it.

"Sara I need you to come in." She instantly recognized Grissom's voice and the voice in her head came back too. 'He's just using you, he doesn't need or want you.' Sara shook her head. "Sorry I'm busy." Sara told him before hanging up.

'No one wants you Sara. No one needs you.' "No stop it." Sara whispered while clutching her gun tighter. 'They don't need you, no does.' Sara took a deep breath. "Stop it. Stop it right now." Sara commanded. 'It's never gonna stop Sara. No needs you so why should any body stop for you?' Sara started to cry and held the gun to her chest. "I can't do this anymore." Sara whispered. "No I have to keep fighting." Sara whispered to herself. Sara unloaded her gun and laid it on the table and starred at it. 'Pick that gun up it's your only friend besides the bottle Sara.' Sara involuntarily grabbed the gun and loaded it again.

Catherine walked up and down the hallway's of the Crime Lab and sighed heavily. She had a feeling that something was wrong but didn't know what it was. She walked past Grissom's office and saw that he looked worried. "Hey Gill, what's wrong?" She asked while walking in the office. "It's Sara, she sounded depressed on the phone and she passed down the opportunity to work." He answered looking up at her. "I'll go and check on her." Catherine reassured him. He nodded and watched as she left his office.

Sara held the gun tightly and was shaking uncontrollably. 'Come on put the gun to your head and fire it! It's the only way to be free!' Sara's inner voice screamed at her. "Their has to be another way." Sara whispered. Sara was now sitting in the corner of her living room with her knee's up to her chest. 'It's the only way out. Out of this hell hole.' The voice coldly answered.

Catherine drove up to the apartment and walked up the flight of stairs and was outside of Sara's door. She knocked a couple times and didn't get an answer she was about to leave till she herd some one talking. "No it's not the way out." The voice sounded beyond depressed and Catherine was getting worried.

'Quickly put the gun to your head and fire, a simple thing to do.' Sara shook her head. "No it's not so simple. Leave me alone." Sara said while tightening the grip on her gun. Catherine opened the door and quickly looked through the house looking for Sara. "Sara! Where are you?" Catherine shouted. She gasped when she saw Sara sitting in the corner with her gun pointed to her head. "Sara no!" Catherine shouted. 'Do it! No one wants you!' Sara's inner voice screamed. Catherine ran over to her and grabbed the gun out of Sara's hands. "No." Sara whispered. "Sara what the hell do you think your doing?" Catherine shouted at her. Sara spaced out on her and Catherine panicked. "Sara, Sara!" Catherine called while shaking her. Sara couldn't take it anymore and cried in Catherine's arms.

"Sara tell me what's wrong." Catherine whispered softly while wrapping her arms around Sara protectively. "The voice won't stop." Sara cried into Catherine's chest. 'I've never seen her like this. She always strong and guarded.' Catherine thought to her self. "What's the voice doing?" Catherine asked gently. "It's telling me that I'm worthless and no body needs or wants me and telling me that I should pull the trigger." Sara's voice was as fragile as glass and Catherine hugged her tighter. "Oh baby your not worthless, and your friends want you, I want you." Catherine whispered into Sara's ear. Sara hugged her tightly not wanting to let go.

They sat like that for an hour and Catherine could feel Sara calm down. She slowly stood up and gently pulled Sara up. She tucked a loose strand of hair behind Sara's ear and smiled at her. Sara gave a very small smile back. "Come on let's go lay down." Catherine whispered while pulling Sara into her room. Catherine had Sara lay down first and then laid down next to her and wrapped her arms around her tightly. Sara liked the feeling of Catherine's arms around her and could no longer hear the voice in her head.