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/Telepathic conversations/

It was dark and raining hard outside on the worst night of the genki teen's so far eventful life. This, so far, had to be the single worst thing that could ever happen, even worse than Yohji crashing his computer from downloading to much porn! No, this…this was far to evil to be happening to him. After he had waited, so painstakingly carefully prepared everything for this night, just to be…No, concentrate on getting the target, and getting out alive, time for regrets later, when they would matter. …If only fate were half as kind.

Thinking back on the moments and events leading until now, he never would've guessed that this was what was coming. Once again they had their orders, and had a sick "person", if one could still be called that after doing things like this, and Omi was their bait. Dressed in an all but transparent black and clingy club outfit, picked out graciously by Yohji, it complimented him in all the right areas. His eyes seemed drawn out by the sparkling material of his see-through crop-top, and his low rising pants just made him all the more appealing. Complete with a set of velvet kitty ears and tail, there was a thick necklace that doubled as a collar he was using as his entrance card. Black boots completed the ensemble, the one that had affected each member of the younger assassin's team in more ways than they'd openly admit. Because of the type of place this was, it was important that he not stand out too much from everyone, or so everyone else insisted.

Staking out the perimeter of a currently vacant warehouse, frequented for multitudes of underground "parties", he kept his ears open for a sound of any kind that would giveaway his target's location. After his team had stalked him and learned his daily routine, there was nowhere other than here for him to show up, his "clients" would be waiting near by. But even though they had their own specific parts for this mission, Omi was scared. He had done an extensive background check on the target, and what he found wasn't pretty. This man sold boys into…

"Omi?" The worried voice rang through the communicator and startled him out of his thoughts while he should've been paying careful attention. He shook his head, regaining his composer and attempting to listen for any sound that would give way for someone's location. If there was trouble…He absently fingered his communicator as his mind wandered for the umpteenth time in this single night. He had missed the dark figure move out and to him.

Without a sound the young assassin hit the floor, while the target carefully found and disconnected the communicator and what little weapons Omi had managed to carry on his person. At this rate the fast acting paralyzing poison would last on the pretty little killer for at least an hour, not allowing an escape attempt as he was purchased. Smiling, the target and a guard took Omi and left that room for a hidden on, behind the main stage where he would be the main event tonight. There was no doubt that he was to be quite the popular little one, and he was amply dressed to boot, saving them much more time seeing as how they only had a half-hour until the party tonight began. He wondered vaguely how much this little dear could rake in, and quietly anticipated the money he'd earn from this one alone…

When Omi had finally come to, the walls around him seemed to be pounding in a beat, even though it was still dark and slightly hushed. His legs chained him to the floor with thick chains; they didn't hinder all movement though, seeing as how he could stand a little. Through his mangled thoughts he realized he wasn't able to think straight, and pretty much gave up on trying to do so. He also wondered why he felt afraid, and why images of the Weiss team kept invading his mind.

The target and two others had come back in and started talking to each other before Omi realized he could barely understand what was going on. What he did get was that there were many people here, and he was excited, and couldn't wait to tell about him. When they came close enough to touch him, Omi started to try and squirm away. "Stop him," the target lazily ordered as one of the guards held him in a strong hindering grasp. "But don't hurt him," he hissed through his teeth and the guard lightened up a little.

After they had finally taken him from the cell, he found that he couldn't escape. He had guards holding his arms and leading him as they took the stage, Omi still fighting as much as his slightly paralyzed body would allow him. He was only vaguely aware of the shouts and other such talk surrounding him as he felt his mind being probed. Something that even in this state he recognized.

/Schuldig…/ He hissed, unaware of the current exchange being done, to immersed in this now. What were they doing here! A nasally laugh invaded his coherent thoughts and he wondered if he had given away anything important to Schwartz.

/Calm down, your mind was too hazy to get anything from/ Omi felt the smirk of the other and hoped that he would just go away. And that this would end soon. He looked frantically to find him in the crowd, and was startled when he was tapped on the shoulder. A large grin was on the telepath's face as he brought Omi back to this world, Nagi standing quietly beside him and watching rather intently. "You're coming home with us, Katzchen."

Omi thought there was no way he could be more confused as he was taken out by Schuldig and Nagi, escorted would probably be a better term if he wasn't being taken against his will. He was showed off a little throughout the club, and Omi thought Nagi looked a little upset by this, but he only muttered that they should hurry along. After which he was bodily dragged out and placed into their car, where the gaijin precog and resident madman awaited them. The only answer to his questions was, "Kittens hurt God…" as his world blacked out yet again.