Fantasy becomes reality

We walk into Cassie's barn after a mission.

I rub my right shoulder to stop it from hurting.

"Here. Let me," Our fearless leader says and starts to rub my shoulders.

"Thanks," I say.

I close my eyes because it feels so good.

Jake's hands slide down my side and around my waist.

Then I feel his lips on my neck.

"Jake…" I say.

"Shhh," He says sending a shiver down my spine. "Just relax."

Jake's tongue goes into my ear and I can't help but moan.

It just feels so good; so right.

Jake removes his tongue and turns me around in his arms.

I open my eyes and look straight into his.

"Jake…" I say but he stops me by putting his lips on mine.

I close my eyes expecting to feel Jake's lips but when I feel nothing, I open my eyes again.

Instead of being in Cassie's barn, I'm in my bedroom.

Love is a bitch, I think as I get up and change my wet boxers.

Short I know but it's just something I had to put up.

I think you can guess who's POV it is.