A note from Tirya: This is a translation of a story written in French by Nuwie done with her permission. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do! I have not added anything to the text, but kept it as true to the original as I could and still make an accurate translation.

Warning: This is the product of a sick imagination. Or what happens when one exposes oneself after having misused HP in its multiple forms: books, films, DVD, CD, fanfics... You are warned!

What Goes Around Comes Around

In a world which will undoubtedly never exist, Harry Potter was lying in the room of his godfather, Sirius Black. The previous evening, he had been panicked after having heard a discussion between members of the Order. They spoke about his marked destiny: to kill Voldemort. Only, Harry did not see at all how he was supposed to achieve this mission, and with each death that fell on their side, he felt increasingly responsible. In short, without realizing it, he found himself in front of Sirius' door, who had opened the door to let him in, and who had immediately understood that something was not right. His godson had revealed everything to him, and he had tried to comfort him. He would have liked to be able to say that all would be well, but he could not. After all, nobody, not even Dumbledore, knew what was going to happen. But at least, for once, he was there to comfort Harry. He had taken him in his arms, and had let him cry until he calmed. However, Harry did not want to see anyone for the moment, and especially not to return to the room he shared with Ron. Sirius had thus proposed to him to spend the night at his place. After speaking to each other for a while, they were both exhausted.

However, now, Harry could not sleep any more. Something had awakened him, and for once it was not a nightmare. It took a moment to define what had been able to draw him from a surprisingly peaceful slumber. Lastly, he understood that his godfather was in a deep nightmare. Sleeping on his back, he groaned. He seemed to be pushing back something, or somebody. Harry suspected that Sirius believed he had returned to his cell in Azkaban. He began the task of trying to wake him up. He began by calling out to him: "Sirius!" No result. He shook his shoulders, testing for a response: "Padfoot!" This time, Sirius seemed to hear. He began to murmur in his sleep: "James? James, you must believe me, I did not betray you... James! It is not me... " Harry started to panic: "Sirius! Sirius! Wake up! Please, Sirius!" But nothing made it through. Then, in despair, Harry tightened his grip on his godfather, and murmured: "Snuffles!" With these words, Sirius awoke in a start, and had a moment of panic, struggling. Harry held on, and repeated calmly: "Sirius, it's me, Harry. Everything is fine. You are safe, here." Sirius seemed to calm down finally, and fell down on the bed, exhausted.

Harry said a small voice: "I'm sorry... I didn't want to frighten you, but I thought that it was better for you to wake up."

Sirius tightened Harry against him, and answered: "You did the right thing, Harry. I'm the one who should be sorry for waking you."

Harry laughed softly. "Oh, that... I know how bad nightmares can be. And I slept most of the night anyway!"

"That doesn't matter. I'm the one who's supposed to comfort you. Not the other way around."

"Sirius? You know... if I could, I would erase all the memories that you have of Azkaban." Harry paused. "But I can't. The least I can do it is accept that you won't always be alright, or that you will have nightmares... I hope that - that thr dark gleam that you still have sometimes in your eyes disappears one day."

Sirius, throat too tight to answer, could only tighten his grip on Harry.

Harry started to laugh: "Well, you're already my hero, then perhaps it's alright if I see that you have faults, too. I don't think I should idealize you too much."

Sirius started to laugh: "Your hero? What an idea! What could I have done to deserve this title?"

Harry answered: "Well... let's see... You were the best friend of my father and Remus at school, you became an Animagus at fifteen years old, you chose to become an Auror, you were best man to the marriage of my parents, you agreed to be my godfather, you wanted to protect my parents, and you then wanted to avenge them. You survived twelve years of Azkaban, and when you are escaped, it was to protect me and get your revenge. You also came to Hogwarts for me, and you gave me my Firebolt, and there's the flying motor bike... " After a moment of reflection, Harry finished: "You're right: I really don't see why you would be my hero!"

Laying next to each other on their backs, both burst into laughter.

"Harry? If ever I'm ever depressed, repeat that to me, alright?"

"No problem!" Then, after a moment of silence. "Sirius?"

"Mmmh ?"

Harry would have liked to say many things, but he didn't know how to form them on his lips. Finally, he decided on the simpler choice: "Thank you!"

"For what?" asked an astonished Sirius.

"For everything!"

Sirius understood finally. He drew an arm under the nape of Harry's neck, and answered by bringing it against him: "No problem! Thank you... "

"Good night, Sirius!"

"Good night, Harry!"

They remained quiet for a moment, then Harry heard its godfather burst into laughter. Sirius tried to remain quiet, but he was unable to hold it in.

"Can I know what is so funny?"

"Huh? Oh, it's nothing... "

Harry was always astonished by his godfather, after all that he had lived through, could fall so easily into his role of Marauder.

"Of course! I imagine that it is Kreacher who's in here laughing, it is that?"

"Ok, ok... But I don't know if I can say to you to what I'm thinking: you are too young... "

"Can I remind you that, at my age, I already faced Voldemort several times?"

"I give up, it's true, you win! But do not come to me for sympathy afterwards, ok?"


"Good..." He cleared his throat. "Did you think of... what somebody would say... if they came in and saw the two of us... er..."

"You want to say: if somebody saw us, an old man like you, and a kid like me... in the same bed?" Harry teased.

"It's crazy of me to think that! Yes, that's it."

"Hm... I don't think so."

"Hmhm. And... what you do think about it?"

"Er... Hm, I know that I am a little old for this, but I also know that this is how I sleep best. I also know that it is when I am close to you that I feel safest. But I will understand if you want me to leave," Harry finished, getting ready to leave.

Sirius retained him. "No, not at all. You know very well that I love to feel useful and important!" He explained jokingly. After a moment, he added, "and I have been rather private to others these last years, therefore I'll let it go." After another pause, he concluded: "People are foolish?"

"People are foolish. In any event, people always tell what they want. Then... "

"Precisely. What made me laugh, it is that I imagined the article in the Daily Prophet, with a title like: The Boy Who Lived seduced by his godfather, a follower of You-Know-Who: will the white magic survive?" Sirius went back to laughing. Harry, on his side, turned on his belly, and looked right into his godfather's eyes.

"You believe that people would really not understand?" he asked in an innocent voice.

"Excuse me?" asked Sirius, confused.

"After all, why couldn't people accept that I would be attracted to my beautiful godfather?"

"Harry?" croaked Sirius in an anxious voice.

"What? Everyone says it, that you are beautiful, and that you were a lady killer in Hogwarts!"

"Yes... I had a certain success... but with the girls, Harry! And of my own age!"

"What do you know? Perhaps you had a crowd of secret admirers, after all!"

Sirius was without voice for a moment, but finally he decided to say, "Harry... tell me: would you be... gay, by chance?"

Harry reflected a moment, then answered very seriously: "Hm... not that I know. But now that you make me think about it... I want to say: I find you really sexy!"

Harry, who had been on his belly the whole time, leaned against Sirius, looking at him fixedly with innocent eyes. Sirius, when he did this, initially appeared a little disturbed, then anxious, and now had a pensive expression on his face.

When his godfather did not answer, Harry said, "I'm sorry... I shocked you?"

"Shocked perhaps isn't the right word... I would say disturbed?" And he added, "Merlin, Harry... are you sure of what you are saying?"

Harry looked it without stumbling, and, with a small smile, it answered: "Certain: you are sexy."

Sirius looked at him right in the eyes for a moment, Harry returning his stare, then, putting a hand behind his head, he started to approach his godson's face. His godson, who he ended up kissing.

Harry did not react initially. Then, once that his godfather had released him, he asked in a small voice:

"What was that?"

It was now Sirius's turn to take an innocent air. "I have just kissed you," he answered with an unbearable obvious tone.

"I know, that! But why?"

"Isn't it what you wanted?" asked Sirius with a large smile.

"But... not, if, still, I don't know..." Then suddenly, a little panicked, "Is it you, Sirius, who is gay?"

"Hm... I have never thought of it, but... now that you're asking me the question…"

Sirius's smile increased more and more... Harry could see that he was trying not to laugh. Then, finally understanding that his godfather was making fun of him, he reacted by giving him a fist in the stomach: "Idiot!"

There, Sirius could not hold it anymore, and he burst out laughing. "Ah, you wanted to fool a Marauder, huh? Don't mess with those bigger than you, little one... "

Harry also started to laugh, mainly from relief. Nevertheless, the subject was not breached.

"Ha, but I still had you there, didn't I? In any case, you weren't so sure back there... "

"Ok, I believed it... for five seconds, it's true..." admitted Sirius.

"Oh, not true! If only you had seen your face when I said you were sexy. Now, I know that one can get anything from you with compliments... "

"You are terrible, you! Worse than James when you put yourself up to it!" And with that, he started to tickle Harry.

This brought on more beautiful laughter. "No, stop! It is not right, you are bigger than me!"

"I will stop only if you admit that I had you..."


"Exactly." And he started again to tickle him.

Harry twisted in every direction. Not able to take anymore, he begged, "Alright, alright, I give. You had me, there."

"Ah, that's better." Sirius ruffled the hair of Harry. "Brave little guy."

At these words, Harry gagged. "But I still say that this is war, and that I will be avenged."

"I hope so. It is necessary to make honor with your heritage. I must acknowledge that you had me as well."

"It's all the same! Thank you, Sirius."

"No problem. Good night, Prongs junior."

"Good night, sexy Sirius."

Sirius tried to grab him, but this time Harry was faster, and did not let itself be caught. They both fell asleep with smiles on their lips.

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