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it had been two weeks since the death of his girlfriend Jessica, and life on the road with his brother had been hard on Sam Winchester. He had lost his mother and the only woman he ever loved to that…thing. Was this really a wild goose chase as he had originally thought? Or, did his father have the right idea all along?

"Dude, you ok?" his brother Dean asked for the millionth time.

"Yes, I'm fine" Sam responded a little more harshly then he anticipated.

"Well, you don't look fine and FYI, I'm only concerned about you…no need to bite my head off" Dean replied just as harshly

"I'm sorry" Sam said softly, looking out the window of the Chevy "its just, the sooner we find dad, the better I'll feel"

"Sam I understand what your going through right now and…"

"YOU have NO idea what I'm going through!" Sam spat.

Dean hesitated for a moment. True, he hadn't lost the woman he loved, but he did have an idea of what sam was feeling. Sam forgot that he too had lost someone.

"Don't underestimate what I do and do not understand, I lost someone too"

sam didn't reply to this, but opted to change the subject "where are we headed now?"

"Well, we have a couple options…" dean said dropping the subject as well. "Dad held a safe house in Philadelphia that he went frequently…or its small town Ohio, also a safe house…"

"How many safe houses did dad have?" Sam asked a little surprised. Dean only looked at him as if to say 'do you really need to ask me that'. "Ok, well which do you think is best?"

"Honestly I think our best bet is in Philly…though gas prices there are a bitch"

"Philly really?" Sam asked "it's a big city, won't he be hard to find?"

"Not if you know where to look" Dean responded

Sam always hated Deans backwards answers. He always thought dean knew more then he let on, and he usually did