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"What!" I yelled at my mom.

"Honey that's the end of it, me and your father are getting divorced." My mom said.

"But why do we have to move to America!" I yelled even louder.

"Because this is where your filthy dad lives and I'm not living anywhere near where that father of yours ever lived," She said bitterly. I clenched my, she was only doing everything for her, did she even give one damned thought about what'd I'd think, well I'll get a away from this soon enough…

Last day of school

I finished eating breakfast and went to the doors and hopped around trying to put on my shoes, my mother rolled her eyes.

"I don't know when you're going to grow up," My mother said in the background, I imagined a picture of me strangling her in my head. I finally got my shoes on and I was the first one to go out of my house.

"Have a good last day of school Tia, and Kim, I hope you die!" I yelled, I always said that everyone morning sometimes actually wished that would happen or the other was around, like me dying. I ran for the bus, I had on some old tennis shoes, some black jeans, and a random shirt from my closet. I ran, my hair blowing behind me, and I got on the bus, and went to my usual seat in the back, I never really talked to anyone, my only friends were in Russia, my only two friends that I ever talked to, though more like one friend since one of them never talks to me anymore. Before I knew it the bus arrived at the school and I got off. I never seemed to be noticed, I was like always the shadow, and I seemed to be invisible, probably the way I liked it. On the way to my locker some one bumped into me, a boy, he had blond hair and warm blue eyes, and was about 5' 5"



"Sorry Amy I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," he said flashing me a smile.

Does everyone not pay attention to where they're going or do they just not see me here?

He helped my up.

"I'm Max Tate," he said holding out his hand for me to shake.

Well this is surprising, in the last 7 months I've been here no one has barely said three words to me and he's said…4

"Amy Talila," I said taking his hand and shaking hand. He flashes me another smile. I smiled in return.

"See ya in class," He said before running somewhere into the crowd of countless kids. Class went better today since I actually met some one, I didn't really pay attention today, no one did, and it was the last day of school. I got out of school, the day seemed to fly by, and I was glad.

"Wait!" I heard a voice calling after me.

"Since it's the last of time, I want to keep in touch with you, what's your sn?" He asked flashing another smile. I took out one of my notebooks and ripped out a piece I wrote: X g0in InSan3 X and I gave it to him I ripped out another piece of paper.

"What's your sn?" I asked him back. He wrote: AmEriCanPrYdE123

"Bye, see ya!" I yelled.

"See ya!" He yelled back. I got on the bus and soon I enough I was home,

I said 'hi' to my mom as usual and went up to my room, threw my backpack on the ground, and turned on my computer for no real reason and got out my Ipod and laid on my bed listening to my Green Day city at full blast; I played around with my black hair. I stared at the ceiling blankly with my blue eyes, my room was small all I had was a twin bed and my room was white, my parents never let me paint my room and crayon marks were left when my sister was younger and drew on the walls. I got on my computer and signed on to AIM. I added Max to my buddy list and luckily he was on.

X g0in InSaN3 X: hey

AmEriCanPrYdE123: hey, wassup

X g0in InSaN3 X: jc in my room and listening to some Green Day music, u?

AmEriCanPrYdE123: nm, just playin around with my beyblade

X g0in InSaN3 X: you beyblade?

AmEriCanPrYdE123: Yah, do u?

X g0in InSaN3 X: r u kidding me! I love beyblading!

AmEriCanPrYdE123: that's kewl, so do u have a bit-beast?

X g0in InSaN3 X: yah, her name is Reversal, u?

AmEriCanPrYdE123: mine's name is Draciel

X g0in InSaN3 X: draciel…draciel…where have I heard that….wait! aren't you max tate! In the bladecbreakers G revolution w/e it was called that won last year!

AmEriCanPrYdE123: um…yah…I was kind of surprised that u didn't recognized me but it's better then having screaming fangirls breaking the door down

X g0in InSaN3 X: g2g, I hear my mum coming.

AmEriCanPrYdE123: k, bye

I put on my away message that said: gotta go somewhere…to do…some kind of crap my mum wants me 2 do

There was a knock on my door and my mother came in.

"Come on you need to go get ready Helen is coming back from Georgia," My mother said grabbing some clothes, she took out clothes from the abandoned part of my closet, she took out a skirt and a tank top I glared at it.

"I'm not wearing that…" I said quietly.

"What?" My mom said not hearing me.

"I don't want to wear this," I said.

"Why?" My mom asked.

"They're ugly," I blurted out; I didn't make eye contact with her.

Here comes the speech again…

"Why aren't you like everyone else, your sister wears these all the time, don't you want to look pretty? You're cousin does too, all you do is sit down in front of the computer all day and listen to music, why can't you be like your cousin, Tia, and your sister Kim? Sometimes I wish you weren't my daughter, why can't you just be like everyone else! Look at Tia don't you want to be like her? I don't know what's wrong with you," She said bitterly and walked out. This just made me hate her more, all she talked about the Tia and Kim, she never cared for me, I was always too imperfect for her, she could never understand that I was different from everyone else, she never supported me for anything, basketball, beyblading, singing, she was never there for me. She wanted me to be like everyone else, but I'm not and I'll never be like anyone else. Tia was my cousin and my best friend, I was never jealous of her and I never hated her, but when my mom talked about her she just made me so mad.

I can't take this anymore I've got to get away. This isn't my home, it never was…

I got up reluctantly and threw the skirt and tank top somewhere in my closet and took out my favorite Roxy shirt and black jeans that had a lot of pockets. I went downstairs and sat down quietly next to my cousin on the couch. The doorbell rang soon after and my cousin Helen and her boyfriend came in smiling. Tia and Kim went to them and hugged them tightly.

"How old is the birthday girl," Helen said looking Tia. She rolled her eyes.

"I'm 16, I can officially drive now." Tia said smiling.

"I'm 14," Kim said.

"Come one we need a girl's day out," Helen said to Tia, "We'll go downtown and go shopping later, Kim this is for you," Helen said handing her a huge box, Kim smiled hugely,

"Thanks!" Kim said happily walking to her room. Helen looked through her bag.

"I think I forgot your present Amy," Helen said. I'm always the last known person in my family I'm always forgotten, it's happened to many times for me not to know.

"It's okay," I said walking back to my room. I took out my poetry book and wrote was on the top of my head.

I never had any friends…no one ever understood me, no one accepted me…they were all snobs anyways; I just want friends, just some one who cares…and that's why I'll leaving this hurricane of fucking lies and I'm going to find what I believe, I copied that right off of Green Day, that's probably why I like them so much, I can relate to there lyrics…

I looked at the page I was writing on, it was already full; I closed it and put it in between my mattresses.

I'm leaving tonight and nothings going to stop me, I'm going to find a place…a place…that's just for me…

I snapped out of my thoughts when some one knocked on the door.

"Come in!" I yelled. My mom came in with a letter.

"This came in the mail about a week ago but it somehow ended up in your sister's room," My mom said throwing the letter on my bed. I picked up the letter, and opened it. When I looked inside my jaw dropped, it was an airplane ticket for Japan, the letter said:

Dear Amy,

I've been watching your beyblading skills, and I'd like to make an offer, to make you stronger, enclosed is an airplane ticket to Japan. I'd like to meet you soon.

I stared at it in even more awe, yah I got like 1st place in the regional tournament…not bad, first class…but I never expected this to come up…and yet it was perfect timing…I could use this plane ticket and escape, I look at the ticket the time the flight took off was 10:30

I took out my old worn out backpack and started stuffing it with my clothes, I took out all the money in my piggy bank, and I had about $300 dollars cash in there. I got a summer job and it paid well, and I also got an ATM card so I'll be able to take out money that I put in the bank from Japan. So I'd be able to live on my own for a while. I shoved as many clothes in my back pack and shoved money in a smaller pocket. I put my backpack under my bed so no one would find it; I looked at the clock…6:00pm. Dinner time, I ran down the stairs and sat in my usual seat, next to my cousin Tia. Well Tia was perfect in everything she did, but…her dad is in the other half of the world and her mom pasted away. I sometimes wish I was her. But I'm not…

Half an hour later

"Can I be excused please?" I asked.

"Yes you may," My mom said as I pushed in my chair and headed upstairs. It was only 6:30pm I would leave the house at 9:30 or maybe a little later, I would do anything to get away.


I looked at the clock excitedly, I grabbed my celphone and shoved it in my pocket, I had to go through the back door, my room is on the 3rd floor, well more like the attic, of the house so I'd break a leg if I jumped…I made sure the coast was clear and snuck out of my room, I tip-toed down the stairs and into the kitchen where the back door was, I reached for the handle, but…

"Amy, what are you doing…?" I looked at the shadow that spoke…it was Tia, I sighed in relief since it wasn't my mom. But Tia's face turned serious.

"Amy, tell me where you're going," Tia said more like a command. I looked away.

"Tia…I'm leaving…and I'm not coming back…this place that I live in now…it just isn't my real home…it's not where I feel loved, and it's not where I feel safe...this place…was never meant to be my home…and I'm going to go find my home, my real home," I said, every word coming from my heart, I waited for her to tell me not to go, to tell me to stay here but she didn't say anything like that…

"Amy, I've seen, I know you, and I know that you've never been happy here…I can't, not even mom, will be able to hold you back from your hopes and dreams," She said blinking back tears. I looked at the ground blinking back tears too. I opened the door and when I was halfway outside Tia spoke again.

"Just promise that we'll see each other again," She said.

"I promise," I said as I closed the door softly. My tears running freely down my face, I smiled, I smiled because I was going to be able to escape I smiled because I had some one who understood. I walked smiling, and I walked onto the sidewalk and called a sidewalk, and called a taxi, I mean there were always taxis, it was New York, and the streets were always lively. I told the taxi driver to drive to the airport and in about forty-five minutes I was there. I looked at a nearby map at the entrance of the airport, my airplane was at gate 32, kind of far, but it shouldn't be too hard…

half and hour later

oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,

That was the only thing that raced through my mind, I ran as fast as I could, my flight was about to take off in a few minutes. I finally found it and it was right up ahead, I sighed in relief when I finally got there. I handed my ticket to…what were they called again…whatever what was important was that I finally got here.

"Show this to her and she'll show you where to go," She said smiling, I smiled back and boarded the plane, I gave my ticket to the lady and I followed her all the way to the front of the plane. She showed me a seat, it was red and comfy, two chairs were put together but all the seats were spaced out so you had room, a huge TV was placed a few seats in front of me. I took out my CD player and listened to my Green Day CD. About a few minutes later a boy sat next to me, he had strangely two-toned blue hair; he was wearing black tank top showing his well built-body and baggy grey. His eyes were closed as if he was deep in thought, and he has strange markings on his face.

0.o he has six-packs…and he's so HOT!

He opened one of his eyes at me, and I blushed. He closed his eyes again and went back deep in thought. I looked at his launcher and beyblade.

"You beyblade?" I asked.

"hn," He answered. I smiled at him.

"Well I beyblade too," I said still smiling.

"hn," He answered again. I frowned, looks like I won't be making friends…

The plane ride lasted for 11 hours. I stayed awake testing myself in the end falling asleep anyways. I woke up to find myself drooling a little bit and blushed lightly and wiped it, I yawned and looked at my watch, we should land in about a half and hour. I re-did my hair and found out my CD was on the whole time and it was low on batteries.

"Shitaki Chicken," I said, then after a few seconds, I had no idea what I said but it was just another random coming from this weird girl. When we had to change airlines I sat next to a Chinese boy, and that two-toned blue haired boy sitting near me too, he had long black hair that was braided. He wore a ying-yang headband and ying-yang fingerless gloves. He wore black pants and Chinese clothes. He was really friendly and we were talking almost the whole airplane ride, which was about 11 hours. I had to switch airlines once again, and this was the last airplane ride. I got off, and smelled the fresh air; it wasn't as good as my hometown Moscow, Russia but good enough.

Okay ending it there this was 9 pages! My longest chappy I ever made so what'd u think I deleted to other story because the POV was to hard to write in, I'd rather write in a POV I understand better.