Title: Thirteen Little Weasleys

At first there were nine. Mum, dad, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George, Ron and me. We were a good happy family, if a bit pinched for money.

Then I fell in love with Harry.

And there were ten.

Then came Hermione, and she was in as well.

Soon came eleven.

Then Bill married Fluer and soon later she announced she was pregnant.

Then there were thirteen.

We might have been happy. We might have been content, but it all ended with the war.

Charlie was killed in a battle.

Then there were twelve.

Fred was killed and George locked in Azkaban for avenging his death. Not really fair is it? You get introuble for killing a murderer. With the twins gone, suddenly everything seemed a darker shade of grey.

Then there were ten.

Percy was killed not long after in a battle. Bill died by his side.

Then there were eight.

Harry, Ron and Hermione soon left for the war. Harry died fighting Voldemort. Hermione and Ron went missing. I hope they're happy where ever they are.

Then there were five.

Fleur and her child died in child birth.

Then there were three.

My father got into a fight with Lucius Malfoy. Mother got involved as well, as did Snape. Mother and Father both died. Snape and Lucius walked away...

Then there was me.

But not too far. They ran into me. And they died.

Then he came. He took me in his arms. We didn't want it this way. I'd wanted him all along, but not like this. Now his eyes tell me the samething. He wanted to have my mother there, standing teary eyed next to his. He wanted to be able to ask my father for my hand. But none of that is possible.

He says he can protect me. And I believe him. This is what we always wanted. I to be lost in his arms forever, he to hold me there and protect me.

This is what I always wanted.

"I do."

I'm the last of a dying breed. And he can love me and protect me. I am not a Weasley any more. I am a Malfoy.

And then there were none.

(A/N: K, so I was bored. I was looking for a book to read and I came across Agatha Christe's Ten little Indians, also called and Then there Were NOne, and this fic just jumped into my head. Hope you like it as much as I do.)