Alliance of Champions

This story follows on from my story Champions All. That story was a Buffy Angel Charmed crossover. This story brings Stargate SG-1 into the mix.

For the status of Buffy, Angel and Charmed please see the earlier story. This story starts a few months after the end of the previous story.

For Stargate SG-1 this is set in a vague mid point in that series when we have SG-1 as Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c. General Hammond is still running things and Dr Janet Fraiser is alive. For the purposes of this story Colonel Maybourne is still a serving officer and a member of the NID.

Note: I'm following Stargate convention (which seems to apply most but not all of the time) and ignoring any possible language differences.

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction and not written for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. The characters are owned by their various authors and networks etc.

Chapter One: Magic

"Witches!" exclaimed General Hammond. "What do they mean witches?"

"From what we can gather they mean pretty well the same as us," said Daniel Jackson. "A woman or perhaps sometimes a man, who can do magic spells."

SG-1 were currently engaged in a debriefing session with General Hammond following their trip to Kallistien, a newly contacted planet. Kallistien was a human occupied planet but with a much smaller population than Earth. At first sight the Kallistien technological level seemed to be on a par with Earth of the mid nineteenth century. The recent visit of SG-1 however had shown that some of the apparent similarities were no more than skin deep.

"The Kallistians seem to be convinced that magic works," said Major Samantha Carter. "People who are believed to have magic talent..."

"Witches?" said General Hammond.

"Yes, witches," confirmed Sam Carter, "occupy an important position in their society."

"We didn't argue with them about it," said Colonel Jack O'Neill dryly. "It's probably an important part of their religion. If they call it magic and we call it science it doesn't really matter in the long run."

"I understood they were quite clear about the difference between magic and science," said Teal'c.

"So did I," said Daniel. "They were very interested in what Sam had to say to them about science and technology but they obviously didn't think she was a witch."

Sam glanced quickly at Jack O'Neill as if daring him to take the opportunity to make a sarcastic comment.

"Look, it's not my fault you're called Samantha," said Jack.

This puzzled Teal'c but he was used to cultural references which puzzled him. He resolved to ask Colonel O'Neill about it later.

Sam rolled her eyes up and turned back to General Hammond.

"They asked that we bring some of our witches with us next time," said Sam.

"Didn't you tell them we don't have witches on Earth?" asked General Hammond.

"Well we tried," said Jack. "Oh we tried. That's when things started to go wrong."

"They didn't believe us," said Sam. "It seems they've heard of the Tau'ri and what they've heard is that the Tau'ri have the strongest witches. Since we'd already introduced ourselves as Tau'ri we're automatically meant to have witches of our own. If we don't turn up with some of our witches on our next visit we might as well not turn up at all."

"Do you mean they've had other visitors through their Stargate?" asked General Hammond.

"They weren't too clear about that," said Daniel. "I don't think they've tried to use it themselves for a long time, maybe centuries. They seem to be suspicious of it."

"Do we need these people?" asked General Hammond. "From what you say they seem to be a long way behind us with their technology and trust seems to be an issue between us."

"I think they might be very useful," said Daniel. "From what they said they know about the Goa'uld. They seem to have freed themselves from the Goa'uld a long time ago."

"Do you know how they did it?" asked the General.

"Magic," replied Teal'c. "Or at least that is what they believe."

"Did you meet any of these witches?" asked the General thoughtfully. "Do you have any idea of the sort of things they can do or at least what the Kallistians think they can do?"

"We did ask," replied Jack. "But they were all away, probably dancing around a tree or something."

"They told us their witches were busy with a problem," explained Sam with a sigh and a disapproving glance at Jack. "But they wouldn't explain what it was. They want to talk to our witches about it."

"Do you have something in mind General?" asked Daniel.

"Yes," he replied. "Whilst we don't have witches as such we do know that some people are reputed to have special abilities such as ESP, precognition and so on. I'll make some inquiries. I know there have been a few special projects over the years. It may be we'll be able to come up with some special ability people who qualify under the Kallistien definition of witch."

"You mean people who can tell apples from oranges on cards in separate rooms, that sort of thing," said Jack sarcastically. "I'm sure that'll impress the Kallistians no end."

"Would these special ability people be the sort of people you would trust with the secret of the Stargate?" asked Teal'c. "If they are to visit Kallistien they will need to be trusted with this information."

"One step at a time," said General Hammond. "First let's see if we can come up with anybody. Then we'll see if we want to trust them."


"This is ridiculous," said Jack, not for the first time. "These people are wasting our time." Just as I knew they would all along he thought.

SG-1 had now spent two days at a Denver hotel interviewing potential witches. All of the people had been rated as having some sort of paranormal power in the archives of various government financed projects although none of them described themselves as witches. Unfortunately the 'paranormal powers' allegedly possessed by these people seemed to be of the sort that disappeared on close examination.

Jack O'Neill and his team were becoming familiar with such comments as "Well it usually works," or "I can't work in these conditions with so much scepticism about." These latter remarks were usually directed to Jack himself.

Two of the men had appeared to have something of a mind-reading ability but this proved to be no more than a skill at reading the reactions of those around them in order to come up with the right answers.

"It was worth a try," said Sam, "but I agree with you, we've been wasting our time." She looked at her watch. "It's getting late. I think we should wrap up," she added.

Teal'c entered the room. "There is one more person waiting," he said. "She said she couldn't get here before now."

"I thought we'd reached the end of the list?" said Daniel.

"Yes," said Sam Carter, "but there were a few no-shows."

"Bring her in," said Jack. "Let's get this done and get out of here."

Teal'c returned a few moments later with a young woman. She was very attractive with long dark hair. At Jack's gesture she took a seat facing Jack, Sam and Daniel. Teal'c remained behind her standing.

"Can we have your name please?" asked Sam, ready to mark the name off the list and look up the alleged special ability in the records in front of her.

"Let's deal without a name for the moment Major Carter," said the woman even though she had not yet been introduced to the team.

"Let's not," said Jack. "Tell us who you are or leave."

"But if I did that you wouldn't have the witches to help you with the little metal monsters," said the woman smiling, electrifying all four members of SG-1 with her comment.

"Are you a witch?" asked Daniel.

"No," said the woman. "Not technically, but I have been known to do a little magic."

"What exactly do you mean by little metal monsters?" asked Sam.

"You know exactly what I mean," said the woman. "I have The Sight and I know you'll be facing them again very soon."

"How soon?" asked Jack.

"More than a week, less than a month," replied the woman. "I can't say more than that."

"You need to come with us," said Jack. "We need to know how you found out about all this. We need to know just who you are and what you know."

"I can't go with you right now," said the woman standing up. "But this will all become clear to you before very much longer."

Jack made eye contact with Teal'c who was still standing behind the woman. Teal'c nodded to confirm that he would not allow the woman to leave the room.

"We don't mean you any harm," said Daniel. "We just..." Daniel broke off from what he was saying to stare open mouthed at the woman as she wandered towards the open window.

"What?" asked Sam turning to Daniel.

Suddenly the woman ran towards the window and leapt through. Since it was a third floor window the result should have been fatal. The members of SG-1 rushed over to the window expecting to see a broken body on the ground below. However nothing was there.

"What the hell just happened?" asked Jack.

"I do not think that woman was human," said Teal'c.

"Amen to that," said Daniel.

"What did you see Daniel?" asked Sam.

"It's what I didn't see," said Daniel who had started examining both sides of what looked to be an ordinary dressing table mirror. "She walked right past this mirror but she had no reflection."

"That's impossible," declared Jack. "It is impossible right?" he added to Sam hoping that as usual she had a theory to explain everything.

"Maybe she wasn't really here," suggested Sam. "Maybe she was some sort of a projection? That would explain the disappearance as well."

"Or maybe she's a vampire," suggested Teal'c drawing on his extensive knowledge of vampire films.


The Gate Room of the SGC was quiet, just another day. The guard detail remained on alert but not especially so. SG-12 was expected back from its most recent mission and the Iris was opened in response to their signal. The familiar surge of an incoming wormhole washed out into the room and back. Now the new arrivals came through but it wasn't SG-12 that stepped through the gate.

Suddenly Replicators were running down the ramp. The Iris closed but it jammed on a number of Replicators still coming through. These Replicators and others already in the Gate Room began to work at destroying the Iris. By now the guard detail were on full alert with weapons firing at the Replicators as the alarm klaxon sounded. The backup guard detail ran into the Gate Room to join the fight.

Gunfire from the guards continued to destroy Replicators but the Iris was now damaged and other Replicators were able to squeeze through. The gunfire was mainly concentrated on the hole in the Iris but the Replicators continued to enlarge the hole at the same time as more and more of them squeezed through. By now Replicators were being reconstituted from the accumulated debris on the ramp in front of the Stargate.

More armed people rushed into the Gate Room and joined in the fight to destroy the Replicators but the humans continued to lose ground. Replicators were now on the walls and ceiling of the Gate Room as well as on the ramp coming from the Stargate.

The Iris was now nearly totally destroyed and Replicators flooded out of the Stargate. The first human casualties occurred as Replicators dropped from the ceiling onto the defenders.

"We've got to get out of here!" yelled a man as he saw his colleagues start to go down under the attack.

"No!" commanded another. "The door stays shut. We've got to gain time for the self-destruct to work."

The Replicators continued to swarm into the room, some of them working to open holes in the walls and door and gain access to the rest of the command centre. Others gradually submerged the last of the defenders. As a mass of Replicators surged out through the damaged doors the whole scene became bathed in bright light.

Phoebe Halliwell shuddered as she came to herself. That was awful. It was the worst vision she'd had since she'd seen the meteor impact. She needed to get home and speak to her sisters.

"Are you all right?" asked her boss who was stood in front of Phoebe's desk. "You've suddenly come over very pale."

"Um, no," said Phoebe. "I think it's something I ate," she added rubbing her stomach. Would you mind if I went home now? I really don't feel like continuing at the moment. I've done the column. Can we continue this discussion next week?"


Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter had been called in to meet General Hammond with the rest of SG-1. "Any idea what this is about," asked Sam as they walked together towards the meeting room. "It's rather late for a meeting," she said looking at her watch.

"No idea," said Jack. "I hope we don't have to interview any more so-called witches, or rather any more idiots like the last lot." Over the past few days SG-1 had interviewed two more groups of reputedly special ability people but had come up with nobody with any demonstrable special ability. All this had served to confirm Jack in his view that there were no such people and everybody was wasting their time.

As Jack and Sam entered the room they saw another familiar face was present.

"Well, well, Harry Maybourne," said Jack. "There's never a bad day that can't get any worse."

"Don't be like that Jack," said Colonel Maybourne who had stood up when the other two officers had entered the room. He knew better than to offer a handshake. "We're all on the same side after all," he added sitting down again as Jack and Sam took their seats.

"Whatever side you're on count me as part of the opposition," said Jack folding his arms. Sam sat down beside him. Already present besides Colonel Maybourne were General Hammond, Daniel and Teal'c.

"Colonel Maybourne says he can help us with our search for special ability people," said General Hammond.

"Let's not be mealy mouthed about it," said Maybourne. "The word's out you want witches. We can help with that."

"Let me get this straight," said Daniel. "The NID has a witches department?"

"And this comes as a surprise to you?" said Jack to Daniel. "Do they come with their own pointy hats and broomsticks?" he added to Maybourne at the same time wondering exactly what Maybourne was up to this time.

"Now, now," said Maybourne. "You know as well as I do there are people out there who think of themselves as witches. We don't have any of them actually working for us of course but we do have records of a few and they may be what you're looking for."

"We're not simply looking for people who think they're witches," said General Hammond. "We have a need for a few people with special abilities who may be thought of as witches by some people we're dealing with."

"Yeah, I worked that out for myself," said Maybourne smiling. "You've got some natives you want to shaft."

"That's not what we do!" said Sam indignantly.

"It certainly isn't," said General Hammond equally indignant. "Colonel if you've come here to hand out insults you can leave now."

"I'm sorry sir," said Maybourne. "That was uncalled for of course. But I think we might be able to help you. The NID has access to some classified files from a number of old projects as well as a wide variety of information sources. We have a group of witches on the way here and we believe that they don't just think of themselves as witches but they have special abilities as well."

"What sort of special abilities?" asked Daniel.

"That I don't know," said Maybourne. "The information we've got is incomplete. It comes from various sources and none of them spell out what these people can do. No pun intended."

"How about we give them an audition," said Jack to General Hammond. "Anybody who can turn Maybourne into a toad gets the job."

"Why are you helping us?" Sam asked Maybourne. "Why do you think we'll trust anybody you produce?" Just what sort of characters do the NID have on their books she wondered? I wish we could tell him to take a hike but we've come up with nobody ourselves yet.

"They're not NID people," said Maybourne. "If any of them turn out to be what you want you can check them out yourself. As for why we're helping well, that's just it. We want to help. We want to be part of the Stargate programme."

"You want access to the Stargate," said General Hammond under no illusions about the NID. They would like nothing more than to control the Stargate. One way to do that might be to discredit the current Stargate Command in some way. He could think of a few ways that could be done by supplying unsuitable people to work with the SGC. He wished he had the option of telling the NID to get lost.

"You need us," said Maybourne who then held up his right hand. "But no pressure, that's up to you. When it comes down to it we all work for the same boss. We've been told to help and we're helping." If we can supply something they can't get hold of themselves they might have to admit they need us he thought. I wonder if these witches can really do anything? At least they'll probably drive Jack mad.

After Colonel Maybourne left, SG-1 remained in the room to talk to General Hammond.

"You don't trust him?" said Jack to the General. "This is Harry Maybourne. On the day he was born he was up to something."

"Maybe so," said the General. "But let's see who he comes up with first. We'll make a decision about whether they're suitable when we've seen them and checked them out. It'll certainly look better if we say somebody's unsuitable after we've seen them rather than rejecting them just because they come from the NID."

"Do we really need the Kallistians that badly Sir?" said Sam to General Hammond. "Even if we find out how they got rid of the Goa'uld it may not be anything we can use. It was probably no more than some sort of uprising that took the local Goa'uld by surprise."

"There is also what the vampire woman said," commented Teal'c. "She said we will need help from witches to deal with the Replicators."

"She's not a vampire for crying out loud," said Jack rolling his eyes up. "How many more times?" SG-1 had already had long discussions about their mystery woman. Teal'c was convinced she was a vampire, Jack was equally adamant that she wasn't because he was convinced that there was no such thing as a vampire. Sam had sided with Jack but Daniel professed to have an open mind on the subject, much to the frustration of Jack who blamed Daniel for Teal'c's refusal to be persuaded that vampires were entirely fictional.

"Whoever she is she knows about the Replicators," said Daniel. "We've got to take what she said seriously."

"It wouldn't surprise me to find out she's another part of Maybourne's scam," said Jack. "I bet he knows about the Replicators. The jump out of the window must have been set up in some way to make her seem mysterious."

"What about the mirror?" asked Daniel.

"It's probably some sort of projection like Carter said," replied Jack. "Or maybe a trick mirror. I don't know, but I do know there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything we saw."

Daniel pulled out his wallet and gave a ten dollar bill to Teal'c.

"What?" asked Jack. Nobody answered but Sam smiled.