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God vs Master

Chapter 2

Let the games begin

Arriving at his hotel he didn't even take the time to switch on the lighting. He immediately sat down at the desk and booted up his laptop. As soon as it was ready his fingers started to fly over the keyboard in his quick search. First things first, he had to find out which plane was flying his target and where it was taking it. He hacked into the general airflight plan, showing all flights entering and leaving America. There were different slices. Showing all the flights of that day was two much, so each hour had it's own flightplan, showing all the planes that were departing or arriving in that hour and where they were going or where they came from. Doing some mathematics that were difficult for most people but easy to him he figured the plane was five and a half hours into it's flight. It was now one am, meaning that it took off between eight and nine. He clicked on the right slice and the plan opened up to him. Blue lines were those for departures, red were those of arrivals. Connecting the small computer to his laptop and laying the picture on top of each other he could see which line the dot was following. After five minutes of intense staring he was sure it was Pan Am flight 0092. With a satisfied smirk he went back to the flight planner and searched for Pan Am 0092. A short search for only five Pan Am planes left in that hour. 'Ah! Pan Am 0092 from Seattle to Johannesburg?(1)'He frowned. Johannesburg? That was in Africa, right? Shrugging and letting it go he booked a seat on the first flight from America to Johannesburg, which, unfortunately, was the day after tomorrow. He fished another small, phone like computer out of his pocket, this was his own. He pulled a chip out of it and connected it to the laptop. He smiled as a map, similar to the one of Massimo's gizmo's filled the screen. Five red dots, but not one of them was the red box.


The phone didn't even had the time to ring once for he answered it already.
'Duo, I found out which plane it is, a Pan Am, number 0092, I'm not sure, but I think it's heading for south Africa'
'How come you're not sure'
'I was kicked out of the flight plan, they must have noticed someone hacking in'
'Shit... Well, it's my best bet, thanks Diz'
'I booked you a flight. The day after tomorrow, three pm, don't miss you're flight Duo'
He loved her for not asking any questions, well, at least not this time. The nosy bitch. Was probably too excited to wonder. He stared at the small computer in his hand and the red dot, slowly crossing the ocean, it, indeed, seemed to be heading at least for Africa. Thing that worried him was that it would be three days later before he got there. What if this master thief was already gone by then? Bored, worried and agitated at the same time he gave the computer a good look but when he flipped it over he noticed something of which he was sure wasn't there when he got it. A small, round, sticker like thing stuck to the backside. The black colour of it blending in with the rest. Carefully he plucked it off, using his fingernails. It left some marks of glue on the computer, but at least he was finally able to get it off. It sure as hell was no sticker. Duo, being the master in technology, knew a tracking device when he saw one.
He brought it up to his face for a closer inspection. The ultra small chip inside barely visible. 'Massimo you untrusty piece of...' He walked to the window, slamming it open in his anger, in his feeling of betrayal, but just when he was about to send it falling down the ten floors of the building. He changed his mind, he had a better idea.
The next day was spent packing his bags. He called the airport and requested he could bring two suitcases. All his guns just didn't fit in one without crossing the allowed weight and the steel plates inside the suitcase, to prevent the scanner from seeing his weapons, didn't make it any lighter either.
A handgun was placed in the bag he was allowed to take on board together with the small computer and a small box containing the tracer chip. He'd show that stuck up bastard that he was not one to be messed with.


Heero stared intently at the screen of his small computer, like he was trying to let it explode with his glare. The thing that caught his attention was that one of the five red dots, was already grossing the Atlantic. How could he...? Heero was sure he had booked the first flight so how?
He looked at the other red dots, still all located in New York then back to the travelling one. 'Fuck it...'


He growled like a hungry and angry tiger as he made his way through the airport to his departure gate. He had forgotten how busy it could get. People bumped into him and mothers, pushing the kiddiechair of their children just expected everyone to get out of their way, like the red sea parted for Moses. He hated that.
'Hey!' He glared at the retreating back of one of said moms who 'accidentally' squashed his foot. Her blond ponytail swaying behind her. He had the urge to cut it of and make her cry. He took a deep breath, shook it off and continued to plough his way through the mass.
After a long while he finally saw the opportunity he was looking for. He fished the small box out of his pocket and took out the chip he found on the computer.
When his opportunity was within reach he put up a friendly smile and kneeled down.
'What a beautiful dog you have!' He said to the woman who was holding the leash of the golden retriever. 'Thank you!' The flattered woman said, smiling at him.
He ruffled the dogs hair and then in a motion invisible to the owner, he stuck the transmitter to the collar of the dog. His mission now complete he looked at his watch and pretended to be surprised.
'I'm sorry, I have to hurry!' And he jogged away from her, only slowing down when he was sure she could not see him anymore through the crowd.
Arriving at the quieter part of the airport he took a deep breath again and walked past the different tax free stores taking up more space then was necessary after disposing his luggage at the check-in. He was about to whistle when something, actually someone, caught his eyes, making him cough. His assassin instinct kicked in and he managed to get out of the open way and join a queue for the.
'Bathroom...?' He sighed, he just went to the bathroom after a forty minute wait. But that was not important now.
He leaned back a bit so that he could see past the tax free jewellery shop. No less then twenty meter away from him, leaning against a silver, overly decorated, lantern near a bench was Wounded... uh... Harley. The man was smoking a cigarette, just as casual as you please while his eyes followed the people passing by him with a predatory look, not so casual.
He raised his eyebrows in surprise. What a coincidence that he was here. Thought of the Indian following him crossed his mind, but he pushed them away. If he followed him, he should be walking behind him, not standing against a lantern in front of him!
He shook his head and straightened his jacket, better not attract to much attention. People were already giving him curious stares. Blend in Duo, blend in, he told himself. Blending in with the crowd. Something Harley was not even attempting with his casual serial murderer outfit, stern face and feather.
He was apparently not the only one smart enough to check which plane it was and where it was heading. 'You now what? It's not that urgent. I changed my mind.' He said to the person standing behind him and left the queue, who gave him a strange look. He left the line and walked as casual as possible, trying not to attract any attention. He could not risk Harley seeing him, he could follow him, since he was sure he was at least a little tiny bit smarter then the tall ugly man. A group of laughing women and men suddenly came up, taking his chance Duo slid into the group, blending in, laughing just like the rest and walked past Harley without any incident.
'God I'm smart.' He said to himself, lighting a smoke, looking back at the oblivious Indian.

'You're ticket please?' The pretty stewardess asked outside the gate.
'Here ya go ma'am.' He leaned a bit closer to her, over the small desk she was standing behind. He gave her his trade mark, charming grin and she smiled back, blushing slightly. 'I dun wanna make any trouble. Dun wanna be the annoying guy on board ma'am but I'm a bit 'fraid of flying and it would really... you would really help me help me out by giving me a seat next to a window.' He lied, continuing to work on her with his smile. He had no fear of flying of course, he just liked to sit next to the window and was unpleasantly surprised when he saw that his ticket was for the middle row. He just needed something to look at to keep him from becoming brain dead.
'That's no problem at all sir, Follow me, I'll bring you to your seat.' Someone else took over the most important job behind the desk while the stewardess guided him through the gate into the plane. They walked on and on till she finally found a place at the window.
'There you go sir. And... if someone asks... this is the seat you paid for.' She said with a wink, before leaving him behind. He smiled at her one last time and plopped down into the uncomfortable third class seat. He frowned as he saw dirty words were written on the grey small table in front of him, handing from the back of the seat in front of him.
'Wow, hey that's a new one...' He leaned closer, reading the words. Some made him laugh. Some made him wonder how old this plane exactly was.
A big fellow plopped down next to him but he payed him no mind, trying to read one of the words. Though he wasn't so absorbed into his task that he didn't notice the guy next to him looking at him. He looked up, ready to make some witty comment but he fell silent. It took all his willpower to keep his jaw from hitting the ground.
'Hi...' He finally said, at the moment not really a man of words. What was there to say?
Harley just stared at him for a few more moment before turning his attention to the very interesting back of the seat in front of him. Just... staring.
Of all the people he had to be placed next to him! Why did he HAD to sit at the window!
'Jesus...' he mumbled softly and turned his attention to outside. He frowned when all he saw was white. Moaning, he realised his window was right above the large wing. There was nothing else to look at but white surface and some old bolts being attacked by rust. Great...


The same stewardess as the one at the desk, with her red curly hair, now walked through the pathways of the plane, pushing her drink-cart in front of her walking into the first class section with the large, luxurious seats and a private tv for every passenger, suspended at the seat in front of them.
She stopped and looked at the occupied seat next to the window. 'Can I offer you a glass of Champaign sir?' She asked in her sweetest voice.
The passenger closed the book with strange foreign letter he was reading and looked up with a neutral expression. He gave her a polite smile and nodded his head.
'Yes, thank you'
She handed him the glass mesmerised by his amazing blue eyes and the messy brown hair made her smile.
'If you need anything else mister uh'
He looked up, giving her another polite smile. 'Odin Lowe. Just call me Odin'
'Okay, if you need anything Odin, just let me know'
'I will, thank you.' He turned his attention back to the book, ignoring her, which left her no other option then to leave.


After a twenty hour flight to Johannesburg Duo was nothing more then a mere vegetable. After the plane had landed he looked to the side. Harley remained seated till the stewardess over the intercom told them they could depart the plane. Walking behind him, not intentionally, he asked:
'So, Wounded Knee, Howling Wolf, Darkened Moon, whatever. Just a question, are you going to kill me and steal the information on my laptop or just silently following me'
Harley looked back for a few seconds, the stern expression never changing, though his left eye twitched a bit. 'Why would I follow you. I reckon you have no idea where you're going'
Walking down the stairs Duo sighed as he finally had solid ground beneath his feet. He wasn't afraid of flying before but somehow now he did fear the flight back to the USA. Everyone walked towards the somewhat shabby airport, about a hundred feet away from were they had departured the plane. Duo noticed that his collegue was just wandering off, into the desert. 'Good luck!' He called after him, not able to restrain himself. He almost laughed as Harley, without looking back, flashed him the finger.
'Yeah, won't be surprised if we're best buddies when this is all over.' He lied, looking around, taking in the dry scenery before following the mass. He fished out the computer and found the red dot at the exact same spot as when he checked seven hours ago, it seemed like it was going nowhere. He had a hard time getting his bags, one of them was 'missing' but was soon found. One of the workers had tried to steal to steal it. They apologised in vain to the now rageous Duo, who had been sitting, wasting his time for two hours. All he could think of were the other 'competitors', who were probably there already. Maybe even back on the plane, back to America to get their ten million dollars! He could almost feel a vain in his head pop.
Look at me, top assassin happy to agree to this goose chase. He thought, making his way through the quiet airport to the other side to try and conquer one of the old, rusting, cabs to get him to Edenvale, the city lying closest to where the box now was. The cabdriver asked him something, but it didn't make sense to him. 'Uhm... English'
'Ah! English! Yes! Where would I take you, ne'
Duo rolled his eyes, and the poor man seemed to think he was so good at this. 'Edenvale'
'Eden... Oh! Yes! Edenvale'
Duo was pushed back into the seat by the force that shot the cab forward when the driver put the pedal to the metal. With a speed that could not be legal they raced over the sandy, bumpy, roads. Duo felt like a milkshake and his butt would never, ever forgive him for this cruel ride. 'Ow!' A huge bump in the road caused them to jump up and caused Duo's head to connect with the cars ceiling. Thoroughly shaken he arrived in the sandy town. The buildings were painted in white or pink/orange, the stones were cracked. In the outer rims of the city the houses were nothing more then huts made from plastic of wooden beams. Children stopped doing whatever it was they did to watch him come by, making eyecontact with him with their sad brown eyes.
Duo sighed. He could stand the faces, he killed people in cold blood after all, without ever flinching, but that didn't mean he didn't feel sorry for the less fortunate.
'Shall I take you to good hotel? Best of city'
'Uhm, yes, thank you'
The dark man flashed him a bright smile, even though his teeth were yellow. He honked at children crossing the street as he drove by.
Duo groaned again when they hit another bump.
'There we are. Good hotel, has beds'
Duo got out of the car and looked at the pink, five story high building.
The cab drove off after the driver threw his suits to the muddy ground and collecting his few dollars for the trips. Defeated, Duo just continued staring. 'The best hotel of the city...?' He shook his head.
He jumped up as a car honked loudly and he could hear a powerful engine nearing him. Definitely not the shabby cab that had taken him here.
Turning around he saw a jeep nearing him, briefly stopping next to him. Surprised he reckonised the red locks and the cocky features that could only belong to Rafe. He wore a typical, sand coloured safari shirt, a green cloth wrapped around his neck. He had a set of goggles on top of his head, which, if he put them on correctly, would protect his eyes from the sand flying around. With a confident smile he waved 'Another one bites the dust'. Then blasted off, leaving Duo to suffocate in, instead of bite the said dust.
Glaring, Duo looked at his suitcases, sursing himself for bringing so much. He should have known this was to be a quick job, not one planned out well. He ripped one open and got out what he needed, hanging it on his belt or putting it in the black back pack.
Looking around, in vain search of a fast vehicle, his eyes settled on the only thing that would even take him SOMEWHERE. Running across the street, looking, even though he should have known there would be no cars to be run over by.
'Wait, what are you doing?' A small voice asked and he looked back to see a sick woman, staring up at him with puppy eyes, pleading him not to steal her horse. It was probably the only thing she had. He was about to take of when... 'Oh, dammit!' He cursed, nice time to grow all sympathetic! His fingers dug into his pockets and came up with the thousand dollar check Massimo had given him. Cursing again he handed it to her. 'Cash it at a bank! Okay? A bank!' He spurred the horse and even though it had looked skinny and weak it was fast as the wind. 'C'mon! C'mon! Not gonna be defeated by a redhead with an attitude!' After a ride of fifteen minutes, he could see the house where his target was staying at the horizon. He came closer and closer, only two hundred meter to go, then.
The horse pranced as a loud explosion could be heard. Her prancing caused him to fall off, the skinny horse, now weak from the ride, fell aswell but quickly scrambled to her feet and ran off. The flames reached high up in the air and Duo could reach the smoke from his place flat on the ground. With effort he rose to his feet, spitting out the sand. He had bit the dust literally after all. He looked back, seeing the horse slowly disappear. 'Now I know why dogs are men's best friends!' He called after her. Shaking his head to get the sand out of his hair he looked at the mansion, it was still standing, the explosion didn't affect it at all and he guessed that it was a car that was blown up. He silently hoped it was Rafe's expensive jeep as he jogged his way to the house, looking around, seeing if there was any sompetition. He grabbed a gun and the computer, logging in while he continued running he saw that the red box was still located in the house. He still had a chance. He rolled over the ground, coming to a stop behind the garage, so that he was hidden from view in case one of his 'co-workers' was already in the house.
He let the small computer in his hand do his job and found out the box was on the second floor, in a room in the left corner of the house. The heat source told him it was unguarded.
He ducked his head when another explosion sounded. When the thundering was over he looked around the corner to find all windows in the house broken and the first floor was on fire. The white, wooden outside of the house was slowly blackening. Climbing up on the garage he was able to jump into the house onto the correct floor through one of the broken windows. Looking around, trying to orientate he figured it was the second door left, past the stairway. He wiped some sweat of his brow. Standing in front of the door he took one deep breath, regretting it as he now had to fight the urge to cough as thick smoke made it's way to his lungs. 3...2...1... He took a few steps back and threw his entire body weight against the door, it cracked and then slowly fell forward. With a loud bang it landed on the floor, causing dust to fly up.
At the exact same time he busted down the door, someone came in through the window, feet first. And landed on the dusty floor in a crouching position.
The two locked eyes but the sound of a car, busting through the metal garage door broke them apart. They moved towards the window to see a black Sedan drive off. At the other side of the building Duo saw Rafe running towards his jeep. He cursed himself, if he hadn't been in such a hurry to get to this room, which was empty, he could have planted a bomb. Just as Rafe got in a black crossbike drove past him at high speed, persuiting the black Sedan. Seeing the black, silky hair and the slim legs clad in a leather suit, he guessed it was Abyss. A shotgun was strapped to her back and he smiled as the sentence: 'With love from Russia...' popped up in his head. Duo looked to the side, at the smaller young man, standing at the window, watching as their target vanished at the horizon.
'Aren't ya gonna follow them?' He asked, ready to jump out of the window himself.
Heero shook his head. 'It's too late now. Besides, nothing here rides'
'What if they catch him?' He was more asking himself, but Heero answered none the less.
'That would mean their decision, their instinct, is better then mine. Making them a better assassin and the honourable winner of this... game'
He laughed 'Honourable? What honour does a killer have! If you think this is such a stupid game, then why do you play'
'Because I need the money'
'If you need the money, wy aren't ya chasing him?' Duo smiled, really thinking he had the man now.
'Like I said, it's too late.' With that he jumped out of the window, landing on his feet without wincing. Wanting to know more Duo jumped after him and came to walk beside him. In case Heero wasn't as approachable as he looked he fingered the small revolver in his pocket, ready to shoot whenever Heero made any suspicious moves.
'Don't ya have a car? How'd you get here in the first place?' He asked, not really being friendly, but having a car he could steal would come in handy. His mind reeled, trying to find out where the bastard, with the box, was heading. The airport was the other way. 'Who's car you think got blown up'
Duo smiled, the smile broadened when he saw his transportation happily eating grass, pretending not to be the fainthearted pussy she was moments ago.
He looked to the side to find Heero watching a small computer, not the one they all got from Massimo, but something identical. He was about to lean over to take a better look when Heero abruptly put it back into his pocket.
Innocently Duo raised his hands in the air and jogged towards the horse, leaving Heero behind.
'I'd give you a ride...' He said while mounting the horse, 'But I can only please one person a day. Today... is not your day.' He said with a grin and made the horse turn around, ready to go back to the city. He had the vain hope his suitcases would still be there. He turned around with a broad smirk, seeing Heero stand there, seemingly helpless. 'Tomorrow isn't looking good either!'

(1) like many other cities in South-Africa it's a Dutch name and I don't know 'if' and if so: 'how' to translate it. Yes, I'm Dutch, get over it.

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