He knew those eyes anywhere…the purple, lilac, amethyst, and jasmine of them…he knew them anywhere. She was as beautiful as ever, maybe even more so, since her face allowed an innocence lost within her long ago…when she first heard of her destiny. He knew, she knew still, about it, about her destiny…hell, because of it she was back! Someone had already claimed her as his and yet, she had succeeded in relinquishing from his grasp, something she needed to do in order to keep this world safe …safe, from herself, her father, and now, Brother Blood! Of course, she had had done this…like always, she risked losing everything, including what little friends she had…all, in order to save this world. He wondered, as he looked at her young face, if this world was worth saving if it meant she was lost.

The fuzz atop her head had now grown somewhat, now, it looked like a little boy's shaggy hair. Her indigo hair was almost black just as he remembered it…except, it wasn't long…like so long ago when through her, her father had tried ridding himself of the Titans. That day was his wedding day…well, truth be told, it should have been his wedding day. But not to her though…no, to a beautiful Tamaranian Princess with red hair and jade eyes…He hadn't known at that moment that one day he would be thankful to the Dark girl for having stopped what would have been his worst mistake ever. Koriand'r was perfect but in her perfection something was lost…maybe the darkness that so enthralls him…maybe that shroud of mystery that is part of everything he knows and therefore loves…or…maybe yet, it was the amethyst that her eyes didn't posses.

She had been back for a few months now…Her young face easily hiding the many years her soul had. She should have been…what? …twenty-four…but she were given a young body, a body of a fifteen or was it sixteen year old? … He wasn't sure and he didn't care. All he cared about was how it was driving him crazy that the boy whom now donned the red, yellow, and green of his old suit was holding her in his arms. He couldn't understand if he was being idiotic or if he was turning into a pedophile. But when he saw the two together like that he knew it should have been like that many years ago when he was the one wearing that old suit. He let out a mournful chuckle as he saw the young Raven being held close to the young Robin's chest. He cursed himself time and time again as thought of how at one time when they were both of the same age he could have held her close, like the newer Robin did…but he didn't. How one time, long ago, it was Koriand'r whom he loved and how, not until he had killed the Raven did he realize that he had killed a part of himself…the part that he loved best.

Yes, she had been given a new and younger body but he could recognize those eyes anywhere. And the more that he, Nightwing, looked at Raven the more he realized that one day he would make her purple, lilac, amethyst, and jasmine eyes look at him the way he looked at her now.

"One day," he said, his head hanging slightly down as he headed back, inside, his old home, Titan Tower, "one day."