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Kim fancied herself a good sneak. In her formative years she was able to get in and out of the house without anyone even realizing she was gone. But this was a life and death situation and her confidence in her stealth abilities was considerably diminished.

Once out of the hole, the task was to free Sam then do what they could for Dean, whom she thought was a lost cause, but Sam didn't think so. Then her thoughts went to that kiss. She could feel his lips on hers as the memory came back to her. She liked him; in fact, her feelings for Dean Winchester were verging in the realm of love. She found this sudden realization odd since 4 days ago she couldn't stand him.

These thoughts on Dean had to be pushed aside in her mind. She had to keep her full attention on the task before her if she was even going to have any chance of pulling it off.

She tried to remember how exactly to get to the cold cellar entrance. It was a little confusing when they had initially brought her and Sam down there. Outside would be her best bet. Unfortunately, the only door leading outside was being blocked by the heavy iron stove.

'There is no way I'll be able to move that' she thought 'time for plan B' which was going to be a bit difficult since she was winging plan A to begin with.

She headed out the only other door in the room, which lead to a dining area. The coast was still clear as she entered it, but there were no doors that lead outside. The only other door would, odds are, lead she directly to the living room and she was smart enough to realize that that would be a bad idea.

She sat for a moment trying to figure out where to go from here. When the answer finally hit her, she could have slapped herself 'The window, idiot'.

The big bay window to her left was her first target. She was happy to see it already open. "Finally, something went right" she said to herself. She looked out to see that she was not that far off the ground and could jump it without hurting herself.

She didn't even get a toe out before a voice from behind her made her blood run cold.

"Where do you think you are going?" Azel asked calmly. She turned in horror find the massive vampire staring her down. "I asked you a question"

"Uh…" she stalled while trying to think of a smartass answer. If she was going down, she was sure as hell going to get her cuts in. "To visit your mom!" she hated it as soon as it left her mouth, it was a stupid come back. But she always held on the notion that if all else fails, attack the mama.

"My mother has been dead for 200 years" Azel replied

"Oh…well, that backfired" she said before making a break for it, but couldn't pull it off before he had got to her, pulling her away from the window.

He grabbed her roughly by the hair, pulling her head back. She yelped in pain, but did not scream.

"You are going no where" he breathed in her ear before dragging her roughly in the direction of the living room. He threw her down so hard that the back of her head hit on of the many tables in the room.

Everything went white as pain shot throughout her whole body. He was hovering over her and she could feel the grin on his face.

"Go get the other one" she heard him say to someone, but her vision was bluring, consciousness becoming harder and harder to maintain. Her body couldn't hold up any longer and her eyes fluttered closed.

It was taking too long. Sam knew something had gone wrong. Every now and then he would peer out the hole, almost expecting to find her sitting there twiddling her thumbs. But every time all he found was an empty room.

His head turned at the clicking sound of locks being undone and a wave of relief came over him. It wasn't until he heard the distinctly male voice on the other side of the door did he realize he was in trouble. Just the fact there was talking told him there were more then one ready to enter.

He searched the area like he was going to find something useful, which he didn't. He settled on the rock idea as his best defense. He situated himself next to the door so as it opened, he would be concealed behind it.

Two vampires entered the room. They seemed to find a gaping hole in the ceiling and their second victim missing. Sam held his breath, poised to fight if it came to that.

"He's gone" one said to the other "must have escaped with the other one" that statement caught Sam's attention, but what the second one said made his stomach drop. "Azel is going to be pissed; Dean is only going to able to kill one"

The sick bastard was going to have Dean kill them? The two vampires searched for a few more moments before heading out. Sam was about to make his move so he didn't get locked in again. "No need to lock it, there's no one in there" one grumbled as the other made a move for the latch.

Sam decided to wait until he could no longer hear their voices to exit. It took him directly outside to what he guessed was the back of the house.

There was an old wood shed situated directly in front of him and in front of that was an axe. Little did Sam know, but he was the only one whose luck was with him tonight.

Kim could feel herself waking up, but wished otherwise. Her eyes slowly opened and attempted to focus. When they did, she was startled to find that she was completely surrounded. She tried to feel the back of her head which had a worrying wet warm feeling, but couldn't move.

'Oh GOD! I'm paralyzed' she thought only to discover that she was bound to a chair.

"Welcome to the land of the living" Azel sneered, now standing before her.

"You're a prick, do you know that?" she said, or at least tried to say. She now realized that she could not speak through duct tape, so all she did was make mumbling noises.

Azel motioned for someone to come forward and who should appear but Dean looking red eyed and hungry. She now understood what Azel was planning to do and began to panic. Dean crouched before her and stared at her intently.

He didn't seem to recognize the girl before him; all he could see was a meal. But for some reason he hesitated in doing what he was supposed to. There was something in her eyes that he couldn't bring himself to destroy.

"Are we turning her?" Dean asked Azel, though never breaking eye contact with Kim. She shook her head furiously as the panic became more intense. Azel did not hesitate in telling Dean No. that he must drain her completely…killing her, but making him part of the coven.

Dean's hesitation was still evident and Azel was getting annoyed. He stormed up to the back of the chair and grabbed her by the hair again. He forced her head to the side, exposing her neck to Dean. "Do it Dean…she's no one to you"

Kim mumbled in protest, looking Dean straight in the eye, willing him to remember her.

Dean broke their eye contact and shot a disbelieving glance at Azel. He was sure he had seen her before, that he felt something for her. But Azel urged him on "aren't you hungry? Its only one bite"

He was starving and nothing could quell that hunger better then the blood of the one sitting before him. He could smell the adrenalin running through her veins, making him want her more. He pushed aside any previous thoughts of recognition, the hunger was too strong. He even managed to put aside the mumbled pleadings as he moved in on her neck and didn't even flinch as she jumped when he bit down.

The warm sensation that followed was better then any drug he could imagine. He felt stronger, healthier, better.

Azel and the rest of the congregation were too preoccupied with what was going on that no one noticed Sam approach from behind, axe in hand. The only way to free these people was to kill Azel and since steak through the heart was null and void, he opted for more drastic measures. He was still unnoticed as he raised the axe and came down as hard as he could on Azels neck. The head flew across the room while the body fell limply to the floor.

Dean stopped what he was doing abruptly as a new sensation came over him. His head was swimming, his stomach ached, and his whole body was racked with shivers. By the look of the room, everyone else was going through the same unbearable feeling as people were dropping to the floor unconscious. Dean was not far behind them.

Sam rushed (as best he could on a broken leg) to his brother's side, slapping him in the face to get him to open his eyes.

"Dean! Come on, wake up! Dean"

"Ow" was the weak reply "I feel like I've been hit by a truck…twice"

Sam sighed in relief as Dean slowly opened his eyes and pushed himself onto his elbows. He looked around the room as people started doing the same thing holding their heads in confusion.

"I told you to kill me" Dean said, turning his attention back to his brother.

"When have I ever listened to you?" Sam answered, helping his brother to his feet. Dean didn't say anything back to his brother, but stared in horror at something behind Sam. Sam turned quickly as Dean rushed past him to the lifeless body of Kim still in the chair.

"Oh my god" Sam gasped before joining his brother by her side. She was drenched in blood and didn't seem to be breathing.

"What have I done?" Dean cried, untying her and laying her body on the floor.

"Is she breathing?" Sam asked. Dean shook his head before attempting CPR. He went at it for a good ten minutes before Sam tried to pull him off her. Dean only pushed him away and continued what he was doing.

"Dean, she's gone"

"No…" he didn't even look up as he said this, but kept trying to revive her. "No, I don't believe that"


"Sam, I have to try!"

"You have…she's gone"

Dean finally broke down into tears. It was the first time Sam had ever seen his brother cry.

"I killed her" Dean said through the tears, halting CPR.

"It wasn't your fault"

"I should have fought it…I think I loved her Sam, and I killed her"

Sam put a comforting hand on Dean's shoulder as he cradled her body for a long while. Sam understood; for once, he and his brother were on the same emotional wavelength.

Dean suddenly went quiet. He laid her body down, stood up, and took the axe which Sam forgot he was holding.

"Dean, what are you going to do?"

Dean didn't answer, but strolled up to Azels body. "You son of a bitch!" he said through gritted teeth before hacking away. He had almost gotten down to the floor before sam stopped him.

"Dean! Pull it together…I know your upset…"

"Upset doesn't even begin to cover it Sam!"

"I understand that, trust me, I do…but it's not going to bring her back" he had to pry the axe from Deans hands "we have to get these people out and burn the house to be safe"

Dean sniffed loudly, wiped his eyes, and nodded.

Sam had gotten everyone out; Dean just sat next to Kim. Once everyone was on their way, Sam approached Dean.

"It's time to go" he said softly

"What about her?"

"I don't know…she had no family left after her brother"

Dean lifted her body into his arms and carried her to one of the longer tables, placing her on top. He situated her arms on top of her chest, kissed her forehead, and turned to Sam "ok, let's go"

"Are you sure?"


They exited the home, leaving her there. Dean struck the match and tossed it on the old wood of the old home. The place didn't hesitate to catch. They watched it for a few moments before turning away from it.

Dean helped his brother back through the woods, and to the car. First stop would be a hospital, then, who knew?

"Dean, are you ok?" Sam asked from the passenger seat.

"I don't know"

"Do you want me to do anything?"

"Yea, just let me be for a while"

The car sped off away from the cabin, the forest still red from the fire, and the brothers back to the road.


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