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Ch. 4

Two days had past sense Kat had gone to see the Panther. He was amazing, huge and

powerful. Even Grang approved of him or at least gave him some respect. She hadn't seen Mr.

Dark and jumps you, in those two days, but she could smell him. And it was driving her stark

crazy. The smell of male was always around her, the feel of his eyes a burning weight that sent

her body up in flames. The other cats were arriving today and the very air seemed to crack with

the amount of energy that was surrounding the zoo.

Kat paced in front of Grang's cage. She couldn't shake this feeling of foreboding it had been

haunting ever sense she heard about the new cats coming in to the zoo. As she made another

pass in front of Grang, she froze. Grang was looking at something on the other side of the cage

and what ever it was, was moving toward Kat. Flashing into her were-cat form so quickly, left

her dizzy, but she was scared. Her glowing green eyes focused on the corner of Grang's cage

right as two young beautiful black men appeared. They froze almost instantly upon spying her.

She gave a low growl, warning them to back off. Like a mirror image of each other they closed

their eyes and scented the air. Their eyes flew open to reveal two pairs of golden amber eyes,

were dark brown had once been.

They began to advance as a pair. Kat knowing that this would end up as another sit and sniff

session decided it was time to leave. Turning she used her long legs to out distance the men.

Throwing herself around turns with reckless abandonment it wasn't long before she ran into

some one. Tumbling to the ground on top of the person. They finally came to a stop a little a

ways from the path.

"Whoa, there little lady. What's got you into such a pan…" his voice trailed off as she

looked him in the eyes? Glowing green eyes meet with light brown eyes set into a boyishly

good-looking face of young man about 23. She started to feel uneasy and with good reason as

suddenly his eyes changed to the yellow green of a cats. With a growl his arms came and locked

around her. Kat panicked again, flight was once again the only thing in her mind. Quickly she

kneed him in the balls and ran, leaving the man on the ground in agony.

Kat began running though the zoo as though her life depended on it. She had to find a safe

haven. She needed her den. With that in mind she began to head home. She was within shouting

distance of her home when something leapt out onto the trail ahead of her. Skidding to a halt,

she crouched low to the ground ready to fight. It was another males, his eyes glowing the bright

blue of an exotic cat, surrounded by light brown hair that fell over his eyes.

"So you are the female, who has everybody in such a state." The man said as looked her up

and down. "It will be an honor to have you as my mate."

"Stay away from me. All of you just stay away." Kat growled before she picked up a branch

from the ground and hit the man over the head with it. He fell to the ground with a surprised

look on his face. She was off and running before he had even hit the ground. If she had waited

around a little longer she would have heard him mutter, "What a woman."

Up and running again she decided to head for the hippo enclosure. It was smelly and dark

there, a good place to hide from things that could track you. She reached the pool without

encountering anybody, which was good as she was close to killing something. Looking down

into the deep blue water of the pool was calming. She had been there no more than five minutes

when a head pop up next to her. She jumped away in fright, ready to bolt at the first sign of

glowing eyes.

"Not another one. How many of you guys are there." She growled

"It's okay I won't hurt you. I am not looking for a mate. I love somebody else." The young

man said quickly trying to reassure her so she wouldn't run.

He looked about nineteen; he had dark brown blackish hair, high cheekbones, and brown

skin. She could smell feline on him, she was posed to run when she noticed his eyes, they were

begging her not to run. Honesty that was the emotion in his voice that convinced her to stay.

"My name is Sebas. I'm a were-cheetah, nineteen, from South America, I'm in love with a

human, type A blood, and have a strong dislike for scones and jam. That covers the basics for

me, what about you." Sebas said quietly with laughter in his voice.

"My name is Kat." Kat said softly approaching him cautiously.

"Oh the boys are going to have a fun time with that name." He said through his laughter.

"What is going on with all the males?" she practically screamed.


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