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A while later, somebody knocked gently on the door. Sirius, who was awake and daydreaming quietly, turned to Harry to see whether the noise had awakened him. But the teenager slept peacefully, leaning against him. Meanwhile, the door had opened, and a man had entered. He advanced, then stopped, seeing that Sirius was not alone.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I did not want to disturb you."

Sirius beckoned to him to come closer, and rose.

"It's fine, Moony. I wasn't asleep," he whispered. He took his friend in a corner of the room. "Just make sure you don't wake him up," he added while turning his head in the direction of the bed.

Remus also looked in this direction.

"He seems to be doing well..." he noticed.

Sirius sighed. "Now, yes..."

"Why, did something happen?" asked Remus in an anxious voice.

Sirius shook his head. "What you did want to say to me?"

Remus did not push further into the subject. "Oh, only that the Order will meet earlier than planned tomorrow. Snape has just returned from a mission, and Dumbledore wants him to submit his report in front of everyone."

"Well," Sirius said simply, his mind elsewhere.

"Padfoot, are you well?" asked Remus while trying to catch his gaze.

"I had a nightmare," answered Sirius suddenly. He stopped. Remus, who knew him well, did not push him. "In general, when I feel that I am not well, I change forms before going to sleep. But then, Harry wasn't feeling well, he stayed here and... In short, when Padfoot would have supported, I…"

Remus did not say anything, waiting patiently until his friend decided to continue.

"It was Harry who awoke me. It was Harry who reassured me... "

"And that disturbs you?" asked Remus kindly.

"No, still... if." Then he changed subjects abruptly. "You thought what, while coming in here?"

Confused by this question, Remus stammered: "Er... that you weren't alone?"

"Precisely. And then?"

"That perhaps I disturbed you?"


"Padfoot, where are you coming from, exactly?" asked Remus, in a slightly exasperated tone.

Sirius let out a long sigh, and sat down in an armchair. With a tightened throat, he answered. "Him, me, in the same bed. You want a drawing?"

Remus burst out laughing. "Wait! What are you trying to tell me?"

"I'm telling you it doesn't matter who else… What Snape, for example, though it would astonish me if he came less than one meter of my room, would think by seeing us."

"These people… they would be sick, Sirius" Remus reassured him, sitting down.

"Yeah well I am sick," answered the other with a tone of finality.

"Padfoot, are you trying to make me believe that you are gay!"

Sirius did not answer. Remus had to make an effort to not start laughing again.

"Oh, Padfoot! Can I remind you that you are the largest seducer … of girls… that Hogwarts had?"

"But one cannot say that lately... I - I am sick, Moony. I think of him without stop, and when he is there, I always want to touch him, to take him in my arms. I am not normal!" he finished, the air surrounding him heavy.

"Padfoot... you think unceasingly of him because he is the most important thing in your life! As for the rest... If I might, you always were a little invading. That must come from your side dog! Moreover, you were deprived human contact for a long time, and I do not think that Harry complains any, since no one accustomed him to receive marks of affection... "

"But he is not five years old anymore, Moony!"

"So what? It seems to me that you both have many things to catch up on, right?"

Sirius, who had lowered his head and fixed his eyes on the carpet, looked up. "Then, you think that it's alright for him to be around me?" he asked, thoroughly relieved.

This time, Remus could not stop himself from smiling. "Of course, idiot! You care for him, you need him, and - "

"Sirius?" asked a small voice that came from the bed.

Sirius started, and was immediately on his feet.

Remus' smile widened. "You see?" He added simply for Sirius. The other smiled at him in return. "Thank you, Moony."

"No problem, Padfoot. Good night!"

"Good night! See you tomorrow."

At that, Remus moved towards the door and Sirius towards his bed.

"I am here, Harry. Is something wrong?"

Seeing him approach, Harry gave him a great smile. "Not, it's fine... I woke up, and I didn't see you… Did somebody come?"

Sirius sat down on the edge of the bed. "It was Moony. He just wanted to say something to me. He just left."

"Did something happen?" asked Harry, the beginning of panic in his voice.

Sirius disheveled his hair, and answered calmly, "Everything is fine. Try to go back to sleep, alright?"

Harry went back under his covers. Sirius remained where he was, looking at him fixedly, but his mind elsewhere.


"Hmhm?" he asked, coming out of his daydream.

"Do you …do you want to go to bed?"

"Oh... yeah. I was wondering: do you want me to leave? I could go to sleep somewhere else if you want."

Harry initially looked astonished, then a smile took shape on his lips. "You're not saying that because of our... er... conversation?" And he started to laugh.

Sirius was indignant. "That's enough! Honestly, you completely disturbed me. I'm the adult here. I'm the one who's likely to corrupt the young."

Harry took it seriously. "I will never let anybody say that." And he added timidly. "I need you with me."

"You will protect me, then?"

"You can count on me!"

"If it's like that, then I don't have anything to fear." Then, as if it were the obvious thing to say next. "Will you make room for me?"

Harry pushed aside to let Sirius in.

"There, now this is comfortable," sighed the latter with satisfaction. Then he complained. "Hey, you took all the covers..."

"Of course!" Harry protested. "You're the one who took them from me..."

"Fine," Sirius declared in a resigned tone. "Then I see only one solution..." On that, he opened his arms, a malicious smile on his lips, and Harry was nestled against him.


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