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Golden eyes

Kat sat in her room looking out the window, sipping her cup of tea and listening to the animals of the zoo call to one another. It had only been six months since she had saved Garang from Dr. Raushark. Life had just proceeded to become weirder and weirder. Alex came to see her every day, trying to talk about what happened. Kat sighed she thought she really liked him but even just after a month she was about ready to smack him. Think of the devil she thought, as she watched the familiar figure start up her drive way. Quickly she set down her cup and grabbed her boots. Quietly slipping out the back door with a hiss and Jamie's bloody monkey that would not shut up, she was gone. Running through the zoo ignoring the stares of the tourist she headed strait for the tiger cages. Stopping right outside the door to the cage, she stood still and took a deep breath. Going into her self she felt along the bond that connected her and Garang she called the tiger to her. Kat opened her eyes feeling as though she had just flew through the air across the cage to find Garang padding toward her. Her cub a step or two behind her. Sticking her hand through the cage bars she softly stroked the fur of the tiger.

"Oh Garang what am I going to do. He won't leave me alone. You can't eat him for me can you." She said with a laugh, closing her eyes and connecting to the tiger once again. It had become a balm to her soul these past few months. Taking a deep breath through her nose she smelled all the animals around her. The senses and the power of the tiger had become like a drug to her, but she didn't care. Each time she connected with Garang she felt stronger and stronger as their bond grew. Kat was now able to connect whenever she wanted to, she loved it. Taking another deep breath she caught a foreign smell, behind her. Whipping about her teeth bared in a snarl she froze.

A man stood behind her, dressed all in black with dark hair and brown eyes. Taking another breath, she stepped closer. The man took his hands out of his pockets and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, just has she had done not so long ago. Almost at once his eyes snapped back open. Instead of the brown eyes that were supposed to be there, his eyes were now gold. Kat froze once more, now sensing something else about the man, something that called to her almost as much and Garang did.

Kat jumped as the man lunged toward her, knocking her down on the ground. Instead of fighting back Kat lay on the ground just looking up at the stranger who was watching her with the same intense stare she had. Seconds past neither breathing, than the man lowered his head and brought it next to her head. Once again he took a deep breath a slight tremble going though his body only to be echoed by hers. Then the man started rubbing his face along her neck. Kats eyes fluttered close as the man marked her as his.

With that though Kat snapped out of the trance she was in. Pushing the man off her. She stared at the man sprawled on the ground a few feet away form her. He was staring right back her, not moving at all. Kat almost crawled over to him to be near him once more. Stopping herself she jumped to her feet she took off running once more tearing though the zoo. She could have sworn she heard a roar from behind her , but she didn't stop. She just ran until she was home.