Epilogue: Old and New Enemies Alike

"And the poison spills into Loki's mouth and eyes; he writhes, and a city falls: and in the moment of pain he gains a certain clarity. The master manipulator realizes how, ultimately-- how strangely, how elegantly-- he too had been manipulated. Perhaps the sound he makes is laughter."

-Another aside, in SANDMAN #69: "The Kindly Ones:13"

He spent his days staring blankly at the plane white walls, trying to avert his golden brown gaze from looking at the cold, iron bars because he got reminded of the misery his life had been since the entire debacle happened. Mathieu rarely got visitors now, aside from the occasional business associate or one of his many lawyers, who were trying their best to prolong the case and therefore get more money from him. His brown hair had gotten longer, his beard unkempt yet his posture still straight and elegant, making him look like he didn't belong in the rough world of snarling, uncivilized criminals. There was a bruise on his face, the one he got from the first and last fight he'd had. The guy who did it ended up win a toothbrush down his throat and Mathieu was given his own cell.

"De Comte, you have a visitor."

He sighed, rubbing his jaw. It must be another one of those lawyers of his, trying to get his hopes up. Trudging heavily against the guard, he stepped into the room only to find a pair of dark green eyes looking up at him.

"Hello, Mathieu."

Mathieu grinned, the fire in his eyes returning as he sat down. Green eyes of Kathryn Merteuil, and he saw his former fiancé for a moment, drowning himself in those familiar bottle green eyes.

But then, his focus left those enigmatic eyes and Kathryn turned into nothing more than a mere hallucination, and Mathieu De Comte found himself looking at someone else.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked curiously.

His visitor leaned forward, all dark hair and green eyes of wondering. The voice that replied had long lost its Parisian accent and had a slight British enunciation from spending the last few years in London.

"I just wanted to know, what is it with you and my daughters?"

To be continued…(I'm underlining AND putting it in bold letters so you guys won't miss that and crucify me for leaving you all hanging like that… But then again, maybe you all will until I post the sequel… Please don't hurt my feelings or I really won't write the sequel. Haha.) Look out for the next part of AIE entitled Bella Gerant Alii (Translated as: Let others wage war). It might take a while for it to get released because I've learned from my mistake with AIE and now I'm going to take longer to update because I want the story line crisp, complicated and fan-fucking-tastic. You know how I am with complex characters. Haha, and I don't want you guys to figure it out so quickly, but damn, y'all are so smart I just had to end this the way it did. (I feel sentimental at being able to finish my first CI fic) Lol… Ooohhh… So goodbyes must be said, for now. Be assured that I'm scheming, plotting and manipulating their next exploit with delicious anticipation and very driving perseverance. Now, it's time for a hiatus and I have to get back to my life. Au revoir, my friends. Till the next story! And please stop figuring things out. Though it may not have seemed like it, I went crazy trying to throw enough twists to confuse even myself.

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- Also, AIE had been centered on Kathryn's plan of attack against Sebastian, therefore, it also focused more on her point of view, as well as her family background. The second one, if I do it right, might focus on Sebastian's side of the family, along with a few quite interesting characters… I already have someone in mind for my favorite Valmont.

- Just to confirm: Belinda is alive, but not well, but then again, you'd probably already assume someone who's shot in the head as not well, so yeah. I love her too much to kill her. Her father, however, is. There's more to the assumed murder than you might think.

- Now, as for Mathieu... Guess we'll all see soon.

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