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Liz laid there smiling under the warm sun, Max doing the same.

"What do you want to do now?" Liz asked.

"I don't know…what do you want to do?" Max asked her back. Liz looked at her waterproof watch.

"Hmm…I know! The mall!" Liz yelled happily.

"Okay," Max said smiling as he put his shirt back on then got up.

"But I'm paying, if I keep letting you pay, you'll go broke," Liz said as she got up too.

"No, it's okay, really," Max said lying kind of badly. She rolled her eyes and took out her celphone and called another taxi, it arrived in a matter of minutes.

"I'm going to pay," She said as they stepped into the car.

"No, I insist," Max said stepping into the car too.

"No, I insisted first, I don't want to hear anything else," She said. Max tried to argue back, but all she did was cover hear ears and go 'lalalala, I'm not listening!'

After 5 minutes Max gave up and they arrived at the mall. Liz handed the driver the money and exited the car, Max following after her, and sweatdropped when she started dancing and twirling around, and then falling in a bush.

"Why do these damn bushes hate me so much!" She yelled to no one in particularly. Max tried not to laugh.

"Don't you dare say anything," Liz said as she picked twigs out of her hair and clothes.

"I won't," Max said smiling, though trying hard not to snicker or laugh.

"Okay I need some new clothes I barely have any clothes in my closet," Liz said as she opened the entrance door.


"Do you mind if I call you Amy?"

"Well…just not in front of anyone you know and I know"

"Okay Amy"

She smiled; the day was just totally perfect.



"Why are you here in Japan…and not in America?"

"Why are you in Japan?"

"I asked first"

"Well…" Liz started, pausing for a minute, she started speaking again but quietly, "Well, I kind of ran away…and well…I didn't feel like I belonged back there…I barely existed to anyone…and you…were probably the first person to ever see me…no one bothered giving me a second glance…I had many thoughts about killing myself, no one really cared about me, I cut myself so I would feel better" Liz showed him her wrists which had obvious marks that it had been cut a few times.

"Liz!" Max said as he examined her hands, "You cut yourself!"

"Yah…I did…no biggie, it didn't hurt anyways" Liz said not looking at him in the eye. "Now tell me why you're here"


"I'm fine Max, don't worry," Liz reassured him, "Now tell me why you're here"

"Well I was visiting my mom in America, and I'm in Japan now because my dad lives here, my parents are divorced"

"I'm sorry"

"Its okay" Max said, "I still get to see both of them."

"My parents are divorced too…"

"I'm sorry"

"You know what stop with the apologizing and let's go do some shopping," Liz said trying to cheer both of them up. "And for pushing me in the water you'll have to suffer my revenge"

"What's your revenge?"

"To go shopping with me the whole time we're here," Liz said with a smirk, boys always hated the shopping, so long and so boring, the perfect revenge, "Prepare to spend pointless hours trying on clothes"

Max groaned, and she stuck her tongue out as she dragged him into a random store. She went to a rack of jeans, T-shirts, and other clothes.

"Hold this," Liz said as she handed him a pile clothes, and kept piling it up until Max's face wasn't visible. "Now for the pointless hours of trying on clothes"

She went into the fitting room, coming out every few minutes with new clothes, an hour past, and Liz only approved of two outfits. Max was sleeping on a chair.

"Come on I'm done," Liz said as she bought her clothes, and Max sighed in relief when they exited. "Now to Ambercrombie & Fitch"

"You can actually afford clothes there?" Max asked.

"No I just like going there, it was a tradition with my brother," Liz looked sad for a moment before she talked again, "we would go in and pick out out-fits for each other and try it on, then criticize about the prices, yes pointless, but fun"

They made there way into the huge store.

"I go first," Liz said as she dragged Max into the men's section and took out about two outfits and shoved him in a fitting room. Max came out later with ripped, bleach, blue jeans, and a black tank top.

"Well how do I look?" Max said. She giggled.

"Don't laugh at me; you're the one who picked out the clothes," Max said pouting. She giggled more.

"You look so cute! Just like a chibi!" Liz giggled more. Max sweatdropped, he went back into the dressing room and came back out in another outfit. Liz got up and looked at the price-tag.

"What! Who would pay, like, $60 for this damn shirt, it's a rip-off!" Liz said.

"That's why I don't shop here," Max said sweatdropping.

"Good point," Liz said, "Me neither"

"Okay my turn to pick out something for you," Max said as he went back into the fitting room and changed back into his regular clothes.

'Now for revenge…hmm…what would Liz hate…' Max thought as he looked around while Liz trailed behind. He smiled and took an out a pair of clothes and handed it to her.

"Oh God, no…hell no, don't make me try this on!" She said holding up the pair of clothes.

"Don't break the tradition Liz," Max said in a sing-songy voice.

"Grr…fine you win, but I will get you back for this…" she said as she let out a string of swears and went into the fitting room. She came out minutes later in a knee-length denim skirt and a black tank top.

"How the hell do you walk in this! It's so hollow!" Liz cursed. Max smiled.

"You look fine Liz," Max said rolling his eyes.

"Do I look fine to you!"


"O shove it will ya"

Liz went back into the fitting room and changed out of the clothes and came out with her regular clothes.

"Let's go," Liz said a little pissed as she dragged Max out of the store. She took a deep breath. "Now…FOOD!" She yelled happily as she skipped to the food court a few wrappers falling out of her pocket, Max examined them.

"Hm…Pixie sticks…no wonder…" Max said as he followed after the energetic girl. She was at a Chinese restaurant jumping up and down waiting for him.

"Medium sized noodles" She chanted as she jumped up and down. The employee took her order and Max paid for it, he got himself some friend rice and they went and sat at a table. She ate the noodles like spaghetti, and finished it in a few minutes, and took another deep breath.

"Okay…salt always does the trick," She said as she got out of her sugar-highness. "I have like mood swings when I have sugar"

Max finished up his rice and threw it away.

"You want to leave now?" Max asked.

"Sure," Liz said as she got out of her seat. They walked out to the entrance, Max's hand slipping into Liz's hand. She blushed but smiled. Max took out his celphone and called for a taxi, and it arrived 10 minutes later and they got in. They passed the lit streets of Japan until they arrived at Liz's apartment. Liz handed the taxi driver some money and stepped out of the car, Max doing the same.

"Why are you getting out of the car?" Liz asked.

"To walk you to the door," Max replied smiling.

"Uh...isn't that kind of pointless…" Liz mumbled to herself and Max followed her in front of the big 4-story building.

"Good night Max," Liz said smiling.

Max smiled back and leaned his face forward and both there faces touched. Liz was surprised but soon kissed back, Max broke the kiss seconds later leaving Liz wanting more and blushing like crazy.

"Good night Amy," He said still smiling and made his way back to the taxi cab and waved good-bye from the window. Liz looked dazed and still blushing.

'Damn…he's a good kisser…' Liz thought still dazed, and after a few seconds later blushed at the thought. She finally went into her apartment sighed and smiled.

"I have a boyfriend…" She said happily to herself, "I have a boyfriend!"

The brunette cried happily as she jumped up and down on her bed, but unfortunately the apartment had a low ceiling meaning that eventually she'd hit the ceiling.

"Ow…damn you inanimate objects you will pay with your cheap materials!" She yelled cursing even more as she rubbed her head.

'Do not DARE make any comment…'

'I didn't…but now I will…hahahahaha!'

"Be more careful next time little Amy"

'Yes 'little Amy' be more careful next time, listen to Mrs. Black there.'

"Just because I like black doesn't mean I'm obsessed!"

'I'm not little!'

'Well 5 foot 2 is barely considered tall here pipsqueak'

'Just because I'm not as tall as everyone else doesn't mean I'm short!'

'Sure it isn't…'

'I can hear you roll your eyes!'

'Sure you can…'

'Oi! Just shut up!'

'Chill won't you…'

She snapped back to reality when she almost fell off the bed. Getting up and decided to go to sleep, and brushing my teeth, and doing things any average American will do. She slipped into her pajamas and jumped in bed and fell asleep.


I ran and ran down the cold hall wearing only a plain white dress. My hair dripped with water or what I thought was water and my cold feet felt the cold glazed wooden floors. They were coming for me, those men who wore those scary white lab coats. But small feet ran as fast as I could go, which wasn't too far but just fast enough to keep those scary men a safe difference.

"Help!" I screamed as loud as I could. I was desperate for any help from anyone; I didn't want them to take me away.

"No one's going to help you now," said the man chasing me, laughing cruelly soon after.

"Please! Anybody!" I screamed tears starting to form in my eyes. Forcefully I was pulled to the left where another hallway led, some one picked me right up and put me in a room and I landed on a rug. I looked up to two faces; they were two boys maybe one or two years older than me. I was about 6. One of them had blue hair and some face paint on, and the other had red hair sticking up slightly, I couldn't see there eyes that clearly since it was dark.

"Thank you," I said with a smile.

"No problem, we'd be happy to help anyone who Boris is after," the one with red hair said. I got back up and dusted myself off.

"Who are you?" I asked tilting my head to the side a little in curiosity.

"I'm Kai and he's Tala," Kai said.

"So why is Boris after you?" Tala asked. I shrugged.

"I don't know, I woke up in a big scary dark room and then they started pointing some big machine thingy at me and I started to run," I answered.

"I know the 'big scary room' you're talking about is, but I have no clue about that big machine…" Tala said as he started to think.

"So what's your name?" Kai asked.

"Um…" I paused racking at my brain until something finally popped out, "Amy"

"Okay, Amy, it's not safe for you here, we need to get you out of here," Kai said.

"Um…okay…but where would I go?" I asked.

"Where are your parents?" Tala asked.

"Um…well lemme see…um…I dunno where my parents are," I answered. Kai picked up the newspaper nearby.

"No wonder she looks so familiar, she's looks just like the girl that went missing," Kai said pointing to a picture. It was true I did look like the girl.

"Well we're taking her to these people if they're her parents or not, it's not safe here," Tala said.

"Well, we'll take her tonight, while their more concentrated on looking for her they'll pay less attention to us," Kai said.

"Keep this a secret alright?" Tala asked.

"Okay, but will I see you guys again?" I asked.

"Maybe," Tala answered.

"Now don't blink…" Kai said before there was a blinding flash. I awoke later on in some one's house with out memory of what had happened.

End Dream

Liz woke up not remembering what she was dreaming about, it was all blurry to her. She looked out the window.

'Morning…great…' Liz thought as she got up groggily out of bed. She made herself some coffee and sat down on the couch.

'I need a job…' She thought as she looked at the newspaper in front of her, after a few sips from her coffee she picked up the newspaper and look around for any jobs that looked good.

'help wanted…teenage assassin to help take over Canada…no…help wanted…janitor at school needed…nope…Hey look, there's a sale at American Eagle… can't look at that now I need a job…Hey cool! They funnies have snoopy! Damn it…concentrate Liz…Amy…who ever you are…now…let's see…waiter at some burger place…that sounds good…'

Liz put on some cargo pants, a plane white T-shirt and her hoodie on. She made her way to the door then put on her roller blades on and headed out.

'Hm…the place is not too far from here…' Liz thought as she looked around at the signs crossing the street several times and nearly getting hit by a car before she arrived at the place. It wasn't too big, but just the right size with a huge hamburger sticking at the top. Liz entered the place; it looked like those movies from the 1800s, where all the dudes and girls with the huge hair hung out.

"Can I help you, dearie?" A woman asked, Liz turned around. She looked like she was in her 30s. A red-head, and her hair was puffed out so it was about a few inches high, with a small hat on the top, she was chewing gm too.

"Um…yah…I'm here for the job…?" Liz asked unsure.

"Darling, come on we've been waiting for you to come for a while now." She said as she dragged me behind a door, almost causing me to lose my balance on my roller blades.

"Um…could you slow down…?" Liz asked almost hitting a passer-by.

"We're almost there anyways," She replied as we went through another door, it led to an office. She plopped down a big comfy chair, and Liz sat on a chair behind the desk.

"Now what's your name?"

"Liz Peters"

"Have you ever had experience?"

"Well I was a cashier in McDonalds…" She answered remembering those boring days sitting behind the counter waiting for whiny little kids wanting toys.

"Fill out this form and then I'll let you work today and I'll see how you do, and I'll tell you by the end of the day if you get the job," She said then she took out a set of clothes. "My name is Betty and here's your uniform"

Betty handed Liz a pair of clothes.

"The bathroom's over there somewheres," Betty said pointing out the door. She headed out of there and found the bathroom eventually and changed. It had those cheesy fast food restruarant hats, a white apron, and a blue plaid short dress that ended just above her needs.

"Damn it…why a damn dress…" She said as she headed out. It was good that she brought roller blades. Everyone wore roller blades here. Liz took a deep breath. She skated around taking people's orders, writing it down then giving the cook the orders, and she would bring them the food. Easy enough, other then everyone whining about knives, forks, mayo, ketchup, and other stuff, and some random guy who kept yelling 'We should get my mother' every time some one complained to her.

'Damn people just eat the damn hamburger, why do you need a fork! You eat a hamburger with your hands…gawd…and that random guy yelling about his mother is soon going to find my roller blades up his-' Liz thought but was interrupted when she bumped into some one and fell.

'What the hell…whoever made me fall is going to PAY' Liz thought as she got up and dusted herself off, then she looked at the person who had made her fall, and was about to curse at them, but found that it was Tyson.

"Oh…hi Tyson," Liz said.

"Hey you work here? Do you think you can get me a free hamburger…?" Tyson said as his mouth drooled.

"Um…I don't officially work here yet, and giving you a hamburger would deduct from my pay," Liz said. "So are you going to order and pay or are you going to leave?"

Tyson stood there for a few seconds, "Okay I'll order. I'll have…Everything on the menu"

"Um…Tyson…are you sure you can afford all of that?" Liz asked as she added up the price.

"How much is it?" Tyson asked.



"We have a lot of burgers…"

"I'll have half of what's on the menu"


Liz skated over to the counter still writing down all of Tyson's order; he never really cared about what he ate.


"Yes!" Liz said as she walked out of the restruarant. She got the job.

"Now what to do…" Liz thought as she skated around, then she smiled, "Beyblading!"

She skated happily to the park, there was a beydish there, and there were always kids to beyblade against. She held her beyblade in her hands and arrived at the park.

"Make way! I'm going to kick all your little asses!" Liz said as she launched her blade in the beydish.

"I beg to differ," A voice said. Liz lifted up her head, what she saw was orange hair and those gorgeous blue eyes.

" Brooklyn!" Liz yelled smiling.

"I didn't think I'd meet you again this soon," Brooklyn said smiling.

"Me neither, you blade right?"


"Come on, give me all you got," Liz said as she smirked. Brooklyn simply smiled as he took out his launcher. It looked like a bow and arrow; he put his blade in the middle and launched it in the dish.

"Come on, Reversi!" Liz yelled as her bit-beast emerged.

"Calling out your bit-beast already?" Brooklyn said calling out his bit-beast too, "Zeus!

"Dark arrows!" Liz called.

"Shadow of Darkness!" Brooklyn called out.

(A/N: the only attack I know Brooklyn has is King of Darkness, so I'm going to add some attacks for him…)

Arrows emerged from Liz's blade, and it aimed at Brooklyn's blade only to have Brooklyn's blade disappeared and appear in the shadow of Liz's blade.

"Shit!" Liz yelled as Zeus hit Liz's blade with so much force it almost went out of the dish.

"Bermuda Triangle attack!" Liz yelled as her blade went around in a triangle around the dish.

"Zeus! Attack her!"

"Backwards!" Liz's blade shot backwards, but Brooklyn's blade appeared behind it and hit it.

"Damn it!" Liz swore as her bit-beast tried fighting back against it.

'It can reappear where ever a shadow is…so…' Liz thought. She smirked.

"Dark Tornado!" Liz said as her blade produced a small tornado. Reversi hanging on the top. Liz diminished the tornado and the blade sped right towards Brooklyn's blade.

"No where to disappear to!" Liz said as her blade hit Brooklyn's dead on. Making both wobble when Zeus shook Reversi off. They both collided once again trying to push each other out of the dish. Liz watched but her vision started to blur.

"Reverse your spin!" Liz called out a little weaker. Was it her or was it getting harder to breathe?

Brooklyn's blade disappeared and reappeared behind Reversi.

"Damn it…" Liz muttered. She started coughing and her lungs felt like they were filling with water. She couldn't breathe that well and her vision was getting blurry because of that.

"Help…" Liz said as she took a wheezing breath as an attempt to breathe.

"Can't breathe," she wheezed.

"Zeus!" Brooklyn called, Zeus zoomed out of the dish and into his hand. He went over to Liz. "Calm down! Panicking won't help!"

Liz tried to calm her self down, yes calming down when your about to die, yah…sure…it was just a breeze. Liz tried taking a deep breath, it was wheezy but it was a breath. She tried it again, and her breathing got a little better, she was breathing, but barely. She took a wheezy breath and breathed out coughing.

"I'm fine," Liz said though it was an obvious lie, it was obvious that she had trouble breathing. "Just help me up"

Her breathing was wheezy and Brooklyn helped her up. She started coughing again.

'Breathe…breathe…BREATHE DAMN IT!'

"Liz calm down"

'By this rate if you don't calm down you're going to die'

'Thanks for the reassurance' Liz thought sardonically. Liz closed her eyes and tried taking a deep breath again. This time all she felt enter her lungs were cool, crisp, fresh air. She took another breathe cherishing the moment.

"Okay…" Liz said.

"Maybe we should beybattle some other time," Brooklyn said smiling.

"Sure," I smiled back. He walked out of the park and I watched him. Liz sighed, and sat down on a nearby bench.

'That was weird…'

'Not as weird as you'

'Seriously NOT helping!'

'That's the point'

'Grr…why you-'

"Amy, don't infuriate yourself, we don't need you to go into a coma"

'O shove it…'

Liz got up and walked out of the park, not paying attention to the shadow in the trees…