God vs Master

Prologue 1

The God of Death

Through his night vision binoculars he watched the huge mansion at the end of the long driveway. Storm raged above his head as he lay in the wet high grass just outside the steel fence surrounding the entire property. He heard the buzz of the camera moving, but he had nothing to fear as he was well out of sight. He gazed at the window of the living room, the only room where light was burning and once in a while he could see men walking passed the window. He could only see vaguely, as the curtains had been closed about half an hour ago, as if the people inside the house, knew he was there. But they couldn't know. For this particular dangerous job he had been extra careful.

He followed another shadow walking past the window, stopping for a moment, hand on his hips. He moved his gaze to end of the driveway were six expensive black cars, no doubt bullet proof reinforced, were parked.

Eager to get moving his packed the binoculars into a bag strapped to the black belt around his waist. He stood up, plastering himself against the fence so that the camera's, that kept looking around, wouldn't spot him. He reached back and grabbed his two muted revolvers and took aim at the camera's. Both at the same time. He pulled the triggers and the camera's exploded, sparks flying around and small fires in what was left of the camera were quickly put out by the pouring rain. He quickly climbed over the fence and ran across the large lawn, running for cover. He hid himself between the bushes and packed his revolvers safely. Crawly though the dense foliage he finally reached the mansion and hid behind the cars, out of sight of the house. He went down on his stomach and crawled underneath the first car, in the centre he turned to lie on his back and pulled a small package out of his backpack and fastened it to the car, connecting some wires. He kneaded the plasticbomb a bit to make sure it had a secure fit and then went to the other cars, repeating his actions. Planting bombs under each and every one of them.

The job well done he climbed up on the garage that was connected to the house. He had taken a rope with him, but the tree growing tall next to the garage made it unneeded and within second he sat crouched on the roof. He jumped up and was able to grab the gutter of the mansion and pulled himself up and climbed up to the very top of the pointed roof. He head in the shadow, created by the moonlight, behind the chimney and stayed there for a while, listening to check if anyone had heard him. But all remained quiet. He looked at his watch, the green letter told him that he still had an hour to kill his targets. His client had given him forty-eight hours to complete the task, but he liked to wait till the very last moment. He liked to unnerve his clients as they were more nervous about him making the deadline then him.

Perfectly balanced he walked over the top of the roof to the other side of the mansion, the living room, where his targets were stationed, were now two stories beneath him and they didn't have a clue that the God of Death would come to them this night to claim their lives. Grinning, liking the idea of how he controlled life and death he head behind the second chimney. Surprised that the bodyguard in this mansion, that was ought to have good security, didn't hear his footsteps as he crossed the roof. He hadn't been really quiet.

He slide down the slippery roof till he reached a garret window. He grabbed a thin metal bar and picked the lock on the room. He opened the window as quiet as he could, waited for a few seconds and then jumped into the attic, guns drawn, ready to fire, but there was no one to shoot at. He reached up and closed the window behind him, even locking it so if someone decided to check the attic, there would be no proof that someone entered the house.

He tiptoed to the door, flinching as it creaked as he opened it. He hid behind the door in a shadowy corner, waiting for a guard to come up, but again, no one came to check. He was almost disappointed. This was supposed to be a dangerous job but he had missions tougher then this one. But he shouldn't complain, he got paid to deliver a good job and that was all he cared about.

He sneaked down the stairs and searched every room on the first floor. Door after door he found an empty, dark room, but before he opened the next he lay his ear against it, as he could swear he heard sounds coming from the room.

He was right, he could hear deep voices and guessed there were about three or four men and they were watching tv, laughing. No wonder no one had came up to check, they were watching a football matched and seemed absorbed into it. They didn't even notice when he opened the door to take a look inside. Indeed, four men, watching a small old tv like mindless zombies.

'Chilling on the job?'He asked teasingly.

Surprised, caught of guard the men stood and turned around quickly, reaching for their guns, but before they could the four of them had a bullet lodged between their ears.

He flinched as their heavy bodies fell down onto the floor and made a hell of a lot noise. He needed to be quick, before his target were getting suspicious and fled the scene.

He all but jumped down the stairs. Surprisingly not making all to hard sounds. He kicked down the door and immediately he could hear the actions rising in the living room. With a forward roll he entered the room, ending on his knees he pulled out his guns and fired at each moving object he spotted in the fuzziness of the moment as the familiar adrenaline started to flow through his veins, throbbing. He rolled again, as he heard someone load a gun behind him, he avoided some bullets but moaned as one grazed his arm. He didn't even aim he just kept pulling the trigger till he had no more bullets left. When he opened his eyes he could see the damage he had left on the furniture and the poor guard that even dared to shoot at him.

He scrambled up to his feet, slipping on the glass and broken china that lay on the floor, he heard footsteps leaving the living room into the large kitchen. He followed him, arriving into the kitchen just in time to see the door to the outside slam back shut again.

Groaning that this turned out to not only be boring but also annoy he followed his prey. He didn't even had the time to check the bodies lying on the carpet to see if it was one of his four targets or just a chickened-out-bodyguard.

He followed the figure through the rain in the darkness of the night, all around the house. He sped up his pace as he realised the man was heading for the cars parked on the driveway. He didn't want him to even almost escape. But as he rounded the last corner he was to late, he saw one of the black cars speeding of with screeching tires. Sighing he stopped running and threw his hands in the air.

'Fine! Have it your way!' He reached behind his back and fished a detonation switch from a small pocket on his belt. While walking away from the cars he waved the get-away-car goodbye as it stood at the gate, trying to open it. He pushed the red button of the black detonation switch and his amethyst eyes reflected the red and orange colours of the explosions. The sounds even overpowering that of the thunder roaring in the sky. The car was even airborne for a while when the bomb attached to the underside exploded.

He went back into the house and looked at the bloody men littering the floor. The man that almost escaped was nothing more then a bodyguard. But he was still right to kill him, he couldn't let an eyewitness get away, as he was pretty recognisable with his long brown hair in a braid and his amethyst eyes. He never wore a mask on the job as he wanted his victims to see his face, to remember it vividly as they went to either heaven or hell. Of course, most of his victims went to hell as almost all of them had connections with the Mafia or were other assassins someone needed to get rid of.

He raided the house, searching for anything of great value that would make this job even more worth while but it had just been a safehouse for the men. Making quick work out of it he was back in the garden within fifteen minutes. The spectacular explosion was bound to be noticed by someone around. He stood in the middle of the lawn for a while, not bothering with the many curious people who stood behind the window of the living room in the neighbouring houses. No way they could see him in the dark.

He creeped to the side and climbed back over the fence with ease and grace. He could hear the sirens of the police nearing the site. But he was in no hurry as he jogged through the street, remaining hidden in the bushes, he rounded the corner were a dark blue van was parked. He opened the doors on the rear end and climbed it, flopping down on the cold metal floor between his usual equipment; bombs, guns, drills, etc.

The engine started end they drove off. He pulled off his black leather gloves with his teeth and fished a pack of cigarettes out of another pocket on his loaded belt and lit it, putting it in his mouth and inhaling deeply. He sighed while blowing out the smoke, his heart rate slowed down and the adrenaline slowly left his body. Already he began to miss the excitement of the moment.

'You HAD to blow up the cars!' a nasal but female voice came form the drivers seat. A slim hand reached up to adjust the rear view mirror so that she could look at him wit cold grey eyes.

He smirked 'But if you had only seen it! The car even came of the ground due to the upward thrust of the explosion!' he called out like an excited young child with a new toy.

'Shove it somewhere the sun doesn't shine, Duo. Only you can get so excited over an explosion.' She said.

'Gees, what crawled up your ass?' He softly asked, but he knew she had heard. 'Besides, what's your problem, everything went smooth.'

She groaned 'But blow up the cars! Jesus Christ Duo, did you have to let the whole neighbourhood know you were there!'

He crawled to the front, leaning his elbows on the headrest of the two front seats. 'Someone almost escaped, I had no other option.'

With mocking eyes she looked over her shoulder at him for a short moment, her glistening eyes telling him everything already but she decided to voice it as well 'A witness almost got away huh? I'm telling you Duo, you're losing your touch.' She returned her gaze to the dark road and took the turn to the highway.

He groaned and sat back down again, continuing to smoke his cigarette. His eyes were half closed as he enjoyed the after rush created by the tobacco and the sight of the explosion burned on his retina. His peaceful ride, not only on the highway, but on his way back to earth was interrupted by vibrations coming from inside his pocket. He threw the cigarette stump away and fished his cell-phone out of the pocket, looking at the screen, seeing if he recognised the number before answering it. It was an unknown caller. Strange, not many people, only his close friends and business associates had his number. He answered the phone in silence, waiting for the caller to introduce himself.

'Is this Duo Maxwell?' He said his name as if he was reading it off a paper, obviously not someone he was familiar with.

'Maybe.' He answered suspiciously. The voice on the other side of the line laughed shortly. What kind of Mafia Godfather was calling him this time around?

'I'm Galen Massimo, maybe you have heard of me?'

Yes, he had. 'No, I haven't.' First rule in this business, never satisfy someone by telling him his name was well-known, by doing that you gave him power.

A grunt that could be interpreted as anything. 'I like to call myself the boss of this city. I'm sure you came across some of my liquor or drugs.'

'I'm not sure.' Damn well he had. To be straight he even carried a small bottle of illegal alcohol imported by Massimo and his gang right now in his breast pocket. Massimo was a powerful man, controlling the bugger part of the alcohol and drug industry, many people were eager to obey him in exchange of some of the 'Good stuff'. He also owned some hotels were he could meet gangsters from all over the world. Strange thing the police never caught him in the act.

'I have a business proposition for you. But I don't like talking over the phone. Police with their satellites you know, can track anyone, anytime.'

'You should thank me then, only a month ago I blew up one of those satellites before it could be send into space.'

The man, Massimo, laughed 'Yes, I am grateful. About my proposition, I'm having a small gathering next week, Thursday. I'm meeting some other 'friends' in the Lucifer's-suite in the Hell hotel. I'm hoping you'd be there. Twelve O'clock, free alcohol. I promise it will be worth your time.'

'It better be.' He hung up, being a professional he had no time to sit around and chat. He had to think about going to this 'gathering'. It could be a trap. Being one of the deadliest assassins in the world his head, severed from his body, would be worth up to a million dollars by now. But then again, assassin who did work for Massimo, were good enough to work for him, did make a hell of a lot money since his jobs were not easy and important. The four men he just killed were simple gangsters, almost no power at all. Massimo tended to sent people after governors, captains of the army, ministers and other deadly assassins.

'Who the hell was that!' The women in the front demanded.

'None of your business, Diz.'

'Ah, someone big huh?' She looked at him through the mirror.

'Keep your eyes on the road! You're gonna get us killed!' Wouldn't that be a laugh, assassin killed in car crash. Not an honourable way to die for someone with his profession. He mind drifted off to what Massimo had said. It was tempting and even though he knew it could be dangerous, he already knew that no matter what his twisted mind came up with, he was going. Grinning he rubbed his hands together before lighting another cigarette. This could be the job he had been dreaming of for four years now.

So, now you have met the infamous God Of Death, in the next chapter I will introduce you to Heero, Master Of The Sword.

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